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  1. Ah cool, thanks.
  2. I play little nightmares on PS Now. Unfortunately, the dlc parts of the game aren't available in this version, so I can't get their specific trophies.
  3. I actually got 100% in this game once before. Unfortunately I did it on the Wii U, so now I gotta do it again on the ps3 lol
  4. Sometimes for ps3 games ported to ps4, you have to earn one before the list appears.
  5. I had to replay through certain scenes twice or thrice to get the trophies to pop. Got a platinum now.
  6. If you thought limbo's "no point in dying" trophy was bad, you're in for a rude awakening.
  7. My fingers are too slow to master brake boosting and junk, so the only way I'll ever get a platinum is in the as far as you can or lum collection challenges.
  8. fall guys is absolutely rancid with that. They want me to win 7 shows in a row with their wonky unpredictable physics engine and 60 random online players? I don't think so.
  9. I dunno if it's a problem with my system, my internet, the game itself or the fact that I'm playing it on PlayStation Now, but some trophies just refuse to show up. Like I didn't get "THANK YOU", a trophy awarded for simply playing the first chapter, but somehow I have "deviant located", a trophy awarded for playing a scene much later in the game. What is going on?
  10. You wanna know what burns my rubber? Multiplayer achievements. Specifically, achievements that you're awarded with by playing a game with other people, either online or in person. Playing with other people is all well and good, but I'd rather all trophies be obtainable through my own efforts, rather than being reliant on whether I'm with other people or not (or whether I've spent my money more than one controller). Sometimes with these, you can cheese it by quite literally playing with yourself (ex: using alt accounts for the "beat a friend's score" trophies in Rayman legends). Unlike trophies I get by simply playing a game left to my own devices, doing this is not fun. It feels more like a chore than something I've accomplished. Even worse are ones you can't cheese, and actually need multiple hands doing multiple things at once (ex: the "Sonic Heroes" trophy in team sonic racing). I understand why they exist, but I feel like putting them in the same area as single player trophies (needing them all for a platinum) makes the whole experience unfulfilling. That's just me though. How bout you? What multiplayer trophies gave you a hard time?
  11. The fact that this glitch is so easy to do, and that it works across all platforms, and that the pantheons are so impossible without it, and that the creators confirmed that they had no plans to fix the glitch, makes me think they put it in on purpose.
  12. Detroit become human
  13. I will eventually, but I wanna finish Rayman first. One platformer at a time. I do love crash though. Used to play the ps2 version when I was a kid on my sick days.
  14. My platinum trophies in 2020: Sonic Forces Sonic Generations Lego Movie The latter two are games I'd beaten before on other platforms. That Sonic forces one was a pain, I tell you what. So much grinding. I came close with rayman legends (96%) and team sonic racing (97%), but those remaining trophies require multiplayer, which I don't currently have. Oh well.
  15. Pretty sure 3 controllers are required. Bummer, I know. Multiplayer trophies are often the worst.