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  1. Oof. I'll remember to put a warning with each game I complete from here on out My ps3 broke and I'm in no rush to get a new one right now, so it'll have to be just ps4 games.
  2. I can finally join in on the fun, now that my other challenge is over. Finished Deblob 2, ready for the next!
  3. I've been slowly trying to work on my backlog over the last year. Sounds kinda fun to have someone potentially make things more interesting. My ps3 broke down though, so it'll have to be ps4 games only and I'll be a little late to the party since I have a challenge already for my 350th plat right around the corner.
  4. Sorry for the late reply. From what I remember, I saved and closed the game twice during that run, but for the most part I just pause the game and leave the console in rest mode, whenever I'm not playing. The biggest "possible issues", at least in my eyes were: -Make sure to delete any existing save games BEFORE attempting a new speedrun on a fresh save. I'm not sure if this makes a difference, but I had to do several speedruns of the first game before I got the trophy and on my last attempt I had deleted all save files beforehand (followed the same rules for game 2 and I got the trophy). -Do not minimize the game for any reason, in the final cutscenes before the trophies pop, as that most likely seems to cause issues.
  5. Just ran into this problem myself. With both 1 and 2... Had to do another full speedrun for 1 but I really don't want to do another playthrough for 2. I already don't like speedrun trophies but it's such a big slap to the face when I manage to complete it and the trophy doesn't unlock. I even have the in game achievements unlocked but the trophies won't pop. Like you, I tried beating the boss two more times after my first attempt, along with redownloading a backup and still no luck. Edit: Alright so I managed to get the 2 trophies finally. I decided to retry the speedrun and these were the steps I took: -Deleted all my save files just in case -Started a new game on a fresh file -Completed speedrun in 2h 7min this time (my first was 2h 48min); I found out that the switch version apparently has the in game speedrun achievement set to beat it in 2h 30min, not 3h, though I'd need actual confirmation on that, as it's just hearsay for now. So I figured that could potentially be the problem. -When I beat the game I made sure not to exit out to the psn homescreen this time (first time I beat the speedrun, I got a message during the final cutscene and minimized the game to read it. Needless to say, I didn't get the watch the ending, or speedrun trophies and minimizing the game could be the problem as well). -Following these steps, I got both trophies shortly after the final talk with Layla.
  6. The collectibles are individually tracked per area on the map. They range from specific chests, the little rot guys, hats, shrines, etc. So it's not like a 'find scattered treasure in random areas' like Uncharted, but more so just fast traveling to a specific map location and looking for each thing. The game gives you wooden masks as part of the story as well, which highlight any and all collectibles/ POI, as long as it's in eye shot, so it's fairly easy to track everything down. It also helps that each area of the map is relatively small.
  7. I can't understand the whole 'play a way I don't want' either. Trophy lists to me, are usually meant to help you explore all there is to a game and sometimes add extra challenges. Not every trophy list will be ideal sure. Things like deathless, speedruns, heavy grinds, always garner hate from someone and not every company makes a 100% satisfying list. However, stating something like "play the way I want to" in reference to trophy lists, implies that you expect the company to make a trophy list tailored to your playstyle, which is ridiculous There are all kinds of trophy hunters, who collect trophies in different ways, but if someone can't stand having to play games in certain ways every now and then, then actively hunting trophies is not for them. Excluding shovelware games, 9/10 trophy lists expect you to play a certain way, or perform certain tasks, that's basically the point of them.
  8. I'm not sure about coins tbh, I had like 7-8k more than I needed by the end. I'd say find a high level area, maybe with a lot of ninja frogs (they always gave a good amount) and make sure there's a save close by to the fight. Basically just kill the enemies, run over to the repair machine and save, then you can just quit to main menu, reload and all enemies should instantly respawn. But if you explore enough, you should find tons of piggy banks as well. As for dimension collapse, all you have to do is find two flying drones and throw one into the other. The very first area of the game, Old Town I think it was called, has 2 or three encounters with the right set up. I preferred to kill the drones with throwing though, which requires throwing one into the other twice, so if they start glowing for an execution, just wait 15-20 sec for the glow to go away, before throwing them again.
  9. Like most metroidvania's, reloading your save after beating the final boss puts you back right before you fought said boss, so you can explore freely afterwards. As for the health booster, a lot of people ran into this problem, there should be a hidden alcove in the ceiling a screen or two to the right, it should contain a rolling enemy stone. You have to lure that enemy over to the left, into the health booster room and under the spikes into the lower section. You then use the lever up top to open the three lower gates for the enemy to roll through.
  10. I wish I could help more, but I already deleted the game, so it's harder for me to recall everything. I think the posters you're looking for are Party Animals for fist, Child of the cube for the drill, and I think Boundary for the whip. I know Child of the cube was in lower torch, in one of the upper paths off of the main hallway. I forgot the location of the other two but I know I had Party Animal before my first visit to the main hub city, in fact, I'm pretty sure I got it somewhat early on.
  11. IIRC you also get one of the golden skins from an optional fight against I think 2 golden ninja frogs, so you should find that fight going for 100%.
  12. I'm not home right now so I can't confirm the number I had at the end, but have you handed all the posters over to the bear? From what I remember, there should be 8 colours: The default, red, blue, pink, oily black, gilded black, gold, and 1 unique colour palette per weapon (i.e the party animals one for the fist).
  13. You dash through the rabbit with the upgraded dash, which I'm pretty sure is the final EP upgrade you need.
  14. Thanks! That one is a bit crazy to me. All the other posters were pretty straight forward, but I talked to every npc in the Western range, on multiple revisits to the area and was already convinced they had nothing for me. This would've gone over my head completely.
  15. As far as I'm aware, I only have one poster left to find. I'm only missing the red paint skin for the whip, but seeing as how I've 100% the map, I have no clue as to whether there's an area I overlooked, or if there's a specific npc I need to talk to. If anyone can remember where that poster is, it'd be greatly appreciated.