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  1. Just asking.. if you do this trophy with a boosting partner, does he have to throw dynamite on the AA? Or can the AA with your boosting partner also get destroyed without using dynamite and just use the regular JU-88 without its bombs weapon upgrades?
  2. Since you have to „cheat“ in this, by using the text speed and text skip option, to get the platinum in 30 sec, will this count as „cheating“ in the future and get your PSN Account banned?
  3. I wrote the developer an email about the trophys popping „out-of-order“ problem. They told me to just restart the game and do it again to get the missing trophys 😂😂
  4. It‘s really shame, that Sony allows games like these with big trophy bugs like that, to release! What is even more a shame, that stuff like this happens & they don‘t allow you to delete the trophy list, to try and do it over again. At least give an option via the PSN support to manuell remove it. Now i‘m stucked with this.
  5. Had the same problem with the playthrough of the EU version here. We‘re discussing the trophy buggs already in this thread
  6. Damn, what does that mean for the future? Do i get removed from the PSNP leaderboards & get my account banned by Sony? Can Sony/Developer remove the trophy list from my Profile?
  7. Just like in the previous two games of the same developer, trophys in this game can pop out-of-order. I just didn‘t get the ‚Good Physical Form‘ trophy - ‚Run a distance of 1400m’, but got the ‚Sprinter‘ trophy - ‚Run a distance of 4200m‘ before it. Had to do a second run to also get the ‚1400m run‘ trophy. Very frustrating. Tried it first on two dummy accounts with one of the two of them not unlocking the ‚metal worms‘ trophy. On the second dummy account everything went fine. Now i did it on this account and was suprised that the platinum didn‘t pop at the end. Guess my profile is screwed up now, isn‘t it? Do i have to start a new profile now? Can the PSN support remove the list from my Profile for me, so i can do it again?
  8. For everyone: It‘s already known, that this game plays different on PS5. If played on PS4, you move a lot quicker. So if you have a PS4, do it on there. Also told by @IBadDriverI on his latest video.
  9. Nah, it‘s actually one of the first ones. Bit scared to do it now. Will give it another try on a second dummy account.
  10. For me the platinum „glitched out“. I tried this game first on a „dummy“ account. I played it 2x until the very end. On both playthroughts the „2 metal worm“ trophy didn‘t unlock.
  11. PS Vita stacks get replaced with PS5 stacks.
  12. Lmao, Upvote for that comment alone 😂😂
  13. Just asking for the people that already did the platinum since i‘ve the game already bought, downloaded & ready on my PS5: Do i have to worry (by doing it to quick) that trophy can pop out of order? Cause that was the problem with the past 2 games before the developer did, where you had to be very careful.
  14. Not as sad as the time Sony shutdown ‚PS Home‘ & ‚Life with PlayStation‘.
  15. I think it was always Gran Turismo 5 back in the day. But that game shouldn’t count really anymore, since servers are off for this game since a long time. Nowadays the „pool“ is way bigger for hard platinums the same way, as it‘s bigger for easy platinums.