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  1. Waiting for a PS4/PS5 Remaster forever.. But it needs to include the Multiplayer aswell!
  2. Really like the Bots on the PSNP Discord. Great job on that!
  3. Like i said before, the PS4/PS5 is region free. The same way you can go on holidays in Japan or somewhere else or import games physically. Normally this doesn‘t give them a right to do anything to your account. Also wouldn’t it be smarter for them to just remove all trophy list from all accounts that are from different regions?
  4. By this logic my buddy that comes over from the US to Germany, signs in on my PS5, we play some of his US Version game on my German account would make Sony ban my German Main Account? This will never happen. Especially since the PS4/PS5 is region free. You can fly to Japan and buy Japanese Only Games over there, bring them back to Germany or the US and play them on your main account. Same with importing games from other countrys.
  5. Thought that only worked in the newer Far Cry‘s like 5. Where can i reset them?
  6. Do i have to start another playthrough? I finished the story and all the outposts. Is there a location to still find opponents to do this trophy with?
  7. Multiplayer in AC Game were always the worst.. Except maybe Unity since there were only Coop ones?
  8. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered crashes sometimes on PS5 while signing in to Autolog. You can‘t press to fast X, you have to wait a couple of seconds and slowly press it till you get into the game menu.