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  1. Not as sad as the time Sony shutdown ‚PS Home‘ & ‚Life with PlayStation‘.
  2. I think it was always Gran Turismo 5 back in the day. But that game shouldn’t count really anymore, since servers are off for this game since a long time. Nowadays the „pool“ is way bigger for hard platinums the same way, as it‘s bigger for easy platinums.
  3. What i really still need are the NFS Most Wanted & Hot Pursuit DLC‘s. Sadly they aren‘t on sale anymore. Think they are 30 bucks each.
  4. It‘s funny that nobody brought this up yet: These games always come out on Sunday... On Church day! Think that‘s kinda funny. Normally games don‘t release on a Sunday.
  5. They now come 1x per month now with two stacks... am i right?
  6. Easy stuff. Next platinum 3 seconds or are we on the limit of these fast platinum games, since the trophys all still have to pop?
  7. Is it already confirmed, that this game has 2 stacks? Or are region stacks available aswell?
  8. No, in the USA they would call this „Soccer“. And this is NA region only.
  9. Only bug i really had was with NFS: Hot Pursuit Remastered on the Start Screen crashing. They fixed it already in one of latest patches.
  10. I wounder on how far games can go with religion or even people talking about different religion‘s on PSN? Is there a rule by Sony on how far they can go? Or does Sony let that open for the government (Company that put the Age Rating on the Games) to decide on it?
  11. - This post got moved from a thread into this, that had nothing to do with the topic, that it was originally in. -
  12. I was looking to get God of War 1 & 2 HD from the PS Store and also the second collection with the PSP titles, since they are very hard to find brandnew on physical disc. Sadly i noticed, that they aren‘t even on the PS Store anymore. Seems they got delisted a long time ago. They also never got a PS2 on PS4/PS5 release (or a Remaster). Sad that they do this without notice.
  13. I want to do the Remaster of this Game. But since trophys could just not pop (or even pop out of order?), i‘m afraid to destroy my profile with this game. Is it save to play now and are the trophy bugs patched by now since this game is out almost 1 year now?
  14. Worked for me without a problem. Played it on the PS5.