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  1. What about an old bounty? Many people stopped playing the PS3 version like in 2014, after the PS4 version came out. If they got a bounty from back in 2014, now 7 years later go Online, the bounty from 7 years ago should still be on there head, no? If so, you couldn‘t flag anybody for this trophy forever, until they remove bounty’s completely out of the last gen version or turn the servers off.
  2. This game was on sale recently for like 3,49€ or something on the German PS Store. I played the PS3 version back in the day, the time it came out. I would have switched and gave the PS4 version a chance. But with all them MP trophys, i won‘t do that again.
  3. After stopping to watch the show 4 years ago (end of season 7), i decided to start brand new from the beginning. Watched threw Season 1, 2, 3 (watched these like 7-8 years ago and never again) until i reached the end of season 7 again. Then i decided to continue watching were i left off 4 years ago and just finished watching season 9. I really have to say, that i really did forget how good especially the first couple of seasons of this show were (S2-3). I still kinda understand why i stopped watching the show and the reason why so many other people did stop watching the show. Still in S8 especially there were still a handful of good moments to pick from. Now with S9 you can really feel the impact of Andrew Lincoln leaving the show (hope he comes back in S11 for the endingotherwise what would be the payoff?). In my opinion they shouldn’t have killed off Carl, cause now they don‘t have Rick & Carl. With Carl still alive, they would have still had Michonne and Carl together with Judith and R.J. But maybe the writters didn‘t know at the beginnig of S8, that Lincoln would be leaving. Started watching season 10 today and slowly catching up on the current episodes, that are now running on TV with the extended (Covid) S10. Hope S10 will still catch me enough to continue and not stop watching again.
  4. Mostly fun. It makes me also do all the side stuff of Games, that i would probably have never done. That‘s what makes it fun. But still i kinda miss the PS3 days. Platinum trophys were more special during these days and Games like „Megamind“ & „The Walking Dead“ were considered easy & quick platinums.
  5. So doing all the versions in order i got in one run the small car as an opponent in championship mode. That car is very easy and quick to destroy and it mostly took only 1-2 hits to destroy it. But it looks like it‘s random every time which opponent you get in your championship mode run. Is there a way to choose the opponent in the settings or would you literally need to restart the game/championship mode over and over again until you get the small car as an opponent to do it the quickest way possible? Thanks in advance for the help 😊
  6. I‘m talking about doing the platinum in the quickest way possible. On one of my platinum runs i got threw championship mode very quick cause i got the small car as an opponent. The small car takes only 1-2 hits and you‘re done with the level. If you get one of the other cars, the level‘s will take way longer cause the car can take more hits. Since i see no option under the Gameplay Settings to choose a specific car as your opponent, i guess the only way to get the small car as an opponent for championship mode is by restarting the game/championship mode over and over again until you get the small car as an opponent and then start your platinum run. Just asking is this the case or did i miss an option somewhere and it‘s possible to always have the small car as an opponent? Cause the platinum run with the smaller car as an opponent in championship mode will go way quicker, than with a different car as an opponent.
  7. Right, so i went with a smooth 4x playthroughs. 1. Normal with all collectibles (finished) 2. Normal+ (current playthrough) for all the upgrades (a little bit of speedrunning and skipping cutscenes) 3. Grounded 4. Grounded+ I started my first playthrough on Grounded, but switched 1/3 into the game to normal. Reason is pretty simple. I went in and went stealth/sneaking through the game. But some collectibles require you to do take everyone out to just trigger a joke or a collectible for example. So i switched back to normal and figured it would be more chilled and smooth with doin the collectibles & upgrades first on normal/+, so that only the difficulty trophys (Grounded/+, Survivor/+...) are left and all i need to do is finish the game on the difficulty without having to worry about other stuff in the background. Game is short anyways (you can do it in under 10 hours easy, if you‘re quick). Part 2 is twice as long, would be a different case if it was that long.
  8. How many playthroughs do i need to get all the collectible and difficult trophys without using glitches? Do i need at least 3 playthroughs or is it possible in 2? If so in 2, on which difficulty should my first playthrough be on to get all the collectibles and also have all skills be available to skill since some difficulties don‘t have some skills unlocked (?) Thanks already for the help
  9. I don‘t know. There are methods to do this quicker. I did it twice legit by just playing. Probably could have had it another two times by just using a different account, every time i finished all the online trophys. One of my favorite multiplayers. Played this from 2013-2015 for houndred’s of hours. Just so much fun fraction. Especially the Interrogation mode.
  10. Are there problems with releasing the PS5 version in Japan? The Asian version came out with both the PS4 & PS5 version at the same time..
  11. I think about waiting for the japanese PS5 version just to have them all in order. Wouldn‘t be surprised, if Concept Destruction does get 2x JP stacks too.
  12. Looks like this game got it‘s 6th & 7th stack. No PS5 version for the Japanese Version still. This stack will probably not be cross buy like the EU & NA version is, since it didn‘t also happen with the AS version of Concept Destruction?
  13. For me the best two games of the Uncharted series are 2 & 4. Really can‘t decide on which one was better. Followed probably by 3, Lost Legacy, 1 and the Golden Abyss on the PS Vita.
  14. I would say for everyone that has this problem, just create a second account. Like a ‚fun account‘ or something to play games like CoD, Fall Guys and other stuff on that you don‘t want to worry about on getting all trophys. Easiest way.
  15. I think in my 12 years on the PSN i never saw a ‚4 letter‘ PSN name. Isn‘t there a limit of like 6 letters you have to put into your name or something?
  16. Love the song from the „The Last of Us Remastered“ trailer from back in 2014. Nirvana - Something In The Way
  17. Damn, 3 people did this in a day or so. Maybe it‘s not that hard at all?
  18. It’s different. Normal people that didn‘t wanted to risk there account only got 1 region stack with the Vita version‘s. Now since PS5 (just like PS4 & PS3 did) supports multiple user‘s, it‘s very easy to get another stack for most people without even thinking about it. Also it‘s all possible on the same console since you can download the PS4 version and after that the PS5 version to your PS5.
  19. Damn, that‘s good at least. Still don‘t understand why the PS4 & PS5 version‘s of Concept Destruction aren‘t Cross-Buy. So will this be the future? 8 Stacks for quick 15 minute plats, 2 platinums 3-5$ each? After EU, NA & AS now JP is added aswell.
  20. It‘s on sale for 1,99€ right now for PS Plus members. Just looked it up just to see what this game is about. Like darts but guess better stay on GTA V to play some darts lol
  21. I see the EU & NA version both include the PS4 & PS5 version. Does the Asian version offer that now too?
  22. Like i said before, it needs the Multiplayer too. Only a story remaster wouldn’t be enough for me.
  23. Waiting for a PS4/PS5 Remaster forever.. But it needs to include the Multiplayer aswell!
  24. Really like the Bots on the PSNP Discord. Great job on that!