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  1. So I just had someone message me privately some really bad stuff... How do I report them to Rocket League? Or is it only PS?
  2. That's honestly how I have gotten past it now. I'm in the 3rd world now and doing fine. Just learning patterns and adjusting So true, I have cleared both levels and am on the 3rd now. Totally a learning curve at first, but now I'm learning patterns and getting it done. I can't wait to platinum this game and never ever see it again hahaha
  3. So, I'm playing Cuphead for the first time since I am getting really bored with the other games I've been playing. Why in the world is Cuphead so darn hard? Like, stop.
  4. Live music is what helps me with my PTSD... the feeling of getting lost in the music and the engagement has helped me a ton. I completely agree it gets me out of the house Knotfest is the ****!!! Dude, metal music is my life. Slipknot has amazing shows and always gets the crowd going
  5. Garth was my very first Country concert and I have never felt so immersed in a show before in my life. The smiles on people's faces, the songs, just the entire atmosphere was amazing I have never heard of these bands, but I'll be binge watching and listening tomorrow for sure! Thanks for the post
  6. Before COVID decided to forcibly end our lives for some time, what was the last concert you went to? Last band you saw? Let's chat about it! For me, the last band I saw was Beartooth. So good live!
  7. I just watched the movie called, "The Wave". It's on HULU, a Norwegian natural disaster flick. It was really good! It's not for everyone, especially if you're not a fan of reading while watching as the entire movie is in English subtitles. I'm going to watch their new movie, "The Quake" to see how that one goes! Have you seen these before?
  8. This probably gets asked a lot, but I'm looking for more friends to play with online. I play a host of games between Rocket League, Resident Evil, COD, Bloodborne. Message if you wanna chat, I live in AZ in the USA. I'm not an @$$, but I do get competitive lol
  9. Found it!!! It was the dumb Leon note that was left for Claire at the tram. I could've sworn I picked it up... nope lol. Thank god, I was about to be real upset having to redo everything again.
  10. So, I have completed almost all the challenges and trophies in this game to get my first platinum... but it seems like the game and my trophy system are not on the same page. I have completed the game on Hardcore/S rank the works... The trophy appears on my profile but in game it shows as incomplete? Also, I finished Leon's campaign with a S rank, but it shows I didn't? I have a save file from right before the explosion and I'm leaving the labs. But again, the game still won't give me the achievement... Has anyone else ran into these issues? Is there a work around?
  11. I have 57/58 and I can't seem to figure out which one I'm missing... I don't mind finishing the game again... but I really do wish they would give us a list of the lore collectibles so we know which one is missing. It's super aggravating.
  12. You God **** genius.... I didn't even think of this
  13. Your story is much like mine! That's so funny that your friend is straight up anti-completion. I don't even want to know how many games I have left abandoned.
  14. I know people usually ask this question a lot, but what made you want to start the hunt for trophies? Was it the thrill of the achievement? OCD? What really made you decide to just dive deep and grind? For me, I love accomplishing things that other people may not want to. If the DEVS did all this hard work, I wanna show that I care. Let me try to get that platinum! Though, I still don't have one...
  15. Yeah I fixed it... basically I was getting ripped into by some toxic ass players