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  1. Urban Trial Freestyle
  2. Hi all, i have a little problem, and i don't know how to fix it. So currently Playing a Game on my PS3, Trophies popped and synced fine. A few hours later i got another trophy... Synced my Profile. Didn't got any error etc. Sync was done but the 1 trophy vanished. So i started the Game again, nothing popped, restarted ps3 and the trophy was still missing. I loaded my backup save and played the last few missions again, trophy popped again. I tried the sync again... vanished. Now i did a rebuild database in hope it would fix something. But it made it worse, All trophies on the console were gone, i logged in to Psn and tried to sync my trophies. I got error over error, i repeated it until it synced fine. Trophies are back on the console, but still the 1 is missing. So i tried again, loaded the backup save, played the last few missions, trophy popped... but didn't sync. Do i have to live with the 1 missing trophy? I want to keep the complete format and rebuild etc as the last option, because the ps3 is so damn slow. Maybe a HDD problem?
  3. Tony Hawk Got kicked for Skate 3 OlliOlli 2 Welcome to OlliWood - 0,63% Trackmania Turbo - 0,63% Lumo - 0,77% Skate 3 - 1,58% Steep - 2,39%
  4. always need good beats for trophy grinding
  5. OlliOlli 2 Welcome to OlliWood - 0,63% Trackmania Turbo - 0,63% Lumo - 0,77% Steep - 2,40% Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1+2 - 3,82% Hope i can grab a few others when i have more time again and a ps5 because the 4 died. The last stuff was all fastfood, so nothing changed for a long time^^
  6. Im with the OP 100%. Me and all my Green friends had such bad feelings when we started the Game, that we couldnt Play it. To this day it follows me in my Dreams. It was one of the Reasons why i actually thought about leaving gaming completly. Call me a Karen, but we green people get attacked so much, that we start going into color changeing mode...
  7. @kusuriuriPT had a plat run a few minutes ago. Had no problems.If you setting up the ingame options like in the pictures from the guide, the text will rush/skip ultra fast. I played it save without scene skip and only using the "R" skip and did it in 30min. For me it definitly sounds like you forgot to setup the settings like in the guide. just make sure to always save and prompt with the left option and when you are back in the scene press the "r" trigger again. Have fun with rushing text
  8. Blizzard killed themself years ago. ActiBlizz didnt changed something in a good way, and the ms stuff i think will also change nothing. I spend well to much money on stuff from them to only get over and over trolled by them. I left WoW after 17 Years and i will never buy something from them again. They scam you all over the place and it wont change, why should it change after so many years? It only got worse and worse. The Phone Number is the beginning, there will be more lol
  9. Fe, never heard of it, time to take a look at it
  10. Dont know how long i should wait. Currently 1 Billboard is bugged. I tried Restarting the game a few times, smashed it many times, also i leaved the zone and came back to it again. Still it dosnt count...
  11. @HusKy is it possible to hide games with unobtainables and already started/completed games from the overall games tab?
  12. back after a long break, and directly installed the plugin again. thanks for this, makes it alot better than stock. would it be possible to hide games that are already on my list from the games list/overview? makes it a little less scrolling for potential new games to buy/add. maybe a switch in the options? if its easier to just add/replace some code on my side, would also be ok thanks
  13. I did multiple Plat runs and only once had a bugged trophy that didn't popped. Didn't find a way to fix it. Could be hard without starting from scratch i think. Don't know if devs can earn you them/fix them for your profile. Wish you good luck that they can help you. If the cant, i would say grind to 100 on this profile and start a fast run only for challenges after that with a new save. Shouldn't take too long after you have so much playtime after level 100 to do a fast challenge run