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  1. Sad. If your completion % would care you, you had cheated the dlcs with the main game. Not even a nice try worth Hide it an go on
  2. Autopopped is auto popped. Why should someone get away with it and thousands not? Hide it and move on
  3. Ok, a little update. I did play a few levels for the trophies again, and a trophy popped ?again? don't know what caused this but then the plat popped. But just to know it for the future, can such cases be flagged? I mean when all trophies popped I a normal order/times but the plat did not unlock or hours/days later? Never had such a case so I am just curious
  4. Put it on your wishlist on platprices, then you get a mail when its on sale for the Region you selected
  5. Hi, so i have a little Problem and dont know what to do. Earlier i played Word Sodoku and trophies did Pop where they had to, but at the end the final trophy didnt trigger the platinum. Currently i can not go online because of problems with my Provider. The last days the net was on/off all the time, and now its gone for hours. I dont know what did trigger this Problem. I am sharing my games from my old account on 2 ps4s. Depends where i am at the Moment. So i need to switch primarie here and there. Wasnt a problem till now, but i think this could be the problem now? I restarted the ps4 where i did play the game (and i only played this on this console, so no double progress or stuff like this) , also the game itself. Also did the last level again, but it wont trigger the platinum. So now my biggest question is, would this be flaggable if the plat would unlock hours/days after the last trohy? If yes, what could i do to prevent this. Here on the side i do not have all the trophies because the last sync was before the net went down. I just dont want to risk a flagg because of such a bug or whatever. I used Google if this is a known Problem for the game or the Situation with 2 consoles but couldnt find an answer that made me a better feeling. And a little side question for the pros here^^ is this a known problem for offline consoles with shared games? So i wouldn't play something untill i have a new Provider, just to be on the save side. Thanks and sorry for my english...
  6. did you try to sync your trophies to psn on your console? had something similar a few weeks ago, dont know what it was but since then it works normal again
  7. I also want to 100% this game. I tried it on my old account, the server search doesn't find anything. don't know if it's because the mp is dead or are because of offline servers. I can create a lobby but stuck on the char select screen because I am alone. if you want, we can try it together and if it works we can make the mp trophies. then we have the mp part done. If you are interested just add me on psn will also reply here if I know something new
  8. would be nice. joined the discord. thanks
  9. I got the Trophy from the Support after winning a few rounds with this exploit. Don't know if they saw that I did the requirements before the normal way but the trophy didn't unlock. Just give it a try, what should happen more than they saying no
  10. done, thanks to all
  11. Don't want to post the easy stupid ones because... there is nothing really behind it. I'll just drop Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1+2 in 2 Days 10 Hours (~29h) without even thinking about ranking high etc.
  12. Trophies are still bugged. joined my first online game today after doing the collectables solo offline. got luck and joined an hell on earth group, after we finished it i got all win trophies + heo
  13. At some point trophies stopped unlocking, but why they do autopop straight from the beginning? I dont think you tell the truth here
  14. I hope this leak is not true. Never seen such a sh*t collection
  15. Im on ps4 and have the problem too