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  1. That is not available in EtD. They removed a few of the powers like that and Death from Above. I’m assuming they did that since this is cut content from SR3 and those powers weren’t originally planned for SR3 maybe? You’ll have to grind it out in the main game (I recommend the military area or replaying one of the superpower Fight Club goals) or in How the Saints Saved Christmas.
  2. I haven’t finished the cup yet, but so far I’ve found that the Daxtermobile is pretty OP in a lot of the challenges. I’m not very good at the game, in all three prior cups there were a number of challenges I had to retry multiple times before getting gold (including the very first race). When I unlocked the Yellow Cup, I noticed the Daxtermobile was available with fully maxed stats, so I decided to try it on the first race (the one where you can’t use weapons). I expected it to take me a while and I legit won gold on my first try! It seems to handle pretty well compared to other cars at max, and it has a decent enough armor rating. The car is available once you select “scan for secret characters” in the secrets menu, as long as you have a save file for the Nathan Drake collection on your console.
  3. My OG fat was a Christmas gift in 2006, still the best gift I ever received. It got the YLOD in 2013 during college, but had been my primary gaming system those 7 years. Unfortunately I didn’t have PS plus at the time so all of my save files went kaput with it. I bought a pre-owned slim that year which has been going strong ever since. I’d love to have another console that can play my PS2 games, but given its propensity to break, I didn’t want to invest in another fat at the time. I didn’t get a PS4 until a few years after launch, there’s just something special about the PS3…
  4. Update 2: Trials Fusion: “Log Lady” - Okay, so I really didn't anticipate how difficult this one would be. To unlock it, you need to find a hidden tape recorder in each level. What I didn't realize from the get go was into order to access all 9 levels, you have to beat the final level of the base game. I had assumed I would have access to the DLC right away. I am quite bad at this game, so getting 110 medals was a task for me. Having all the DLC really helped with this, I'm not sure I wouldn't been able to get all the medals otherwise. The collectibles themselves weren't too difficult once I had access to all the tracks, and you don't have to finish a track for the audio log to count. This is a very fun game, but very hard and punishing. Mad respect to the folks the managed to 100% it, I know for certain that I will not be one of them. I may try to clean up some of the gold DLC trophies to inflate my percentage down the line, but definitely taking a break for now. Knock-Knock update: Due to an unfortunate family tragedy, I was away from home the past few days. I brought my Vita with me, and Knock-Knock is the only game I have for it, so I ended up actually seeing the game through to completion before starting Trials last night. I think Worse Than Death is going to be my next game in this challenge. I haven't decided if I want to jump straight in or focus on some other games in my backlog. I was able to pick up a disc copy of The Evil Within 2 for about a quarter of its current PSN listing. I'm waiting for an opportunity for Ion Fury and Willy Morgan to drop in price before I snag either of them.
  5. As a MEGA fan of the TV show Twin Peaks, I thought it’d be fun to track down trophies that reference the show for my cabinet. Spoilers for a 30 year old TV show below. Here are the rules I’m setting for myself: - Only one trophy per game. Truberbrook has FIVE (arguably six if “Gotta Light” is a nod to season 3) references in their trophy list. I’ve picked one. - I’ll only be picking one game if multiple games feature the same reference. Currently 3 of the trophies in my cabinet are the same reference, I’ll be removing the repeats when I start to fill the cabinet more. I’ve been searching for references by typing in every conceivable nod I can think of to the show. I’ve stumbled upon a few naturally through games that were on my list before this dumb quest, but here’s everything I’ve dug up and will be going for over the next few weeks: Knock-knock: “How’s Annie?” - looks like a pretty straight forward adventure game. Trophy is in reference to the final spoken line of Season 2. Trials Fusion: “Log Lady” - never played a Trials game but I used to love the balancing-type flash games back in the day. This trophy is referencing an important side character that opens each episode with a monologue (the Log Lady was parodied in Alan Wake as the Lamp Lady and Deadly Premontion as the Pot Lady) Worse than Death: “Twin Peeks” - pretty straight forward reference. The game looks interesting- 2D survival horror. Hope it doesn’t kick my ass. Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town: “The Black Lodge” - another point and click, which happens to be one of my favorite types of games. I don’t know much about this one beyond that. The trophy is a reference to another plane of existence where a number of characters in the show live. The trophy image features a symbol from the show as well (owl cave)! Ion Fury: “The Owls Are Not What They Seem” - This is arguably the most quoted reference to the show. It’s a cryptic message given to the main character by a giant. This reference appears in a number of games’ trophy lists, but I’ve settled on Ion Fury because it looks like an interesting homage to old school FPS games (which I admittedly have little experience with), the trophy correlates with an in-game reference to the show, and the trophy image is relevant as well. The Evil Within 2: “Fire Walk with Me” - this is the one I’m most nervous about. I started the first Evil Within and couldn’t make it past the first chainsaw wielding guy. This reference is directly tied to the Twin Peaks movie, and is also the mantra of the primary antagonist throughout the series. This reference also appears in a number of games’ trophy lists, including Willy Morgan! The reason I picked this game was because I do really enjoy 3rd person shooters and survival horror, and from what I understand there’s a moment in the game where you walk through a hallway modeled after the Black Lodge. It’ll give me good excuse to try to get through it, and maybe revisit the first. That being said, I do not plan to platinum this one. Here are the references I’ve already found: Darkside Detective 2: “Moor Der” - spells red room backwards. The main area of the Black Lodge is often referred to as the Red Room. They also talk backwards there. You get to visit there to earn this trophy. Truberbrook: “Wrapped in Plastic” - throughout the game the main character talks to a tape recorder in the same way that Agent Dale Cooper does in Twin Peaks. So the developers named each trophy that deals with finding tape recorder entries after a reference to the show. Surprisingly though, the rest of the nods in the game were to LucasArts adventure games rather than Twin Peaks. OlliOlli2/Rainswept/Alan Wake: “Damn Good Coffee” - Funny enough, I got this one naturally in each of these games before I set out on this journey. The latter two games wear their Twin Peaks influences on their sleeve, so it makes sense that they at least had one trophy that references the show. I’ll be omitting two instances of this trophy once I fill the rest of this cabinet. That’s all the references I’ve been able to find. How’d I do? Know of any ones I missed? I think this’ll be a fun little project and a little different than any mental checklists I’ve made in the past where I was just focusing on platinums. Wish me luck!
  6. Totally! I was surprised at how many Truberbrook had since tonally it didn't feel very similar to TP. Life is Strange, Deadly Premonition, Oxenfree, and Kentucky Route Zero are all really fantastic games with nods to Lynch, but no trophies that would fit in my cabinet unfortunately. Are you referring to the "Damn Fine Cup of Coffee" trophy? I actually just took that and "Damn Good Coffee" from OlliOlli2 out of my cabinet because I decided I didn't want to have any repeats. There's actually a number of games that use "Fire Walk with Me" and "The Owls Are Not What they Seem" as trophy titles, but one trophy per reference is enough for me And yeah, LiS is one of the many games with TP references that don't actually have any nods in the trophy list.
  7. 1st update: Knock-Knock: "How's Annie?" - This was achievable about two-thirds into the game. What a bizarre little game, not what I expected it to be at all. It's more of a 2D survival horror than the adventure game I assumed it was. I haven't gotten to the end of a play through yet, I'm not sure if this is one I'm going to see through to 100% completion. It started out interesting enough, but very quickly got incredibly repetitive. The level layouts seem to be randomly generated from what I can tell, but there really isn't a lot that differentiates the first level from the next. There is an annoying traversal through the woods in between each "Nightmare" level, and it can be quite tedious if you're going for the collectibles there. The other main collectible just involves going up to the same door 10 times in a row. This almost feels like a glitch or an exploit, but I'm not sure how the developer intended for them to be correctly found. As the game progresses, you're given a sanity meter that doesn't respawn upon reaching a new level. I didn't realize this when I first got to this section. Now I'm not sure if I have enough sanity left to earn either of the game's two main endings. As for the trophy I was here to earn, "How's Annie?" - it gave me a little bit of trouble as I was having a hard time getting doppelgängers to spawn. From what I understand, they won't appear until the sixth nightmare. The trophy name is relevant given that the question was asked by Agent Cooper's doppelgänger at the end of season 2. To achieve this, you have to find a neutral doppelgänger (there are also bad ones that will run to you and hurt you). I luckily was able to get this the first time I found a neutral doppelgänger, as others online have reported issues with it. I was playing on my newly acquired Vita, so maybe I'll come back to it on a long car ride or my next flight, but as for now, it's on to Trials Fusion!
  8. Hi all, long time lurker and occasional poster here. I was just wondering if there was a deliberate reason game stacks link to different forums. It can sometimes be cumbersome to find info or threads on a game if there are multiple stacks and versions. I’m assuming it was just coded without that in mind, but I have zero understanding of how much work something like that would be to implement, or if I’m even the first to suggest it. Otherwise, I love this site and super appreciate all the work the admins and mods do to keep it running! I sink waaaay too much time here
  9. That makes sense. I can see how on some of the larger games with more active forums that might end up being headache inducing. And now with games like GTA5 available on 3 gens, I can see how that would cause a lot of noise to sift through.
  10. Wait, you guys look at other people’s trophy lists? I’m just staring at my own profile all day like a dumbass. I don’t mind the H. I’d rather reserve the E’s and D’s on my profile for games I know I want to return to rather than cluttering it up with games I tried once. If people actually visit my profile and assume I’m cheater because I like to keep it neat and tidy, big whoop. People can just as easily manipulate their profile percentage by playing a bunch of 5min shovelware platinums to offset the AAA games they never finished.
  11. Just got it to pop for me as well. I used chapter select and “restart from last save” a number of times in my first play through and it didn’t pop. I replayed Child’s Play 7 or 8 times, jumping around a few other chapters that glitched or that I knew I failed and restarted in my first play through. I finally restarted from ch 2 to get the last trophy I missed with the book in ch 21, and it popped in ch 15 Agatha.
  12. …well now I’m not sure. I jump in ch. 2 trying to get the hard trophy to pop, and I realized I had 5 lives. Which is impossible normally.
  13. I don’t think you can use chapter select to pick up crucifixes… unless you play from that point back up to where you were when you got stuck. But no I don’t think you can farm the same crucifix over and over. I just finished on hard after using chapter select quite a bit and neither the hard trophy or the tarot card trophy popped for me, so I recommend avoiding chapter select if possible.
  14. I've been following the collectibles guide and checked my bonus unlocks around chapter 16 or so. The car chase is available as a replayable bonus even though I haven't gotten to that part in the story yet. The trophy unlocked when I completed the QTE for it, which means the other sequences that have trophies can probably be unlocked in bonus mode rather than replaying their respective story. Might save folks some time and prevent them having to hear dialog over and over in some areas (like the shooting range for me).
  15. Quantum Break looked like a lot of fun, although the whole TV show tie-in seemed like an odd and confusing choice. I second that and would add the rest of LucasArts adventure games. The folks at DoubleFine ported over all the ones Tim Schaefer worked on, but that still leaves the first Maniac Mansion, both Indiana Jones games (my favorites of LA adventures), Sam and Max, and a number of additional really wonderful games.
  16. Sunset Overdrive. Looks like a lot of fun and Sony owns the IP now. It’s one of the only Xbox exclusives I felt like I really missed out on by only having a Playstation. Haven’t heard anything beyond rumors and speculation about plans to bring it over. I’d also love to be able to play Hellblade 2 whenever that ends up finally launching. I’d be curious if Deadly Premonition 2 would run better on PlayStation than it does on Switch, since I platinummed and loved the first one, but I kind of doubt it.
  17. Perfect, thanks! That final boss had given me some trouble so that’s a relief.
  18. Do you have to replay the entire game, or will the trophy pop once you get all the orbs in Land of the Mystics?
  19. Update: it seems to have been fixed for me this afternoon. I was able to delete both 0% games from my PS5.
  20. I have two games currently sitting at 0% on my profile, Abzu and Night in the Woods. Every time I click “delete” on their trophy lists on my PS5, it refreshes the list and they’re still there. I eventually gave up and just hid them from my profile until I’m ready to play them, but then I saw Night in the Woods is still visible on my PSNProfiles page. I’ve tried to manually sync trophies, delete the games and their save data, and restore purchases all to no avail. Has anyone else run into this? I’ve tried googling it but most of the results are just HOW to delete trophy lists or complaints about not being able to delete games with earned trophies. I know this feature has worked for me in the past because it’s not uncommon for me to jump into a game and then change my mind before I earn any trophies lol. I sold my PS4 when I got a PS5 so I am unable to try to delete the games there. They show up on my PS3, but as far as I am aware, deleting 0% lists is not something the PS3 can do.
  21. I mean... it's annoying for sure but I don't know how it could be considered a huge problem.
  22. Yeah, that’s the same issue most of us are running into. It seems like the only things we can do are wait for a fix, hide the trophies, or use a PS4 to delete if you have one.
  23. Glad I'm not the only one. I know I used to be able to do it... I wonder if an update or a server quirk is preventing it from deleting at the moment.
  24. I'm working on the Perfectionist trophy. I have all but one rifle fully upgraded. I was wondering if anyone had any good strategies for farming pistol and shotgun kills, since you have to be closer to the other player making spawn camping not really feasible. I've farmed most of my rifle kills on Storm with an alt account as my bullet fodder.
  25. Thanks for the reply. Already made sure everything was closed when I tried deleting, although I’m pretty sure it doesn’t give you the delete option if the game is running. I earned some trophies in Jazzpunk in between deletion attempts as well. It’s absolutely bizarre.