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  1. might not come to NA ps store this year or it might just be a EU game only who know but there plenty of easy games out there on the NA ps store so im fine with not getting this game this year
  2. im going to be getting this for ps4 and vita glad its cross buy
  3. well if this game not on the NA ps store guess ill pass on this super easy plat for now lol
  4. iv put this on the bottom of my game list for now i might go back and finish beating it on the hardest difficulty then put it back at the bottom of my game list until they fix it or not I'm getting the darksiders games on ps4 when there on sale or dirt cheap lol so it wont hurt me if i don't plat this on ps3
  5. my last trophy wont pop and I buy the monster with diamonds so it wouldn't take as long any idea why trophy don't pop???
  6. I need to finish 1p trials and my 1 2p trial lol
  7. thanks for the tip but I like a challenge and iv been wanting to play this but I wanted to wait for a guide to help me understand the game better I plan on putting 4 to 8 hours into this game a day until I 100% it
  8. hey let me know when the guide is finished and ill test it out on my first run at this game and give u feed back on how well it helped me
  9. I know how u feel lol I think if the threads on this game died and people stop buying the games it might force them too fix it but that just my thinking on it
  10. the server has been offline for over a year now so I put the game at the bottom of my backlog for now ill buy the games on ps4 sometime down the road
  11. you guys know that they will never fix this trophy right??? so please do as I have and give up on this trophy I have for now lmao
  12. thanks a lot I got it too work I just need to win 50 online matches to 100% the game
  13. I cant plat darksiders 2 on ps3 because of the pay it forward trophy but I would have if I would of went for the trophy when I first got the game
  14. it be easier just remove the trophy not replace it wish I went for this trophy the day I got the game but it is what it is it will be one of the only games I cant plat/100% which I can live with besides there not many who go for plat/100% on all there games so we should just give up and worry about games that we can plat/100% lmao
  15. um I'm in the us region so I'm thinking u cant help me but thanks for trying lmao