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  1. Counterattack sounds like you need to be using counter edge in order to activate the 30% increase. However all you need to do is hit an enemy while it's making an attack and you get the % increase for all your attacks. Counterattack also stacks so you can have an upwards of 120% at max and if you have it on a Warrior emblem that's another 15% boost to all attacks. At level 40 I was able to take on all the level 60-70 enemies and bosses that are available before post game.
  2. Well since Maneater's DLC trophies may be fixed I'm going to alternate between that and Tales of Arise and be back at 100%
  3. I have the platinum on the PS4, will I be able to finish the DLC on the PS4 and get 100% and then bring all trophy progress over to the PS5?
  4. I'd wait and see because they made all those changes and it would certainly appeal to western fans.
  5. Having someone follow you to the end is best done via level select and picking the final level. It pops the trophy and you don't need to run through the whole game, just sit at the start until someone comes through.
  6. You can meet 10 players across multiple runs, you also don't need to finish the run in order to get the trophy, bridge trophy is best done offline. Hardest trophy is probably Reflection because most people won't stand still. I've done the PS3 and PS4 versions 100%
  7. Will this work with a PSvita and a PsTV?
  8. Thanks, there's quite a few worth picking up if you can find them cheap like Battle Garegga and Game Tengoku CrusinMix, some trophies may sound hard (like not getting hit) but they're not. They're good entry points to get into the genre. Platinum #98 Aquanaut's Holiday: Hidden Memories Yeah not really one that you see often and it's kind of a hidden gem for the PS3 since it didn't get a wide release. It's within the same vein as Afrika where you go around cataloging different species, but this time you're underwater and there's some very time consuming and extra activities you need to do for the platinum. Unlike Afrika however, copies for this are pretty cheap and can be had for under $30 pretty frequently. Now you may read about the Korean version being the only one with an English language option which is true and that version can run way higher than the regular Japanese version. Both versions share the same trophy set and I played through the Japanese version which has no English option and the game doesn't require a lot of reading at all. If you don't understand a lick of Japanese, you have many guides you can read through and these are the ones I recommend: A more recent Gamefaqs guide, it's better organized for the 21 Singer related trophies and better descriptions for locating items which help a ton The original PS3Imports guide which helps too So anyways outside of the cataloging of wildlife there's a few major side activities that are rather time consuming and tedious. The 20 Singer fish and the growing the 10 Meme Trees. The Singer fish are 20 in total and each fish has 20 levels of a memory game you need to beat, each level is divided by 2-3 segments of memorization and there's about 400 of these levels in total. The fish also disappears once you finish a single level so you have to fast travel to another area and then back to where the fish is, so you have to sit through two loading screens to continue. So yes it's very tedious considering how long these segments are. They can take an upwards of 25 minutes each to finish all a fish's levels in their entirety. It's basically 400 levels of Simon. The point of these singer fish is to grant you Meme Juice, you'll see a red orb on your lower left fill with red liquid. This can go towards two things, upgrading your submarine or growing your 10 Meme Trees. Now the trees grow by giving them some juice going to another area, waiting 5-10 minutes coming back and giving it more juice until it's fully grown and another tree sprouts and then you repeat the process. These are not the best side activities to have in a game about undersea exploration and they can really detract from the experience. It's an interesting but slow title and I think this is the last PlayStation game about undersea exploration that there was to beat. After finishing both Subnauticas, Beyond Blue, Abzu, Jupiter and Mars, and I guess Maneater. There really isn't a large surplus of games about this specific theme. But this is probably the best one out of all of them, there's a ton to see and explore. The chances of games like Everblue or Endless Ocean ever getting ported are probably next to zero, so if you like those games definitely check out Aquanaut's Holiday. I'm getting close to my 100th platinum and my 4000th trophy, now I could finish Tales of Arise and make that my 99th and that would put me a game short of my 4000th platinum. I may try to have my 4000th Trophy and 100th Platinum be the same game if I can balance it right.
  9. I've yet to see any concrete info on trophies with the new patch, I have not purchased the DLC yet because I want to finish the game on my PS4 and then transfer over everything onto PS5.
  10. Original Persona 5 had some of the cleavage covered for the ESRB box art.
  11. China's policies do the same thing as the western policies though. They're demanding their favored groups and propaganda messages to be prominent and also want to remove any possible sexual undertones. You're getting the same thing in the end. The government in China already heavily rewrote the educational curriculum over there and nothing can go against what they're teaching, be it entertainment or otherwise. It's an authoritarian regime and they've already forced many western companies like Linkdin to bend to their will. You cannot speak out against China, you cannot depict or say things that China finds displeasing. And China has an even larger list of what they find displeasing, this isn't an "enemy of my enemy is my friend" situation. I don't think you know enough about what China has done or how it operates.
  12. Nothing on here has been shown on MetalJesusRocks, they can't be hidden gems.
  13. Platinum #97 Cotton Reboot! Cotton is a series of (traditionally very expensive) side scrolling shooters. They're not long either, with most games taking about 30-45 minutes to finish. They're also loosely connected with Umihara Kawase which is a series of side scrolling platformers. Now Cotton started in the arcades and was later ported to Sega Saturn. The PS4 version can be had between $20-$40 usually which makes it a steal compared to the small fortune the originals go for. The Reboot name in the title is misleading, it's a remake with modern 2d graphics and it also includes the original arcade/saturn port. Now as far as trophies go the one involving going 3 stages without getting hit and destroying the black crystal will be the hardest. They're not impossibly hard but provide a good enough challenge. The total game is 6 normal stages and one final boss stage, so yeah it's really not long, to clear 3 stages takes about 15 minutes and you can lower the difficulty. The black crystal one is tough because you have to collect he right powerups. You see unlike most side scrolling shooters, cotton has a level up mechanic which makes your basic shots more powerful, and experience crystal are yellow/orange with the orange ones being worth more. Now if you shoot these crystals they'll change color and instead become a screen filling bomb weapon that you can collect and stockpile, the more of the same type you stockpile the more powerful they become with the highest level being level 3 and you're allowed to hold 6 stacks of level 3 weapons at max. To further add to the experience crystals amplify your damage if you start shooting at them and your shots will phase right through them and hit the enemies on the other side, if you keep doing this long enough the crystal will finally turn black and you'll be unable to shoot through it. This is the type you have to destroy for the trophy. Unfortunately it takes more damage that you could dish out in a couple seconds as it floats slowly on by so you need a mix of six level 3 blue and red(but preferably red since that has the highest damage) powerup weapons, if you fire them in succession it's usually enough damage to destroy a single black crystal, if not then you better hope you have enough time to shoot the crystal before it floats off screen. In total, the game is sufficiently challenging for all experience levels and the trophy requirements will make sure you experience the whole game. This is a perfect entry level game if you're just getting into the genre or have been interested in getting into it. It's going to be at minimum 2 runs through the Reboot itself(you need to do both characters, one which only unlocks when you beat the game the first time) and one run through the original arcade game. Definitely pick it up if you can find it on sale.
  14. Obduction is pretty good and there's not much you can miss when it comes to trophies. The only physical release is in Asia though if you're a collector. Unlike the previous Myst games it gets much weirder towards the end.
  15. Started Aquanaut's Holiday because according to everything, that's the only game about scuba diving I do not have on my profile(granted it's a minisub the size of a single person but we're splitting hairs at that point). It's supposed to be within the same genre as Afrika because it's mostly about cataloging natural species. I'm not seeing all that much for a a genre like that, as far as available trophy lists go. I know there's a recent game called Away where you play as some type of flying possum which may come close, but again you could probably count the number of games like that on a single hand and still have fingers left over. Controls for Aquanaut's Holiday feel a bit off and dated, it's a PS3 game but even still the way it handles makes it feel like a PS1 game. You move by just using both analog sticks and there's no real accelerate button, so it really doesn't feel like you're controlling a vehicle. The game has 50 trophies in total and if I finish it and the rest of of my unfinished games(assuming that Maneater's DLC will be fixed) it's going to put me much closer to my 4,000th trophy than my 100th platinum.