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  1. Just recently did the entire Fate series Fate Extella: The Umbral Star is a huge grind compared to everything else. I've also done all 4 Cold Steel games, but there are 5 other games prior to them and as of current two more Trails games after them. Monster Hunter was another one, I have both World and Iceborne completed. Frontier Z was taken offline and wasn't available at all in my region so I can't let it count.
  2. I wish the platinum trophy looked better. The game title card icon looks amazing I would have liked something similar for the platinum.
  3. How does this calculate things? Because I'm apparently behind people who only have 4 ultra rares while I have 110. I have very few repeat game stacks to boot.
  4. Ok I was able to do it upon reaching level 10 after the first voidwoken fight in reaper coast. I imagine this would have made the Swashbuckler trophy easier if I had done it earlier, but now with all attribute points at 40+ and all skills maxed out I've just been stealing any and all spell books and have both lone wolf characters with nearly all the abilities on both. I don't think I can just skip leveling since better loot is tired to higher levels and I still need to fight The Doctor who's the hardest boss in the game, and I will need to have a series of save files on both cloud and USB since I want to do everything in a single run. And The Doctor negates multiple trophies. The other thing I'd like to try and do is get more Talent Points than normal but it seems that exploit is tied to a single piece of gear(if the exploit still works, there's a few things in the guide that seem to be outdated like getting both outcomes for the Merchant in a Barrel quest)
  5. So if I level up not on the ship and teleport to it, will it work?
  6. Are there other means of glitching out stuff like civil points and talents? I was able to max my attribute stats using the polymorph method right after chapter 1 but since I leveled after the the final boss of fort joy I wasn't able to level up as depicted in the video. I want to max my guys outs for the boat since I need to have a separate cloud save to get both trophies in a single go and all I have is every stat topping out at 40+ before Lone Wolf. I remember there being a 2 controller method mentioned to max stuff out, but I can't find anything on it.
  7. I'm not even bothering with any of those games at this point. I'm just doing total completion % and doing as many games in a single series as possible. I just finished all 4 Fate games. Were the first two games considered easy platinums? Probably, but the other games in the series are not.
  8. What's easier to platinum, Dark Souls or Dark Souls remastered?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Sendai-Horatio


      How do you need to set the PS3 version up so it requires less runs with glitch duping boss souls?

    3. ObsiEez


      You can probably google it for in-depth guides on what's needed, what to dupe, when to dupe it on so on. There may even be a post about it on here but I'm unaware if there is But I I know there are some boss souls which give you weapons/spells that take multiple playthroughs to get so doing those specific boss souls can save you runs, though I can't remember which ones. (Though I know you need Gwyn's soul multiple times)

    4. CelestialRequiem


      Armored Core: Verdict Day. 

  9. Just finished Fate/Hollow Ataraxia which brings me to 4 out of 4 Fate games platinumed. Now to get back to Divinity Original Sin 2.

  10. Gold Rathian and Silver Rathalos are the only rath variants without crown events. All Elder Dragons have zero gold crown events and should be your primary focus for crown hunting before you tackle the regular monsters that do have crown events. I got the Gold Rath and Silver Rathalos crowns from their arena quests IIRC because it made measuring them much easier. If the Elder Dragon can be fought on the base World game, then do it there (Lunestra is especially a good one to do this with, due to how hard she hits in Iceborne) because it's signifgantly easier than doing it in Iceborne. There's videos online that show you how to measure the monster you want, what I did was check the size of the monster then just abandon the quest if it wasn't the right size. It saves a lot of time. Quest rewards quality effects crown appearance chance, you want a mix of silver and gold or 3+ purple. If you have a ton of investigations make a USB/Cloud save of them and keep searching those investigations until you get them. If no crowns spawn just reload your USB/Cloud save and do the same investigations again. I got crowns like both large and small Scarred Yian Garugas from just reloading like a singular investigation for example.
  11. I've nearly filled my PS5 internal drive, I'm not sure what to get as far as getting a larger internal drive though. I see some people are able to achieve faster trophy pops with specific brands but that's not usually a feature advertised on them. 



    1. Baranov_925


      I'm sorry bro, but I need to ask, why do you need so many games on disc? And what internal drive do you have?

    2. Sendai-Horatio


      As far as the internal drive goes it's the stock one with the PS5.


      Most of these games are digital though, not on disc. Tekken 7 itself was over 50 gigs.

  12. Since the last few platinums I did have been easy, I'm going to try getting all the Divinity Original Sin 2 trophies in a single run.

    1. Sgznf


      Best of luck with it! 

      I think starting on Honour mode is gonna be tough :highfive:

  13. I've used date and time are a place holder sessions a few times myself. People log in at different times and sometimes we get them done earlier, sometimes we get them done later. But everyone who signs up gets their trophies and for the people who don't log on, I try to contact them again to make sure they're at least still interested.
  14. Xuan Yuan Sword 7 100+64-26.52=143.48 Current total: 2108.11
  15. This is $70 for an edition of The Last of Us where you can get the platinum without needing to grind multiplayer. To me that makes it already a worthwhile improvement.