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  1. I've watched videos of the gameplay and it seems similar to Race The Sun, but there seems to be no great resource on difficulty or how many hours you usually need to finish the game. It looks like you may need pinpoint accuracy for the turning in some levels so I was thinking of just having autofire be turned on for a turbo controller.
  2. I've never played the Break Games but do they do cross promotional events or something with other IPs?
  3. They're bonus items you get in NG+ and they're probably going to be replaced with Koei Techmo themed outfits. I dunno I wouldn't get all upset until we know what's going to fill in for them.
  4. I mean the Nintendo outfit removal was expected, but what if they replace one of the outfits with a Ryza outfit? Also the Nintendo Outfits were a replacement for the original two skimpy outfits in the original version. So it's still just effectively two outfits in the end, not 4.
  5. I dunno dude, they're funding a Neptunia and Senran crossover and are releasing it worldwide, I'm pretty sure that counts as listening. Now the question is, the gameplay going to be worth it or if it's going to be the same tired gameplay that they've been using for nearly a decade? Because while they are easy platinums, they can get incredibly boring.
  6. Sony has a large stake in the anime industry and I suspect many companies and developers want access to their resources. Their current CEO has wanted multimedia IPs both Live Action and Animated. So that's going to be a very appealing setup for an IP that hopes to get an anime adaptation or gets turned into a game. Sony currently owns the distribution rights to the previous senran kagura anime.
  7. I like weird things like AnywhereVR, Welcome Park, and Paint Park Plus. Is this along similar lines of giving a program application achievements? Is the 12 person achievement still frequent in occurrence or is online dead?
  8. All those lego games you must be lucky, I'm surprised they didn't brick your system.
  9. I'm seeing Buzzblades get listed a lot but I've been grinding out stuff in level 1 and have yet to get them, so what stage do they unlock?. Also is it possible to change the default blaster to another weapon by what drops in the first weapon pod(the one that doesn't cause a wave of enemies to spawn)? And how vital is infinite ammo to completing it? How hard is it to get the 105 points needed, I've been grinding out the mobility ones and I've got walking finished and almost have the hovering one done.
  10. Ah that's good to hear, is there a documented list of all the items that you need to find that you've come across in Japanese or is the US version still valid? Also how hard was the Final Strike achievement?
  11. If I remember right when this game came out on steam only 12 copies wound up being sold. Not even the PC crowd wanted to touch this with a 20 foot pole. Pick your hills to die on carefully.
  12. Ok after doing this myself I'm going to say the quest way to 1,000 fish is to play Lake Spectacular, pick the Winter Mission where you catch 20,000g worth of fish. The reason being is that the starting position where you begin all the way to the right of the level is the shortest distance and the shallowest water. There will be two bass there (and later a Legendary Northern Pike once you unlock it), use a sinking lure and either the super big bass or the small bass will bit it first, both take a few seconds to reel in if you have the highest level equipment. You can net around 9-10 fish within 3 minutes and 30 seconds which is way quicker than any of the other levels. Even though some missions on other levels give you 5 minutes (like the Blue Cenote) the fish are much heavier which mean they take longer to reel in and the water is much deeper so you'll average much less fish. Lake Spectacular is also the best way to level up, pick the fall mission where you have to get a white bass that's over 3,000g, go all the way to the left of the level until your rod can't go left anymore and you're by the plane by the dock, then use a sinking lure and wait until the Super Big White Bass bites it which will be over 3,000g every time. Two regular bass and a small white bass may bite your line in the process but just let the timer run out and have them drop it and eventually the superbig white bass will grab it. This is also an easy way to raise up your Super Big Counter to 100 which is also needed for a trophy. Also remember, if you fail a mission your fish still get added to your counter. So if you're going for sheer numbers just let the mission fail.
  13. I have stumbled across 3 bugged trophies relating to the collectables and rewards. The Rods the Lures, and the Reels The tier rewards for leveling up which grant you Rods and Reels don't always work and you may get some rewards earlier or later than the assigned level. Lures are bugged because even after you earn all of them the trophy may not pop if you have Zero of a specific lure in your inventory despite having it registered. I've had to replay missions in order to unlock trophies in order to get them to pop or having the game crash while checking the stats page so the game relaunches and loads back in with the reward in you inventory. this is the picture of my inventory page showing that the game never gave me a beginner reel until well after I earned the Ultimate reels. The reel only appeared after I was done collecting all the legendary fish and checking my stats page caused the game to crash. And thus reloading made it appear in my inventory. There's little to no documentation on this game, so I figure I would make a post so that if anyone wants to plat this game in the future to know that bugs seem to be commonplace. There were also quite a few times where I would have a fish on the line and suddenly it would snap back and be teleported out of the fishing area entirely taking the camera with it. So it really is not the most stable game to begin with.
  14. Currently I'm at 500 and I have almost everything done in the game, what's the ideal method for catching the remaining 500? I've been playing the last level where you have to catch 60,000gs of fish but can only get 8-9 fish at a time every 5 minutes. Which puts me at 96 fish per hour, am I really looking at replaying the same level over 60 times just to finish off the one trophy?
  15. You unlock legendary fish by leveling up, once you do you get a notice on the screen where the legendary fish are located. You do a mission in the area (usually catch fish of XX weight) and when you catch the legendary fish you'll get the trophy pop at the mission clear screen. Legendary fish always spawn in the same area and if you miss catching it during a mission you can catch them again until the timer runs out. They don't despawn or appear randomly so there's no RNG involved. Free mode doesn't seem to work for this, but I didn't let the hour clock tick down which seems to be the only thing that causes it to end like a mission screen.