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  1. Looking for a Sigon's Visor to complete my set.
  2. You need to shatter frozen enemies and not kill with the wonder weapon. From the guide: "blast them with your weapon so they are frozen and then bring out your other gun and a couple shots will shatter them all like glass."
  3. And this helped me a lot before smashing my controller
  4. Exactly. Sorry I didn't formulate the point. pausing with start will freeze everything including the in-game clock as you can see going in the game menu.
  5. 12 in-game hours So it counts the clock when you open the menu with triangle
  6. It wasn't bad at all. Pretty short but it was cool. Maybe we will see a better version with more maps and so on in FFVII R Part2
  7. I'm not posting all of them in one thread so check the playlist on the channel If anyone is making a guide feel free to use these videos.
  8. Same thing happened to me like a week ago and restarted the level. This game is really pissing me off
  9. For what they said (the leak of course) it will be based on the original one on the NES. So I presume you select a nameless class as in Dark Souls with different attributes. It would be cool
  10. Yeah it worked just got it. Got a precious blood gem for the first enemy too. Anyway it's not that easy doing it so early as enemies are really strong and a lot scattered around.
  11. Keys doesn't carry on new game are you sure? They are missing from the menu?
  12. That's a common move to "force" people to try it not knowing it's a trial and then be more suitable to buy it. Add the current sale to the equation and profit
  13. On the web store it states "trial"
  14. Ordered one at the end of november and still got nothing. There is anyway to call the support?
  15. I did it too with one of my friends and I reduced both splitted megatons health and he only used the cruise and got the trophy. At this point I don't even know how it really works. I'm pretty sure when I did it it didn't unlock killing Mimics but unlocked only with megatons.
  16. In my experience it only works on Megatons. Elite Zombies are only Megatons as the other type of zombies were added later. I got it with the cruise missile killing both splitted megatons. Unlinking your account and deleting the save does nothing so don't bother doing it. Of course I did everything after getting the platinum on ps5, and I'm playing ps4 version on ps5
  17. You did Fidolina in solo or in coop? If you did it in coop you need to do it over again from round 1. If you did it on solo you can start last level through advanced solo I suppose. Can't confirm that because I'm on round 40 on ps5 and when I loaded on ps4 version I was on round 40 too. So the advanced start carries over the two versions. Can't confirm right now if you start on the last round after finishing it on one version. That's the last trophy I need on both version so I'll report as I finish it and test what happens.
  18. Yeah but it's how it works with this game. Nioh 2 for examples auto pops almost every trophy when you sync to the other platform. Not so good but not so bad either. For Dead Ops you just need to redo the last stage instead to do everything again, the other trophies aren't bad at all. It was boring doing the campaign all over again because the progress is attached to the save file (which is not syncable) and not the activision profile. Doing one of each trophy trigger for multiplayer is good as the stats are synced with the account. So basically you need to do the following if you got the platinum on one version already: 1 - Campaign (Nothing is carried over from the other version) Main missions on Veteran Side missions on chapter select Miscellanious trophies 2 - Zombies (Stats and upgrades are carried over) Open the Perks page to get both upgrades trophies Complete a level on Onslaught to get a Gold Chalice to unlock the trophy, remember to kill one boss with support. Easter Egg Die Maschine Miscellanious trophies 3 - Dead Ops If you did advanced start you can start on last stage and save Fidolina, if not you have to do everything from stage one. Complete a deadly dungeon Find 5 chickens Unlock the fate room again Escape from the Wild again 4 - Multiplayer Get 1 kill Get 1 kill with the RC-XD for scorestreak trophy and mean machine trophy. Win 1 game Get 1 squad wipe medal in Fireteam
  19. Can confirm it. I got trophies first on ps5 version and then started ps4 one. both perk trophies popped when opening the perk page. Had to redo all die maschine trophies but it was fun. Didn't get any Dead Ops trophies but Advanced Solo round is saved (I didn't get to the boss yet but started in the same round I was on ps5). You will have to redo every trophy in this mode. Campaign is erased so you have to redo everything in this mode. Multiplayer as mentioned autopops every trophy after getting the trophy condition. I played the first game, killing some one with the RC-DX and got the killing trophies. We ended up winning the match so I got the 50 victories too. Last thing I didn't test is the party popper as I don't have it yet. but I got 5 medals and it carried over to ps4. So I suppose you need to do 10, get the trophy, and then get one more medal to the other platform.