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  1. Oh dude ive already sold a few at retail, I dont scalp or anything lol. Everything I have was purchased in store, and 2 of my consoles I even paid overprice for on FB marketplace haha
  2. I need help. For the life of me I cant beat bosses without getting hit. Ive attempted the stage 1-8 boss like 20-30 times and dont even come close. I see how common this platinum is and am thinking to I just suck, or am I missing something? Like 44% platinum rate and I cant even do the first boss?
  3. I bought 5 originally, opened 3, gave the other 2 to family members, and then was gifted a new one in Christmas which is the one in trying to sell lol
  4. If I would have known this, I would not have purchased so many PS5s. Smh thank you for the info
  5. But then why if we all have crossplay turned off, i can still invite PS4 friends and play publicly together? When crossplay is turned off on PS5 for other titles like cod, it also searches for PS4 players.
  6. If I am on PS5 and turn my crossplay off, is it going to search for PS5 only, or PS5 AND PS4 players? I ask because when using all of my PS5s, I can normally find a match with myself instantly. I add one PS4 player to the mix, and we cant find eachother. Normally that would answer my question right there, but then I was still able to play with my PS4 friends legit even though we all had crossplay off
  7. 9 is a bit much. I am in no way an expert at the game and I have done it 3x for myself and friends. Not to mention there is a glitch in which you can get a gold medal by completing it with any time, and end up with a 0.00 time for an easy gold Edit: I will say 3.5 is still low in my opinion. A lot of the levels were hard enough just beating them at all. And You almost damn near half to ace a lot of the levels because if you die too much (sometimes even once) you lose a good chunk of your bubbles to not get gold, which a lot of times we need to get costume pieces
  8. I havent heard about this game until today, and it looks quite fun / promising! The trophies look fairly straightforward as well! What exactly is this? I watched a quick gameplay video and it gave me Evolve vibes. I had to watch the video on mute though so I could be totally off