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  1. medal of honor I would like to plat that
  2. plat 28 soul calibur 5
  3. plat 24- payday the heist
  4. plat 21- alien breed impact
  5. I have only got the plat on 3 of those games.... wipeout hd is overrated the only thing that I had a problem with is beating zico. gta 4 is easy just takes sometime to get the plat its not that bad probably like 100hrs or so. ninja gaiden sigma 2 was hard but it was so fun to play the team missions sucked but if you have a great partner it isn't to bad I ended up beating un1 with 2 ryus . I do think star ocean should be on that list tho it takes true dedication to get that plat
  6. going to plat alien breed 1
  7. Black ops 2 plat
  8. my biggest gap is 118 from my 7th plat(wipeout hd) to 8th plat (burnout paradise).
  9. I have 1,997 views on psn profile and on forum profile I have 1,817
  10. mortal kombat to many spammers gta 4 was horrible glad to be finally done with that game. any cod game they are usually just repetitive for me.
  11. for you dr mayus its eye pet plat hmm don't think I ever seen anyone with that plat >.<
  12. 2 plats in common black ops declassified mirror's edge
  13. black ops 2 then I'll finish ff 13-2
  14. mortal kombat-my kung is stronger. This trophy took so long to get so much stuff needs to be done to get the trophy. ninja gaiden sigma 2- all missions successfully completed. Luckily I had a great partner to help out with this un1-2 were the hardest things to do but I was able to beat it with 2 ryus
  15. speed run trophies in mirror's edge. some of them were really hard to beat under the time :/