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  1. Twin Dragon Destruction Fireworks Factory: Defeat Twin Dragons (Boss) These guys are more annoying than before. The Harder They Fall Charmed Ridge: Defeat a giant
  2. No Dragon for Lunch Today! Spike's Arena: Defeat Spike Happy thanksgiving all!
  3. Martyr Logarius Defeat Martyr Logarius. This boss made me RAGE, I seriously wanted to give up but I kept trying until I finally got him.
  4. Rom, the Vacuous Spider Defeat Great One: Rom, the Vacuous Spider. Nightmare Lecture Building Gain entry into the Byrgenwerth lecture building, that drifts within the realm of nightmare.
  5. He's not dead, is he? Complete Present 2
  6. Shadow of Yharnam Defeat the Shadow of Yharnam. Screw these guys, cane with bolt made this much better to handle.
  7. Buzz Off! Buzz's Dungeon: Defeat Buzz Darkbeast Paarl Defeat Darkbeast Paarl.
  8. The Source of the Dream Discover the abandoned old workshop, the source of the hunter's dream.
  9. Knack 2 Not terrible, just it got boring quick...and way to long of a game despite the plat. I don't even want to touch the first one to save me the trouble.
  10. The Witch of Hemwick Defeat the Witch of Hemwick. Wanted to comeback to some Bloodborne
  11. Halcyon days Complete sequence 1
  12. Demonologist Complete the demon list Shardmaster Absorb every type of shard That secret boss was HARD to get through, once i did some upgrades it went more smoother!
  13. Cartographer Complete the map. Glad guides are around to find the missing rooms.
  14. Growing Pains Reach level 50 All Bets Are Off Eradicate the duke of high rollers.
  15. KNACK 2 BABYYYY In all seriousness, the game isn't as bad as i thought it would be. It does get boring after a while though and way too long. Challenges we're the most annoying part.