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  1. No longer posting here. Will still be updating my trophies and using game sessions when needed.

    1. HaSoOoN-MHD
    2. d3m0nd00d


      He would like to answer you HaSoOoN but that was his last post. ;-(

  2. Guacamelee! Cleaned Out Buy all the items in the shop
  3. I might get hate for this but...I did like this movie. Frankly, I found it better than Pixar's Cars 2. Fun fact: The guy that voices ripslinger has done a lot of video game voices like, Sonic,Etzio,Chris Redfield and Batman in Arkham Origins.
  4. Team Sony? Really? we aren't twilight.
  5. Hardest: Sephiroth in KH and Shadow Mitsuo from Persona 4.
  6. Sooo, contrast is coming to PS3 also? anybody played it yet? It looks pretty

  7. The one thing I hate replaying The last of us is all the damn coolectibles and stuff you need to keep an eye on. I hope the trphies don't glitch on me.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. EliteVega


      I'm just doing one chapter slowly each day since it gets so dull.

    3. manyuhesp


      I am stuck at the MP trophies, so many matches.

    4. MrCostari


      Did that in 2 days. You only have to play 1 match each 3-4 matches. You can join and leave 66-75% of the matches.

  8. Guacamelee! Gumshoe Complete the Chicken Thief quest Lore Master Complete All Side Quests
  9. Kingdom hearts HD final mix Best Friend Collect all Trinity List entries in Jiminy's Journal.
  10. Guys,let's hope they aren't GLITCH ether.
  11. -waits for a year or two-
  12. Speed king and king of battle look to be the harder ones.
  13. Monsters university, is right up there as one of my favorite Pixar films.
  14. Guacamelee! Licking his Wounds Defeat Jaguar Javier