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  1. So I have seen some posts that trophies are not popping up after completing the requirmants. Are there glitched trophies? I also noticed that it has a low completion percentage for a story based game witch is concerning.
  2. Terra- Uncharted 1 crushing is easier then in uncharted 2. Shouldn't take long
  3. ^ platinumed basically every other game, extremely dedicated. Platinuming White knight chronicles without the servers be up will be insane goodluck.
  4. Mystery Chronicles One Way Heroics, there's no guides on even how to get farther in the game or tips and tricks.
  5. As the title says I'm hoping someone brings out a guid with helpful tips and tricks, game is harder then I thought, couldn't imaging getting to the end of the world let alone beating the fallen Angel on normal difficulty
  6. Can anyone please recommend some good horror games for the vita. From what I know there are not many,I hardly consider silent hill book of memories as a horror either.
  7. all the towns in dq8 are great but coming here for the first time was so awesome, i mean you can talk with monsters!!!
  8. ^ Naruto storm Generations. i love naruto but never got around to getting it. so many games to play yet so little time
  9. could somone please send me these two cards: there the last two i need for platinum psn: soulxsociety Utgarda Loki (Sitting) Utgarda Loki (Floating)
  10. Hey everyone on psnprofiles im new to this site . If anyone needs help getting trophies for games i have or wants to boost let me know,I am more then willing to boost or help anyone, also i fractured my foot so since i am not working for another 2 weeks i can play anytime, just let me known. psn:soulxsociety