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  1. There is one game that is going way back from my childhood days and that's the "The Getaway series" would be nice to have a remake on PS4 even though it never made it to PS3, always like that game before any GTA :[
  2. I have lego movie, Lego superheroes & metal gear solid: ground zero, Currently attempting to plat superheroes at the moment
  3. Favourite PlayStation 3 games? let's see... I have a ton so I as usual I ain't going to list em all lol 1.The last of us 2.God of war games 3.Metal gear solid games 4.Ratchet & Clank games ...and I am now officially too lazy to list anymore
  4. What? that game had the shittiest graphics going... Uncharted 3 for me, but we all know 4 is going to be better so that'll be my next choice
  5. I call mine cell since it's packing a cell broadband processor
  6. Just got my PS4 today (lego movie) it was cheap so had to get it
  7. I'd have to say normal when I play a game for the first time then maybe harder but only if there is a trophy for it, Bottom line though I really enjoy playing games on normal.
  8. Yes... but I managed to jam one in with a piece of metal without using a bracket once :]
  9. My hardest would be the last of us :/
  10. Send it in to sony if it's under warranty or just buy a new 12 GB one and pop a unused 500 GB 2.5'' HDD you got lying around, If you got a small freeview recorder box, that will have a 500 GB HDD in it
  11. My first ever platinum was assassin's creed 2
  12. FAR CRY 3, really easy to plat! you'll probably do it in under 2 days or less
  13. Drake, always wanted to be him
  14. Pizza hut pizza with extra cheese, tomato and mixed peppers