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  1. For the high scores try not to repeat the same tricks over and over in the same combo. Variety is key. For the 62x combo just keep doing heaps of spins on every jump and chuck in some revert manuals and grind switches. Shouldnt be too hard.
  2. Ive been looking for this game in the ps4 online store and cant find it. So im wondering if its been released in new zealand yet (where i live) Does anyone know?
  3. Thanks man you helped me get it.
  4. Is anyonelse having a lot of trouble with this challeng in titan sky? Anyone have any tips?
  5. Awesome game. Ill give it a 4/5. - Ratchet and clank a crack in time
  6. 1. Call of duty Modern warfare 2 (30+days) 2. Call of duty black ops (20+ days) 3. Call of duty Modern warfare 3 (20+ days) For 3 years i would play one of these 3 games for hours every single day. So much fun.
  7. Quasimoto is awesome. Check out his album the unseen.
  8. I like it but would get rid of the 2 bars at the top that have the name and rankings and just make it one bar/colour.
  9. I dont think it matters which one you use.
  10. Hannah montanna - the game.
  11. - Cod 4 - MW2 - black ops - MW3
  12. Black ops 2 has better multiplayer and campaign but extinction is better than zombies.
  13. Call of booty - modern whorefare
  14. It must be bad then.
  15. I still play MW3 quite often