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  1. Most of these old school FPS games have cheat codes that grant full inventories, max health, god mode etc. Does this game have them and do they disable trophies? Playing on nightmare sounds rather difficult.
  2. I booted my Vita up today to revisit Sly 3 and earn my remaining trophies and I'm getting the same issue. I go into the settings and reactivate, that then allows me to play but if I turn the system off I have to repeat the fix again. I saw on Reddit that turning airplane mode solves the issue. I tried it myself and it does seem to work even when I turn the system off and on again. I have no idea what is causing the issue but it seems clear its a Sony issue and they've done something recently that is causing problems. Hopefully they fix it soon, keeping airplane mode or having to re-activate every time is frustrating.
  3. Is anyone playing this currently and able to invite me to a level 50 crew? I'd like to get the platinum for this game quickly and avoid grinding where possible. PSN ID: AxillarySloth53 I sent you a request to join. Would you be able to accept it please. I would be very thankful. PSN ID: AxillarySloth53