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  1. Same Trophylist as PH 🙃
  2. Hmmm 🤔 there are also some chicken with +25 +35 around the tent (in the tent) don´t forget that every time you reload, you get -5 if you have bullets left. Only reload if your "magazine" is empty. Edit: @grifteskymfning @BassTekker not my best try,but the only one i recorded.
  3. Actually, you can buy it as ultimate digital edition on the EU store (not only UK)
  4. 😂 level 1 get the rocket launcher, shoot it at the wagon, and get the chicken hammer. on the waterfall, there is one chicken every few seconds, it gives you 75 points.
  5. There is no Autopop ^^ if you know where everything is and did it slowly, you can do it the second time in 6 - 15 minutes ☝️😆
  6. Hidden Trophys As some of the Trophies are not easy to find, I made these "spoilers". Only read it, if you don´t wanna find it yourself. +5 / 10 sec. of bonus time / rocket launcher Destroy the bell in the village +15 sec. of bonus time / 50 points with a single shot Get 100 Points with a single shot
  7. They said on a Twitter post PS5 Version will come Digital, but not now. The trophy list (PS4), got online when i updated my Profil, don´t know if it gets changed when someone (other Country) played it. btw. Plat ☝️ 👻
  8. You already can order it on ebay now. I got mine today. (PS4) 🙂 PS5 was not available.
  9. I'm selling 2x crazy chicken Kart 2 PS4 (both new and sealed)
  10. Well... "it is what it is" 😊🤣🤣
  11. Wait 10 years till i'm 40 🎉 Wuhuu, bought it
  12. Sometimes you can find it on Ebay. With international shipping.
  13. Now it is on Playasia too. As US Version. PS5 PS4
  14. For Austria there also both versions available on 15.5 PS5 PS4
  15. Got one from amazon today. 😊