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  1. If I did'n have 3 of the 5 games I would of gotten this but i'm probably just better off buying borderlands and game of thrones alone.
  2. The main reason why I went for Omen and thornmail is because they had a heavy AD team and I was dealing enough damage as it is. Now that I think of it I don't remember even using a bloodthrister its 2 or 3 AD items then I go full out tank.
  3. I think I just found my new favorite champ in this game
  4. I would more or less be doing the same thing as I am now just go for 100% games that I'm having fun with.
  5. Microsoft cant change anything with minecraft if they buy mojang then future projects they will have control over.
  6. I also want to get to see some reviews for this game Im not paying much attention to the user reviews because who really knows if they have the game. If the reviews are good and the game appeals then I'll probably get it within the first couple of weeks if not then I'll also wait for a price drop.
  7. 4 I get them for games I enjoy. I wont force myself to plat something unless I have 1 or 2 easy trophies.
  8. Easy trophy but if you seem to struggle pick kratos
  9. Dante has an infinite that can always reach max AP. Most of his max AP combos are very easy to set up and very easy to learn he generally gets level 3 quick and has an amazing level 3. The game is unbalanced so most characters have some kind of set up or special that makes them very good.
  10. All stars is by far my favorite game for PS3 I played it like crazy master every character and got them to super high levels. I might be one of the only people to say this but I like All Stars>Smash. Loading times only take long for the first match when you start the game besides that they are quick. I agree with Raiden being super cheap the game is very unbalanced my best character is sackboy making it to brown belt with him, But every high ranked player all used the broken characters. (Dante, Kratos, Issac, Raiden, Zeus, etc). Just a little tip a counter to Raiden and Kratos spammers is to just select someone with easy combos, and good parry's (Dante would be perfect to counter them).
  11. I know were this guy is coming from I did a trophy speedrun for Stick it to the man on PS4.
  12. If YOU are logged in a controller but somebody else is playing on an other controller then the trophy list gets added for what they are playing. That is the reason why I have the COD ghosts plat.
  13. I got $5 left on my account so I'll either be getting Army of two since I played the last two or I will be getting Manhunt & Bully.
  14. I played this with a friend who knew what to do with the puzzles. We ended up not finishing it because of the part where you have to talk into the mic I guess the game was not picking up my voice
  15. I picked up the VITA version. To sum the trophy list up its the exact same from the console edition on PS4. Somebody needs to add the Don't Starve giant edition trophy list to the website because on my profile the game is filed under "Unknown (06405)"