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  1. Good tips. I'd like to add 2 things since I've recently platinumed CTR. For the record, I'm bad at racing games too and if I could do it, so can you. 1. Try to learn U-turn technique. This will cut your time significantly, helps control sacred fire, and can make or break the oxide trials. Especially I had to do it on Dragon Mines, Cortex Castle, Hot Air Skyways that I kept using on. 2. If you want sacred fire last very long time, keep comboing boostpads, jumps, and drifting "Perfects" as much as possible to build up reserves. More reserves = Sacred fired go brrrrrrrrr long time. If anyone knows the infamous Tiny Temple, you have to keep blue flame the whole 2 laps (very hard for newbies). I found out why I kept failing is because I didn't drift enough perfects (even though I keep drifting 3x with goods). So after about 20 runs, I tried to race only perfect drifting and it made a BIG difference. It lasted way longer than usual and I don't need to drift as much.
  2. This might be a hot take so if you guys disagree, it's all good. Be Cautious. Don't know if she'll do PS4 as well. I was shocked that the localization coordinator for this job is Katrina Leonudakis. If anyone doesn't know, she has a bad reputation for controversial dialogues and changing the narrative such as 13: Aegis Sentinels and a manga as well. Here are the links in reddit and don't be shocked if dialogues have changed for the worse. I wouldn't be surprised if she does this again, especially on Persona 4 (I won't spoil it, but people who played would know which she might change). I grew up with Persona 3 FES and 4 on PS2 days and I would hate these games to be ruined. I really hope I'm wrong.
  3. According to my Rockstar account, I've got over 86 hrs in this game. My advice is the same as others. Study and skin every animal you see no matter what you're doing. You'll save many hours of pain and suffering.
  4. Just recently platinumed this game. Overall, I love the gameplay and the idea of action rpg battle royale (or Dynasty Warriors Battle Royale). I did, however, got frustrated that I made it to solo Legend rank without a win. But after I practiced, watched strategies, and learned mechanics in Youtube, Discord, and Reddit, I got better. It took me 2 days to be decently good at this game. Here is my in-game stats for my trophies: (Side note: For the "Final Record" trophy, it said you need 12 wins. I got 10 wins and it popped on PS4.) Wukong (Main): Last Man Standing trophy: took 1 solo win = 75 matches Final Record trophy: took 10 total wins (9 solo/1 trio) = 151 matches Veteran Hunter trophy: took over 180 matches This is coming from a guy with little battle royale experience. (I've platinumed Fall Guys, but in this game, I still need to study all the characters' strengths and weakness, learn optimal combos, and map awareness)
  5. Did anyone have this experience? I've played so many matches solo (probably more than 60) and just couldn't even win 1st place. I find it more hilarious than sad. Sigh.......
  6. For PS4, most notably the Falcom games (Ys and Trails Series). I already saw Ys 8 used CIB sold recently for more than 100 USD minimum. Imagine how much sealed and collector's edition are worth now. I'm glad I bought the collector's edition before the prices went bonkers.
  7. I'm vey grateful that at least RDR 2 has fast travel system and can manipulate RNG animal spawns (sleep alot, then save & reload. This game could be more unforgiving if we have to gold medal every single mission, scan all missable animals, and/or collect all equipment/weapons.
  8. #59: Red Dead Redemption Legend of the WestYou've become a true legend of the west! First time playing this game. I'm surprised that this game hasn't got a remaster/remake yet. This is probably the best PS3 game I've played yet. For an open-world game that took place mostly in a desert area (Early 1900's California and Mexico), it looks amazing. I can tell that Rockstar put time and effort on every single detail to make it not bland and recycled. Just riding a horse in this game made me felt calm and appreciate all the nature around me. Then you got these well-written characters. Every character felt likeable, flawed, crazy, or all the above. It's even better when you help out many strangers and have unexpecting endings. The plot is simple to follow and well-paced. When it comes to side missions and minigames, they never felt boring. To top it off, the Undead Nightmare DLC was amazing. The characters are even more whacky this time. Compared to today's DLC, it's honestly a joke. Rockstar needs to do more Story DLCs, not Online DLCs. Despite the game is buggy and freezes from time to time, I didn't felt bored while trying to get this platinum (except MP trophies). Overall, this was an amazing experience and I considered this a must play for everyone.
  9. Got these songs stuck in my head after recently getting a platinum on Kandagawa Jet Girls. Surprisingly pretty good OST.
  10. #57-58: Kandagawa Jet Girls & Senran Kagura - Peach Beach Splash I saw the plot. I bought the plot. And I'm very satisfied with the plot. 10/10 for plot.
  11. #56: Grand Theft Auto IV Another great masterpiece in the GTA franchise. Although this game has not aged well in PS3 (FPS dropping and a few glitches), the story and writing is still amazing and the DLC made this even better. God I love Yusuf Amir.
  12. Advance Wars 1+2: Re-boot Camp is coming out and I'm so hyped. Can't wait for remake OST:
  13. #53-55: Spyro Reignited Trilogy First time playing Spyro and it was a very fun platform game. Not much else to say on this PS1 classic.
  14. #51-52: Gal*Gun Double Peace & Gal*Gun 2 Very unexpected fun games. I find it more hilarious than feeling "ecchi". While Gal*Gun 2 wasn't that great and meant for VR, Gal*Gun DP has good OST, funny dialogues, and likeable characters. In a nutshell, this is Time Crisis + Anime school girls = this. If you are into railgun shooters, visual novels, or anime school life, give it a try.
  15. @Wild-Arms-R At least 7.5/10 Over 90% completion, <100 plats, no duplicates, not many quick and easy games. I really like that most of your games are great franchises and you can play very difficult games (DMC series, Crash, etc). Also, awesome variety of genres you played as well. Great quality games!