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  1. #26 : Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits I will say this. The OST in this game is heavily underrated for a PS2 JRPG. I would argue that this OST rivals to Persona and the Trails series. Despite some flaws they have (one of the characters sounds like a Rugrats character, oh my ears...), I recommend it to anyone to give it a try. Simple story, simple gameplay, and beautiful sceneries as well.
  2. Welcome to my world. Got this on PSN sale. Couldn't resist my childhood nostalgia.
  3. Alternatively, I used a usb cable (or any cable) to hang on the TV and carefully line up the target using the end of the cable. Took me a few tries to pass this course with this method.
  4. Fun Fact: My first DOA game ever in my life.
  5. Out of context, I found this hilarious. 😂 But yeah, thanks for the input guys. I will not use the protection based on the feedback. As long as I'm careful.
  6. As a new Vita owner, I want to know your guys' thoughts.
  7. Same here. Just got it few minutes ago.
  8. @Savage_Sarabi Awesome job! I just platinumed the whole Crash Bandicoot Trilogy as well. Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot 2 Crash Bandicoot: Warped
  9. During my platinum run, I actually started doing everything in Legend Mode after my 1st playthrough. Yes, there are probably 2 or 3 substories that will give you a bit of hard time but everything is relatively not that bad. The main reason for me is the CP upgrades. Once you get all the upgrades (especially Golden Gun and War God's Talisman), it will be much easier in the final chapter. For the coliseum fights, shakedowns, and even Amon, I didn't have much trouble since I look at Youtube videos on how to defeat them on Legend Mode.
  10. Dumb question but if I play physical imported games on my vita, would it sync trophies normally?
  11. I just bought Sleeping Dogs and Mirror's Edge on this list. But damn, Yakuza 0 for 5 bucks?! That is crazy and an insane deal.
  12. Eye of the Dragon and Tiger - Yakuza 0Obtain all equipment parts. Spent so much hours relying RNG to find all the parts. Thanks Yakuza.
  13. I just bought both games just over 8 dollars on PSN sale. Sweet deal.
  14. Awesome dedication thread to the Ys series. I just platinumed all 3 Ys games and Origin is the definition of a Nightmare. Even watching Youtube videos on how to beat the bosses, I still got wrecked easily. Dragon-Archon, for the trophies, I would like to have (Ys Memories: Karna, VIII: Blue Dana, and Origin: Yunica) please. I can't wait to play Ys IX by next month since this series is so good.
  15. Awesome! FotNS and Judgement is definitely on my platinum hunting list. The only problem is that I just got burnt out from playing nonstop Yakuza marathon. Enjoy the ride for the next 5 games in this amazing series.