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  1. I would like to know why i can't put any of my players on the transferlist. Only players that i bought? And how do you make coins by just selling bronze players??
  2. Played the CoD MW Alpha this weekend. It started with a nice feeling and a fun game mode in general. The guns look, feel and firing are awesome. Just hate the shotguns in general. They are doing random damage. Up close i needed 2-3 shots and once i shot somebody 1 shot across the map. Maybe he was low on health but still, it should not be possible to shoot somebody with a shotgun on a long distance. There are some very good assault and machine guns in the game. MP7 will be the chosen gun for many players. There is just one annoying thing, and that is players can take alot of damage. Especially from the handguns. The times i was shooting somebody full in the body and he still killed me.. I lost count. It is a piece of the game and not the full experience, so yeah. Yet i'm still undecided if i will buy the game or not. Hopefully the beta in september will bring some more gameplay so i can decide. Very curious for the singleplayer and the spec ops mode. 

    So who also played the Alpha and what are some of your opinions?

  3. Puppeteer.

    Finally finished the story. I love singleplayer games, but this one really tends to go on quite long until the end. Game is actually good. Trophy wise i have alot to do concerning collectibles. There are some annoying ones for beating certain part without getting hit. Not looking forward to those. On the other hand is this really good for my general completion. Another game i started and never ended. Hopefully i can get this platinum.


    Also got my 6000th trophy with this game:



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    2. DamagingRob


      Congrats on reaching 6k! Puppeteer was a real gem.

    3. ee28max


      Well done on the 6k milestone! 

    4. NTGSruler


      Thanks everybody!

  4. Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition 100%.

    This game is such a garbage. We got this game back in the day with PS+. I don't know why, but many times i got sick playing this game. Don't know if it was because of the horrific graphics or the clunky gameplay. First trophy earned in 2015, finally finished in 2019. My general completion goes up, and another game finished and off the backlog. If you consider playing this game, please don't. Invest your time in something else. 


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    2. Deceptrox


      Good job. The only thing I hated about this version was the online trophies when boosting with a PS3 and a Vita as my PS3 froze when I hit the required kills to win the match losing my kill count in the process with frequence. I found out that if you quit the match on Vita before the final kill the PS3 didn't freeze.

    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. NTGSruler


      @ShonenCat: yes i think it's delisted. We got the game free with PS+. Started it and wanted 100%. 

      @Deceptrox: Did the online the same manner. Didn't had and issues.  

  5. Nürburgring GP/F: I hate you!! 


    Finally: Fastest time: 2:07:722!! :gold:


    I can now finally leave this Vettel challenge behind!

    Only need to do Suzuka now... But finally this gives me so much courage and motivation! Can't explain how i feel. But so close yet so fat with this Suzuka challenge... 


    20190812-184432.jpg photo hosting

    1. ee28max


      Congrats on that gold! 

      Best of luck with the Suzuka Challenge!

    2. NTGSruler


      Thanks!! I don't know if i'll be able to get this one. Nowhere near the sector times i should be getting for the gold time. 

  6. So Playseat and Thrustmaster T300 came in yesterday! Really happy with it! Transition to race with a wheel and pedals goes smooth. Already used to racing the Redbull in GT5! 

    That damn Nürburgring is annoying me. For the moment i'm still setting vaster times with a DS3. But it's only a matter of time. I hope... 

    Anyone tips for the Vettel challenges in GT5? Only need Nürburgring and Suzuka to gold and earn an ultra rare trophy which would be my proudest platinum ever. GT5 is hunting me in my dreams for 9 years already! Damn Vettel Challenges!! 


    Pic of my set up:







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    2. NTGSruler



      @ee28max: Really? Never thought that it could be my 6000th trophy! But i don't know if i will earn it. It's really hard... 

    3. ee28max


      I can imagine. Knowing that those are the only 2 left, YouTube, a few tips from those who did it here and self-practice can work. When you feel tired you can take a break and play a different game, then come back to it when your mood lightens up. Good luck man, you can do it!

    4. NTGSruler


      Thanks for the motivation! Lap times are getting faster and really close to the objective time. So there is good progress! Youtube and lots of practice already helped me out tremendous!

  7. Playseat and a Thrustmaster Wheel.. Is it worth it to buy it? Will it vastly improve my lap times in race games? I consider myself a decent racer with Dualshock. I have the Gran Turismo Sport platinum. It's a shame i never was capable to beat the Nürburgring and Suzuka Vettel Challenges in Gran Turismo 5. Played it with a DS3 and tried for weeks and months. Needless to say as a Gran Turismo fan not getting the plat for GT5 is a huge disappointment in my trophylist as a trophyhunter. 


    So the Playseat Alcantara and the Thrustmaster T300 RS GT is what cought my attention. Any pro and cons? It's a relative steep investment. But knowing that Project Cars 3 and hopefully someday GT7 will release i'm sure i'll be using it alot. 


    Also: how much time will i need to learn how to drive with a Wheel and pedals? 

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    2. NTGSruler


      Aaah the DXRacer. Nice. There are multiple options. Playseat, DXRacer, GT Omega, Simetek, Next Level... It's a matter of how much you want to spend and how serious you take this. At the moment i have my eye on the Playseat Alcantara. Mid level/entry Seat, sturdy and important for me: it's foldable, but it's a step up from the Playseat Challenge. The Gran Turismo Playseat is so nice, but for that price i have a Alcantara Evolution seat and and optional seat slider. Combined with the Thrustmaster Wheel. Nog to convince myself to spend the money on it..

    3. Lorajet


      Can't wait to see your setup!!  So, are you planning on driving automatic or stick?  I drive stick IRL but gave up in GT5 - opted for the automatic!  When you get the Thrustmaster, I'd be interested in hearing about the handling and how the T3PA pedals work out as I'm thinking of getting a new wheel.  

    4. NTGSruler


      😂 Didn't buy anything for the moment! But it really itches to do so. When i should decide to purchase i'll share my set up! I would go for automatic to start. Disadvantage for the Playseat is that a shift holder is optional. And i'm curious how the paddles on the Thrustmaster handle. Irl i drive a stick too 😀 Actually excited with this. It's not cheap this setup. 

  8. :platinum: #115 WRC 4 (Vita). Nothing difficult. Been a while since i did a racegame. Nice change of place, and it made me use my Vita once more. Happy!

  9. There will always be believers and non-believers. I don't understand when people comment: when will they change things? It's a shooter franchise and it will always be like that 🙄 Always bashing on CoD. But what about FIFA? F1 games? Talk about same shit every year... Am i the only one that is excited that the gameplay speed will slow down? The "ADHD" gameplay with futuristic guns and camo's is the reason why i turned away from the series in the first place. I would very much like to see some gameplay footage and info about the Spec Ops mode. This mode could be very strong if they wanted. Working in small teams doing objectives sounds like fun.
  10. Personally i'm really hyped for this! I really like how the game looks (more gritty and realistic feel to it). As for the multiplayer: - No mini maps. At least not when a match starts. You can earn a UAV (3 kills), but the mini map is only displayed for yourself. If you earn 4 kills you have a UAV where everybody on the map can see the location of enemies. A counter UAV is possible also (4 kills). A third option is to use the recon drone, which you can tag enemies and blind them at the same time. - Gunfight mode: 2 vs 2 short matches. - Standaard 6 vs 6 mode. - 10 vs 10 - 20 vs 20 - And the game can support up to 100 players apparently. (50 vs 50). - Gun customization will be a key aspect of the multiplayer. Primary wapens will have a range of 30-60 different pieces to customize. You can have up to 5 different set-ups if i'm correct. - Perks return. But non will give you super powers. We talk about fast reload, hardline streak... - Confirmed there will be a nuke in the game. - Most of the multiplayer maps will have a night version. This means total different matches. - Cross play with PS4, XBOX and PC players. Now this is something i'm a bit sceptic about. We will have to see how this will play out. I'm hoping that they add an option were you can choose your lobbies. For example: Only PS4 lobbies, or if you want cross play lobbies. - There will be a beta. I won't sum up all the different dates for that, you can look it up. - There will be NO zombie mode for this CoD. Which i'm very happy for. Cause those zombies trophies held me back for the platinum in Infinite Warfare and WW2! - Spec Ops mode i'm really curious for. In general all modes will work together. So the weapons unlocked in Singleplayer will be unlocked in Multiplayer or Spec Ops. They want to create a more unified experience. I did not preorder the game at this moment. For the moment i don't see a reason why i should preorder the game. Will i buy it? I will be playing the beta and when i formed my opinion on that, i probably will decide if i buy the game or not. Although this game has much improvements, i'm sure there will be negative things also. I have a feeling ( i hope so) this game will keep my busy as in the time with MW, MW2 and MW3... A year playing the multiplayer until the next CoD.. That's already not right. There will be no traditional season pass. All DLC will be FREE for all platforms (PS4, XBOX, PC). As far as microtransactions: not confirmed yet, we will see.
  11. So next week is the last week of work before my vacation starts. And i' m thinking to play some games that are sitting in my backlog since forever.

    I have the whole Infamous collection in possession and i'm one of the few who never played it before.

    Was thinking to plat all those games.

    Starting with Infamous (tips for the Shards?), Infamous 2, Blood Festival i have to see if i get it, Infamous Second Son and First Light.

    Will it be worth it to do these? I just hope that i don't lose too much time with those shards in the first game.

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    2. NTGSruler


      Thank you for the comments! Already looked at a guide. Should not be a problem to find all shards.

      As for the stunts: i looked up a video and it all looks not too difficult? Could be wrong here!

    3. Hemiak


      With the shards, just keep track of how many you find on each island. Seriously cuts down the amount of time looking at the end. 

    4. NTGSruler


      @Hemiak: good tip! Thanks, will do that!

  12. So i don't exactly know what i'm doing wrong here. This question is likely to be asked a million times, and there is probably a very easy solution for it. Apparently when i click "submit reply", to comment on a status update, i get "Save", but nothing that i typed appears on that persons status. I am currently on my phone so don't know of it's the same issue on my tablet. Responding on my own status update works fine. Anyone can help me or point me in the right direction to solve this problem?

    1. TheYuriG


      was the status update you refer to, locked or deleted? that's the error i get in the forums if either of those happened

    2. NTGSruler


      It was not locked or deleted.

    3. NTGSruler


      So i stil can't comment on other people's status updates.... Tried it yesterday but it does not come up..

  13. Happy to get back in the groove of things...

    #113 :platinum: Montezuma 4 (Vita). I had to restart this game entirely because the last trophy from the puzzle mode glitched on me a couple of months ago. Yoiu unlock puzzle mode through completing the story mode. So yeah it was a grind.

    #114 :platinum: Uncharted 4. Happy to add this one to the list. Multiplayer is the worst part off this game. The survival trophies are on the list to do. Hopefully i can catch some experienced players to do this together. 

  14. Uncharted 4 Chapter 17 done. 

  15. Been a while since i posted a status update. Forget this existed. I love this part of the site. 


    So continuing with Uncharted 4. What a fantastic game graphic wise. Playing on a PS4Pro on a 4k TV is awesome. On Chapter 17 now searching all treasures simultaneosly. 


    Saw somebody getting platinum on Max Payne 3 here. Man it's itching to try again for The Shadows Rushed me trophy... 

    1. closertim


      Definitely go for the max Payne platinum,  way more fun than uncharted.  

    2. NTGSruler


      Already did many attemps. Died in the sniper part chapter 12. Because i pushed a wrong button, Max came out of cover. Boom. 3 hours through the drain!