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  1. @IGUnique: Thanks for explaining stuff! The Milestones and objectives i know what to do. You really have to put time in it, and then you will unlock some good players. For instance i am trying to unlock De Gea, but with only 2 days left and not being able to play today and most of tomorrow, i guess i wil fall just short in unlocking him. I only have scored 1/5 goals out of the box on WC difficulty. As for the transfer market: i'm aware it's very difficult for a beginner. That's the reason why i stopped playing FIFA when they introduced FUT team in the game.
  2. Did this 2 days ago on PS5 in Division 10. Won 2, lost my 3th game and trophy popped.
  3. I earned the trophy in Division 10 about 2 days ago. Try to complete objectives and opening packs (PSplus pack is free) before you play Rivals and have somewhat decent players. Winning streak is only winning 2 games => i lost my 3th game and the trophy popped. I would encourage to do the Be my Guest trophy ASAP. That one is going to be hard to earn very soon. I did it now and i took my a couple of tries to find a match. Even if you find a match, you also still have to win the game.
  4. Thanks man for the answer! Honestly, how do you get all these players and how do you complete all these challenges? All i can understand is to do a SBC, and even then. When i try for the Nations SBC, i always have either a player short, or not the right position, not good enough chemistry. You have to watch futbin... Yeah, i installed the app on my phone. So now what? Buy cheap players? When to sell them again with profit? And for how much? An explanation would be welcome. For example: let's take Carrasco. Well know player. When i go to Futbin, market, you see that he cost 2.4k. When do i sell them then and for what price? And does anybody buy these cards? All i see are special cards, Icon cards, ToTW cards.... I played a decent amount of squad battles with my friend on WorldClass. I played rivals (got the winning streak trophy), i got the rewards on sunday (was gold 1 i think). I think i have 25000 coins now.... Division 9 now, so hopefully i get more points now too. So i can maybe play in FUT Champions. I actually like the game, but the fun just gets sucked out of it so fast if you don't know how to earn good players.
  5. Okay thanks for sharing this! But you can still try to do the tricks like scoring with a bycicle kick and a heel pas in co-op i think. Nice. Thanks for letting us know! I'll check it out today! Also this is a broad question: but are there any tips for earning fast coins on the transfermarket? Never understood how people make thousands of coins by buying certain unknown players in, and then selling them for a much higher price.
  6. No worries, thank you for replying. I'll try it soon when my friend is available and we will see if it works or not.
  7. I know what you are trying to say. To be clear: can we earn the trophies in co-op if i join my friends team and NOT my team? So my friend has the platinum already, so if we play together with his team, is it possible that i can earn the trophies?
  8. @Lucas: thank you for the response. I was asking this question because it is possible to earn the "Club Icon" trophy if you play in co-op. I'm not sure either, because this would mean that you can skip FUT team completely. So if anyone could confirm this, would be awesome.
  9. Can you get the "Winning Streak" trophy in co-op with a team from a friend? Same question for the "Point to prove" trophy? So not with my own FUT team, but with a team from a friend?
  10. Like @Steven-Spiegelpointed out: i also used countersteering light on Le Mans and it made a world of difference. I still think i did over 1000km on the last sector just to get gold. The full lap wasn't easy aswell. Still have to try Nurburging, no idea what to expect.
  11. Thanks for the reply @Iker_01
  12. Yeah i noticed on your profile that you didn't have those 2 trophies yet. Thought you were still busy doing new game+. How did they glitch? And what's the solution?
  13. @Iker_01Thanks for the heads up! Sorry for the late reply, did you manage to get all trophies now offline? So first you did the DLC and then you started a new save file for the main game? Or how did you do it?
  14. Happy that i am not the only one thinking this game was going to be easy. How does the guide says 10 hours for the platinum?? Yesterday i spend almost 3 hours to defeat those Goat enemies after i got the Fire of Ares. I am now stuck yet again with those Goat enemies after getting the Ice of Poseidon. Only in chapter 6 and played already 7-8 hours. edit: and right after i typed this, i got through this part 😂
  15. @big-_-_-_-boss69 Good that it work, but what a tedious way around to finally secure those trophies. Not your fault, but the devs should really fix this issue. I still have to start this game (backlog anyone?) but this issue doesn't help me to start playing this game.