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  1. Thanks for the reply @Iker_01
  2. Yeah i noticed on your profile that you didn't have those 2 trophies yet. Thought you were still busy doing new game+. How did they glitch? And what's the solution?
  3. @Iker_01Thanks for the heads up! Sorry for the late reply, did you manage to get all trophies now offline? So first you did the DLC and then you started a new save file for the main game? Or how did you do it?
  4. Happy that i am not the only one thinking this game was going to be easy. How does the guide says 10 hours for the platinum?? Yesterday i spend almost 3 hours to defeat those Goat enemies after i got the Fire of Ares. I am now stuck yet again with those Goat enemies after getting the Ice of Poseidon. Only in chapter 6 and played already 7-8 hours. edit: and right after i typed this, i got through this part 😂
  5. @big-_-_-_-boss69 Good that it work, but what a tedious way around to finally secure those trophies. Not your fault, but the devs should really fix this issue. I still have to start this game (backlog anyone?) but this issue doesn't help me to start playing this game.
  6. Doing this method right now, and i must say it's fantastic. I just kinda wished i knew how much coins i got after each match. I noticed that i received more than 8000 coins after my semi-final match. I only receive 4600 something coins after my final match (off course there is where i saved it before the last point of the match). Maybe at some point when i'm getting bored, i'll continue the career once again to reach the masters again and hopefully earning a little more coins then.
  7. This. I really hope they make a decent game, just like in the old days. With memorable ambiant music like the CIA headquarters mission.
  8. @sirozha_ I assume i did it on the latest patch. Console is always online, so i guess the game was updated and on the latest patch.
  9. Ow ok! That's clear! Thanks for the answer. I thought it was all the coins you receive. It will come then, because the grinding for all equipment starts now 😀
  10. Any tips on those 50000 coins in career mode? Is this cumulative? Or does it only counts per season? Because otherwise i already should have gotten the trophy..
  11. I can confirm for the School is out trophy than you can skip the last challenge (number10). I tried the challenge in career mode, failed, backed out of career mode, did the movements tutorial again and the trophy popped. Only grinding to do now.
  12. That was me who mentioned it. Bit disappointed. Love that you could see the total hours played for each game. Hopefully they will fix this. So nobody wants folders to organize your games? What about themes? It just makes it all more personal.
  13. I should have known. Just did the update and my stats for played hours for all my games are messed up. Trophytracker... do i really need to "manually" assign each trophy for tracking? Shouldn't this be doing it automatically whenever i start a game?
  14. For those wondering if the servers will close soon for GTS: GT7 is still 6-7 months away. That is enough time to earn all the online trophies if you commit to it. You have to be fairly good to earn the wins and pole positions. Even if GT7 launches on the 4th of March 22, i don't think they will immediately shutdown the servers for GTS. But then i think it's really time to start the game, because people will make the transition to GT7. Apart from the online trophies in GTS, the rest is fairly easy. The 322 races is a grind, same as the level 50.
  15. Fantastic! Can't wait to see the guide. Very good tips and info here on this thread.