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  1. Are you sure you did not have a card on you that gave give a codex before you start. If i remember correctly you get a codex when raiding a tomb as well as the artifact. With the card you only get the artifact. This is why we would fail. We both got the trophy together in the end with just a combination of the 5 medium and large.
  2. I helped someone last night and the trophy popped for them. It did not work on Wed with my regular friend when the trophy popped for me and he had joined my game. He had not started a ng+ The missing piece of information for last night was that you need to have started a ng+ and liberated Dutch Island, then join someone with a save before the final. Choose resist and we scrolled the credits, the trophy then popped for them. I do not have my manual save now as auto upload save came on somehow and I lost the save
  3. Hello. Do not use the 'Well Read' card or any card that give you the codex before you start.
  4. Just got Adventure Besties after a few failed attempts. During the first failed attempt we got 1 Medium and 4 Large + many small as were going for the Master and Apprentice at the same time so was not expecting the trophy not to pop. The next night we got 2 Medium and 3 Large only and still no trophy. But I noticed when getting the Large we got a Bow part and on the Medium nothing. Why I thought, then I realised my partner had chosen the Tomb raider Card (grants all Codex) both times. Therefore when getting a Medium it was not granting a codex skill Tonight we did the same as before but just with an outfit that gave all Skills (no codex), Toxicity and Fire arrows. We got 4 Medium and 1 Large. Each time we got a Medium a new codex skill also unlocked. The Large unlocked a bow part like before. So I would conclude that if you have either the Tomb Raider card or Well Read card and have all codex unlocked this does not count if you get any Medium in your 5 total. If those who have had trouble could confirm if you had those cards it may back this theory up further.