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  1. I got it today 2nd attempt
  2. I also had luck today. it connected after some attempts.
  3. Europe, Germany. And yes, it seems like the Servers are offline again.
  4. Yes, the Servers are back online. Thanks Trophy Jesus
  5. i startet 1 month ago with the game, and got already all trophies after 2 days. since then, i played every day the challenges. und now, ubisoft takes the servers down? without any info? fuck them.
  6. Ah okay. I am Chapter 4 now. Thanks for the Help!
  7. Hi there! I'm just wondering if you guys found all collectibles in the game by yourserself, or did you use any guide? I can't find a guide. Maybe you guys can help me out.
  8. This Trophy is so frustrating