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  1. With R2 you could have reloaded a checkpoint in that side mission? And if you look at the table where you can play Missions again? Is it there?
  2. There are enough weapons later on if you research them. No ng+ needed for any trophy in this game.
  3. You can only get 999.999 in your pocket. 😉
  4. Nothing missable. There is a table where you can always do every mission in the game again for clean up. But I suggest that you do every side quest before u do the main quest.
  5. Mhm, I mean u get the PS4 and Ps5 version.. But still... 60€ is a bit much 🤔 A good sale game I would say.
  6. Playtime for me was 25 Hours with doing all Sidequests and Missions. I was skipping some dialogues from the Sidequests and was playing with speed 1.5 instead of 1 the whole game. No difficulty trophy, so you can play on easy and relax. There is a huge GameChanger later on where you pretty much get op and then it's a walk in the park. Don't go in New game + for the exp grind for LvL 50, because the enemies don't LvL with you and they are only LvL 3 at the begging and give a small amount of exp. Just stay in your current save and do the latest side quest over and over.
  7. I Played on my PS5 Granblue with the newest Version. Played through the whole campaign...Closed the game and Uploaded the Savefile to my cloud. Turned my PS4 on with my granblue v1. 00 on it... downloaded my save, started the game And everything was fine.
  8. Savefile will work with the downgraded Version.
  9. 1. Yes, Savegame is compatible with Version 1.0 and the Trophy will pop instant. 2. All will be required. 3. I needed to make all 29 challenges with the newest Patch.
  10. At this moment we are full with 5 requests open. Just search for the crew and sent an invite.
  11. Crew is lvl50 now 😎
  12. I agree Very frustrating Mini-Game. But the worst part is you can't skip or make the mini-game faster. But overall i like this Game alot!
  13. Thank you for accepting. 😊 Together we will bring the crew easy to lvl50 👍🏻
  14. Pls accept my Request.
  15. Hey. I would like to join for the Trophy. Thanks! PSN : KatzenSebi