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  1. The latest update broke the trophies now they are unobtainable. And the trophies do auto pop except the All together now trophy.
  2. Maggot boy :yay:.





    :silver:-Maggot boy

    Beat the Rapture light without dying



    3 more no death runs :popcorn:.

  3. Every trophy auto pops except The all together now trophy. Also the PS5 list has a issue right now all the trophies are currently unobtainable.
  4. Looks like it happened 4 days ago. It seems to happened a lot because they update this game quite a lot.
  5. Nevermind just checked the other versions it doesn't have the trophy bug issue.
  6. The trophies are buggy on this version the other region versions aren't effected by this glitch.
  7. Actually the entire list is bugged. Unfortunately you can't do anything till its fixed. Maybe you should report it to Epic so they can fix it.
  8. The trophies are still bugged. However you can unlink your Epic account and be able to unlock the trophies normally. Then you can link your original Epic account once you have the platinum.
  9. I started trophy hunting when I was 8 years old. I used to hunt achievements on Steam and Xbox. Now I'm 20 still trophy hunting.
  10. Easy. Finish everything first than you have more time to play.
  11. It will ask if you want to transfer your data. You can simply answer no and none of the trophies will auto pop. Also you get both versions of the game for free so you don't have to rebuy the game.
  12. Demon Boy. :yay:






    :gold:- Demon boy

    Beat the Hell dark world without dying

  13. So does it count twice if you open both exit gates and escape?