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  1. No.
  2. Medicine, Do cleaning to make yourself exhausted and become tired, Try taking a warm shower it should make you feel sleeping.
  3. Its just like any ordinary chair (but with wheels)
  4. Yes it will be separate I've never seen a PS5 game together with other versions. The PS store will say you have a free version upgrade whenever it releases. The disc version should automatically have the new version once its released.
  5. Actually yes gaming is a sport.
  6. Yes with AI bot demon only Playing regular Solo will not help with any trophies and Player Experience bar.
  7. Great! does it work with any character? And does it work in private?
  8. So how do you make the instant kill down happen without using the book objective ?
  9. You don't have to level up all demons just start as demon in private match then finish the match then the trophy will pop at the scoreboard.
  10. Never heard of this game however the trophies look extremely easy.
  11. Dragonfly chronicles Apparently the most difficult game I found, All trophies are possible but there are collectables with no guides available. Good luck if you are attempting this game.
  12. None, Never broke a bone ever.
  13. Great so you can't go above level 50? If so its not a mistake.
  14. So play survivor and wait for someone to go down by the possed basic then revive them?
  15. Have a wonderful day!

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      Thanks, sorry I was busy working.

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