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  1. Bolt Zone 1 Clear :popcorn:.




    1. MoonMun21


      Amazing! Can I ask, how do you avoid burnout? In my own journey rn I'm feeling burnout hit me when it shouldn't be and it's inhibiting my progress. Anyways you deal with it in a difficult game like this?'

  2. This issue happened to me a few months ago. It should fix itself in a few hours.
  3. The mini boss for zone 5 might be difficult. Other than that it makes it much easier it.
  4. - No I Won't Back Down Complete "No Return Mode" with solo Cadence Ultra rare; 1.67% - Hard Act to Follow Complete "Hard Mode" with solo Nocturna Ultra rare; 2.53% - Like a Bat out of Hell Complete "All Zones Mode" with solo Nocturna in under 15 minutes Ultra rare; 1.71% - Undeadly Get 10 wins in a row with Cadence in "Deathless Mode" Ultra rare; 0.39% - You Don't Miss a Beat, Do You? Complete "All Zones Mode" with solo Aria Ultra rare; 0.52%
  5. Thanks for the helpful video I just updated my latency to "1" and finished an Aria All zones run.
  6. You Don't Miss A Beat, Do You? :yay:.





    ngcb1- You Don't Miss A Beat, Do You?

    Complete "All Zones Mode" with solo Aria




    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MidnightDragon


      You're a lot braver than I am. :) 

    3. Nozomi Tojo

      Nozomi Tojo

      @Alice Hiiragi Thanks. I wanted to see if I can beat Aria first before I do the low%. I didn't miss a beat at all. I lost the Potion from the song ending because I couldn't make it to the exit. Still finished it without dying.

    4. MoonMun21


      I'm going on a hard platinum journey alongside you currently and it's super motivating to see you keeping at it! Keep up the great work!

  7. Bolt now has a alternative unlockable requirement. "Complete Zone 4 with Monk" or "Complete All Zones Mode with Monk" Link
  8. Monk got a small buff in the 3.3.0 update (Steam only).
  9. Looks a bit easier than the first game.
  10. Aria "All zones mode" attempt :popcorn:.





    1. SlimSanta94


      Pretty good try. Even making it out of zone 4 with Aria can be quite the challenge.

    2. Nozomi Tojo

      Nozomi Tojo

      Thanks. I already made it to the Golden Lute twice in "All Zones Mode". I'll just continue trying till I finish it then practice a bit more for the All chars runs.

    3. Nozomi Tojo

      Nozomi Tojo

      I just finished it. I didn't record the video since I thought it would be another fail but I do have the auto capture video clip of the trophy.




  11. You can try boosting and have your friend bring some hex totems.
  12. Bots do count as kills one of the kill trophies unlocked when I was doing the challages.
  13. #272 TimbermanVS - Timberman Unlock all trophies
  14. #272 TimbermanVS :platinum:





    ngcb1-  Timberman

    Unlock all trophies



    Not really difficult but very grindy.

  15. Melody Zone 5 Low% Clear :popcorn:.