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  1. There is no way you could finish this game in maybe 2 weeks unless you are playing at least 8+ hours a day, and that's with even with the little XP from idling.
  2. Wow, I just 'finished' these 2 games on Thursday.
  3. Friday The 13th. Long grinds are something.
  4. Import (seriously at least know this ) Yeah, that'd be great if I knew how to speak Japanese
  5. Crysis 3 isn't even a hard game online, its just boring as hell but maybe that's because I'm sick of generic FPS' online and this being barely different.
  6. I'm more disappointed its on Xbox 360, another game for next gen (still not current gen) that is being supported for their older consoles, then again I guess M$ has to since they're being outsold 3 to 1
  7. I hated Killzone 2, irrelevant comment to irrelevant topic thanks
  8. I keep everything now, I sold way to much of my ds, xbox and ps2 games (oddly not my gamecube games thank god!) I never know when I want to play some great game I have again, so why not have it.
  9. Demon Souls has been on plus in every region so that's ok.
  10. I will say I was a little skeptic about the price of memory sticks and a lack of physical retail vita games, but I found a great use in great PSP games (and PS! games being played portable) and the amount of great (sometimes wierd) vita games offered on plus. Obviously get Persona 4 Golden and Uncharted Golden Abyss (if its not a part of plus anymore)
  11. I could care little about some tiny pin as I have so much from various stuff (seriously 4.27 cms? around 1.7 inches...) I don't even care if we don't get the amazing Japanese limited edition, even something remotely close to the KH 1.5 would be alright ( which was the same thing as the FF10 HD remaster)
  12. Next year we might start seeing them, but why bother asking for Triple A's on the PS4 when they are likely to be on plus on ps3 since the PS4 launch games are all barely better ports If there is a NBA Live 2015 (but I don't think we will see it in a world where 2014 is selling for 15$ new) I'd put my money on 2014 being one of the first "triple a games"
  13. Harvest Moon is hardly a Nintendo exclusive:
  14. I voted for Pokemon, though I'd rather see Custom Robo since the Gamecube game was AMAZING. TBH we honestly do not need Animal Crossing (thankfully that clone was changed to Infamous, thanks Sucker Punch)
  15. I never played the campaign of BLOPS2 (never finished the first one because of the infinite spawning enemies in one part) however I will say that for all the COD games I have finished (which is every one but BLOPS1&2 and the first game) Ghosts might have the worst with a horrible plot line, and not even in the predicable way just plain awful that: SPOILER ends in a terrible cliffhanger, 2016 everyone SPOILER I will say that I personally have had more fun with Extinction then Zombies, because TBH I have felt like zombies have been milked to death since the first BLOPS and aren't even as interesting with a focus on to much easter eggs without any attention to detail. I also would say I had more fun playing BLOPS 2's online over Ghosts because I liked the map variety and because the guns weren't as broken (it also had a slightly better community, but one may not be as lucky I was for the 20 hours of playtime I had in BLOPS 2) I'd say BLOPS 2 because we all know no one buys these games for the SP (well I know people do, but they're always so disappointing I don't even know why I play them from time to time...)