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  1. Didn't you initially plan to make Dragon Quest XI your 100th plat (after planning to make that your plat #50)? Nonetheless I would say that's it's more important to play and choose a game for such a milestone that you truely enjoy instead of sticking to any promise. E.g. if you feel like Spyro 2 would feel more fitting than go for it.
  2. Small update from my side: Grid Autosport is ready to pop I'm online level 249 now and prepared one category in a way that I only have to achieve a gold medal in a RaceNet-challenge or do two races on my own to reach an overall level of 250. But as I planned it for my plat #200 I will hold off from finishing the game for now. The only "problem" is that I also started going for the online-modes in Driver: San Francisco, which is also a potential candidate for #200. The same goes for the recently released Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage. As I have fond memories of all three games/series back from my PS1-days it's hard to decide what to pick for the milestone.
  3. And done. Good luck with that as playing Persona 4 and Tales of Berseria in such a short time frame is surely not an easy task. But as both games got good reputation it will surely be an enjoyable one. Personally I also have to ramp up my speed a bit. I still plan to prepare Mary Skelter for the japanese anniversary but haven't even started it yet and then I also want to spend my time with Spyro 2 and 3 and want to tackle the multiplayer of various PS3-games.
  4. I barely remembered anything from Spyro 1. The only thing I remembered was the Tree Tops-level (where I already had to look up a guide on how to combine the ramps ~20 years ago) as I failed quite often in it. What kinda surprised me how easy all the boss fights were. I remember having quite some trouble with Gnasty back in the day, too. The only thing I would have get used to again would be the sliding which you perform by using the touchscreen.
  5. That was quick. Just saw that you started Bullet Girls a few days ago but didn't expect you to get both games ready so fast. And seems like (yet again) a milestone interferes with the anniversary. We all know you are a womanizer.
  6. 4 out of 10 and all were guessed except one which I knew thanks to the trivia-article on Dorkly.
  7. Seems like I didn't play that many 100%-games this year or completed that much DLC. A total of 4 100%-only games and a total of 5 games with plat and 100% so far. Fun fact: 4 of the 5 plat+100%-games are by EA and all are racing games. I at least hope to add one other game to this list by the end of the year (Grid Autosport). My personal rarest: Need for Speed: Most Wanted (PS3) 0.51% 1,360 achievers 18th October 2018 10:40:26 PM 5 years, 6 months, 1 week Well, I played the base game back in April 2013 after getting the plat for the Vita-version. I really enjoyed playing this game on a "bigger" screen (had a 22"-monitor at that point in time ) and bought the DLC in a sale shortly after only to play it for a few minutes and ignoring it for nearly 5 years. Then in July I decided to complete the singleplayer-portion of the DLC and after seeing that most of the multiplayer-trophies are quite easy (yet time-consuming) I decided to go for it and spend a "few" hours driving all the required cars to unlock all needed modifications. Lowest amount of achievers: Danger Zone 2 (PS4) (EU-list) 16.77% 26 achievers 27th Jul 2018 12:52:17 AM 1 week, 6 days, 2 hours Danger Zone is a spiritual successor to the crash zones from Burnout, coming from some of the former devs from that franchise. The second installment still feels a bit barebones but it's quite enjoyable nonetheless as having different vehicles like a formula-car or a big rig was surely fun.I have high expectations for the game Dangerous Driving from the devs.
  8. LRG announced two new releases for November 23rd: and Race the Sun might be the new trophy list that popped up a few weeks ago:
  9. Maybe it's the LRG-release that will be on sale next week?
  10. Still the first rule was broken AFAIR by at least one user, but then multiple times already. But I don't want to be a party pooper and spoil the mood of the event. My student days are (not so) long gone, too. But I guess it's better to call such opinions first impressions then. Although I have to say that in retrospect most KYC-reviews (can also be called first impressions due to the reduced playing time. At least most of mine can be called that way as there were quite a bunch where my opinion changed completely.
  11. Depending on the time someone has for playing the games the participant could still form an opinion about a game even if it's only played for a sole day. And if it's more about forming an opinion (which I agree with) then there were already quite a few participants who didn't play by the event's "rules" as they added games they already played.
  12. The release of the game was postponed to an unannounced date and the Vita-version is officially cancelled:
  13. From the OP of KYC1: -->
  14. Although I never really liked Spyro 1 that much I still have fun playing it. I just feel a bit stupid at some parts when I don't realize where to go next. E.g. I unlocked the Sunny Flight-stage right at the start but didn't notice it until later on when I wondered why the first world has no flying stage. I hope you will enjoy Spyro 2 and 3, although I didn't really enjoy the gameplay of most sidekicks. Congrats on the plat for the first installment btw. Taking a break can surely help but I don't know if a break that lasts 6 years is really beneficial. 😅
  15. Just in time before I will solely focus on Spyro I was able to wrap up another game (finally!): Abzû is done Really enjoyed revisiting the game, although keeping track of the collectibles can be kinda annoying. And I was surprised to see that I missed most of the seashells solely for the reason that I didn't fully explore the outer areas (the sea bottoms in the first few levels or the landmass in the sixth level ). Ultra Rare Grid Autosport (Plat: 2.27% / 100%: 0.78%) Very Rare LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 (Plat: 19.16% / 100%: 5.07%) Finished on 28th July 2018 Ys Origin (Plat: 7.30%) Rare Abzû (100%: 14.60%) Finished on 12th November 2018 Gravity Rush 2 (Plat: 20.18%, 100%: 10.85%) Owlboy (Plat: 19.40%) Finished on 17th August 2018 Uncommon/Common Muv-Luv (Plat: 39.42%) Finished on 5th August 2018 Muv-Luv Alternative (Plat: 55.95%) Finished on 1st September 2018 NieR: Automata (Plat: 32.57%) Rime (Plat: 27.93%) Changes RARE: Megadimension Neptunia --> Abzû RARE: Sundered --> Gravity Rush 2 Finished 5 / 10