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  1. Game 3, Day 6 to 13: Zero Escape: The Nonary Games (PS Vita) Previous posts: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 to 5 A big hooray for procrastination. Instead of spending the last few days in front of the PS4 and (hopefully) enjoying HLD, I finished up Virtue's Last Reward and obtained the plat for the Nonary Games-collection. I spend a total of 25 hours in VLR (from 16th to 23th July) and what can I say? I now know again why I was so fascinated by the game once, but the negative points still stand true. After having a rather slow start with all the story paths related to the Lounge the game started to get a bit better with all stories after the Infirmary. But the best are the story-path that are locked behind the Crew Quarters. The main reason why that's the case is the fact that this is the story-arc where the main character starts to realize that he can do some sort of time travel and there are a few "WTF? Why did this change?"-moments Still I have to admit that the true ending and the few chapters beforehand are just plain confusing due to the fact that it heavily relates on this feature and after reading some parts of it I felt like "yeah, whatever ". Stories related to time travel can end up rather complicated and somehow it did for VLR. I enjoy the more simple structure of a Steins;Gate TBH. I also have to say that I felt rather unsatisfied with many of the other endings, mainly when it came to the fact that someone was able to escape this game for life and death (why was (s)he stopped but not him/her?!?) For now I'm eager to play the final installment of the Zero Escape-trilogy, but I somehow have the feeling that it will even more give me the feeling that I don't really care for the ending. At least now I have a free mind to focus on HLD. This time for real. Stats: Rating: ( for 999, for VLR)Total playing time: ~37 hours (12 for 999, 25 for VLR)Trophies earned: 38 / 38Completion rate: 100% Rank: SDid the game lower my completion? No My ratings: AWESOME!!! Fun to play, sure will continue playing these Good while it lasted, but let us just stay friends, kay? Be glad if you weren't deleted already Wait, who are you? I don't know you...oh shit, you are in my trophy list aka
  2. I second Karlsson89. I wanted to go back to Rayman Legends on PS3 to finish the remaining points for level 11 (I should be somewhere around 4700 points) so I should be able to do that in less than four months.
  3. Can't really judge the co-op as I didn't give it a try, but feature-wise seems to be the standard co-op of a LEGO game. And It's unlikely that I will be able to give a rating in the near future as the co-op of LEGO-games doesn't work out for us. It's okay in games like Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime but me and my gf are more into versus than co-op.
  4. Season III, Weekly Update #4 Zero Escape: The Nonary Games (PS Vita) Although I had to switch games from last Sunday on due to KYC I still spend most of my time playing VLR. At first I wondered why I liked it so much back in the day when I initially played it as the left story branch (everything that comes after the Lounge) felt rather slow (although i know that it has one of the best endings for me = the Luna ending). But now that I'm at the branches which lead to the true ending I have to say that I'm hooked again. Only annoying thing is that most of the puzzles are really easy and then there's one puzzle in nearly all rooms where I'm screwed and don't know what I have to do. BTW: The time spent so far in VLR: 20 hours (since last Sunday).
  5. It depends on the game. The two Prinny-games had physical copies in the west. Black Rock Shooter is digital-only in the west. There's only the physical japanese version. PSP-games no matter when they were released, have no trophies as that feature was never introduced to the system.
  6. 10 games only? Considering the fact that you always hint at having a PS4 you should have a way larger selection to choose from. Or was that a lie? And maybe it would help to post some games of the wishlist, as they might get added. I mean there are also a lot of non-weeb games.
  7. How did I miss this news while I was on Gematsu a few minutes ago? Nonetheless: Great news to hear that the game will have english subtitles in the asian release. I really enjoyed my time with the Vita-version, even though I suck quite hard at rhythm games. Biggest problem for me is the quest mode as I don't understand the menus and both my Vitas are not on a CFW-capable version. Will buy it for sure. And if anyone wants to know the confirmed tracks so far: Yay, another DECO*27-tune.
  8. PQube confirmed the EU-release date: September 1st The NA-release wasn't announced, though. The game will get a physical release for PS4 based via PQube. PS Vita will be digital only. Anyone interested in a physical Vita-release will have to wait for the Limited Run Games-release, as they will do one for PS4 and PS Vita each. According to an old tweet it should release before PQube's version, though: Should the game get any DLC accessible via the store Vita EU-users would be locked out, though.
  9. Fun fact: Initially the VN was announced to be released on Vita. But the dev later changed the target platform to PS4. So likeliness of a Vita-version = 0% About the game: Read the story summary that's posted in another Gematsu-news ( and nope, nothing for me. Story seems boring and the artstyle doesn't catch me either. WTF: Can it be that it's a VN that skipper-unfriendly?
  10. This would be the ideal situation but this would also be a more troublesome for game developers as they have to rely on publishers then, so they have access to the the proper contacts and ways to be added to the retailer's range. I'm still glad that the dev went with Fangamer instead of other sites, though. At least they promised that they would guarantee a second batch of the standard and the collector's edition, so everyone that's really interested in the game should be able to grab a copy.
  11. Game 4, Final Review: Rime (PS4) Previous posts: None, 'cause I'm a scrub I shouldn't mention things I can't promise to hold. My plan was to play a bit of Rime yesterday but as it turned out, I would have only about one hour of gaming time after everything else was done and where I could have focused solely on the game. I didn't feel like that this one hour would do the game any justice, so I decided to continue a bit with VLR. Now what is Rime? Personally I expected some kind of action-adventure but it turned out to be a game similar to Journey or Abzû, so more like an puzzle-adventure focused on exploration, I guess? (memo for myself: put the game into the exploration-folder on my PS4). The game starts off with the player, represented by a boy with a ed cape, stranding on a shore of an island with big, white towers and ruins. There's no introduction beforehand, so you don't know the reason why you were washed ashore. Right after that you can take control of the boy and start exploring the island, which is represented in some kind of cel-shading look (again, similar to Journey or Abzû). There's no real guidance on where you have to go, but there seemed to be two main paths you can go right from the start. I first started to explore the path you can take by turning around right from the start but shortly after I returned to the starting point as I felt like I would return to this point later on during the game (but it seems like my assumption turned out wrong). After that i decided to walk the "correct" path as it turned out 'cause soon after climbing some rocks I landed on some kind of meadow. There I was not only able to see some friendly warthogs but also find a large fox statue. As soon as I approached it four lights started to illuminate, indicating the places where I had to go. Following those lights I soon reached four smaller statues of the fox. As soon as I reached them I was told to press the -button to interact with them. Once you press the button, the boy either starts to hum or to shout, if there's some kind of special object you can interact with. Turned out that the boy activated the statues with his shout and soon after some kind of spirit started to come out, which flew directly to the one bigger fox statue. While I made my way to the other statues I was also introduced to the other basic controls like for diving underwater or grabbing objects. On one point I had to get some food so I could pass one warthog to reach a statue. Turned out that some other warthogs followed me and I ended up earning a trophy for reuniting the warthog family. The funny thing is that you can also interact with them by pressing the -button while running towards them, resulting in the boy shooing them away. After I activated all four statues I returned to the big one and as you may expect it was activated and some fox appeared. The boy wanted to interact with it but soon after the fox ran away and started to act like some kind of guidance by yipping and showing you where to go. So I started to follow the fox and soon after I found myself at some sort of ruins where I had to solve different puzzles to make my way through. So far they were mor or less the basic switch- and/or perspective based puzzles. One type requires you to move a column into a specific position and looking through some kind of magical "telescope" where you have to move the camera so that several parts form some archway which then appears and opens up a new path. Other puzzles required you to shout at several switches at once so you can open up some passages. At first I was only to do the basic shout but soon after I had to move some larger pillars with orbs on top of them which acted as some kind of resonance box. While exploring the ruins and making my way towards the big white tower there were also some brief moments where I was able to see some mysterious, red-cloaked person. As expected, it disappeared once you reached it. I don't know who or what it is but I'm assuming it's some kind of guidance. Speaking of which, the fox was still there and showed me the way by yipping from time to time. That was especially helpful in those situations where I didn't know where I had to look as I didn't find the proper object to interact with. After some time the fox seemed to place himself right in front of that required objects, starting to yowl. The only difficulty was to find the source of the yowling then. There also seem to be several types of collectibles you can find like parts of toys, shards of discs etc. Turned out that I found four pieces of one disc so far. But otherwise I found nothing. Before starting the game I checked on a guide to see if anything was missable. As that wasn't the case I didn't feel like bothering with them right now, though. Once I reached the big white tower the fox started to disappear but I was able to see the mysterious person a few more times. Turned out that I was guided into some kind of dark underground labyrinth where I had to make my way towards the center. After reaching that, the boy seemed to have some kind of flashback and I found myself in a completely new location, but after that I decided to stop for now. Even if only played for about 2.5 hours I have to say that I really enjoyed my time with the game. The game's cel-shading look combined with the ambientic music really hit a sweet spot for me and it gives some feel good vibes. Still I wonder if that atmosphere will continue with the following levels/areas or of it will get a bit more tense. Story-wise there's not much to say, though. The story seems to be implemented rather subtle and it feels like exploring the surroundings or solving the puzzles is the main focus. Some paintings on the ruins may suggest that the boy is a descendant of a king or an emperor. Maybe he's exploring the ruins of his destroyed kingdom? What surprised me a bit were some of the performance issues, though. The game's style looks appealing and it's not like the surroundings are vast, but I didn't expect that this game would have some framerate issues. I mainly experienced them while walking across archs towards the white towers. Even I was able to see how the tower in the background twitched around. Don't know if that's only a problem on the normal PS4, though. But I also heard that the PC-version also had some performance issues (even after removing Denuvo). Although my impressions might be a bit flawed as I only played for about two and a half hours I guess I'm safe to assume that this is a game that you will most likely enjoy if you also enjoyed games like Abzû, Flower, or Journey. Rime doesn't seem to introduce any new mechanics and it isn't groundbreaking but I enjoyed it and I will gladly return after the event to finish it up. Stats: Rating: Total playing time: ~2.5 hoursTrophies earned: 3 / 32Completion rate: 5% Rank: EDid the game lower my completion? Yes My ratings: AWESOME!!! Fun to play, sure will continue playing these Good while it lasted, but let us just stay friends, kay? Be glad if you weren't deleted already Wait, who are you? I don't know you...oh shit, you are in my trophy list aka Next one up: Hyper Light Drifter
  12. Oh my, I wonder how you ever managed to order something from any website before. If you just care for the standard edition shipping to UK is 4 USD, and about 10.50 USD if you want the limited edition.
  13. From what I know the main difference is the translation. Vita-version is Engrish whereas the PS4-version seems to have a better translation: On a personal note Two of the games that I didn't own beforehand have now arrived. Grand Kingdom (Vita-version) Tales of Zestiria (PS4-version) Won't be the first I will try to tackle, though. That will most likely be Sorcery Saga.
  14. FIFY There were way too many devs who announced or promised Vita-ports and didn't stick to that, so it's always a good idea to not keep your hope up high for any of those ports. I have experience in that. I just checked and the publisher is US-based so I would assume that they know the meaning of the words they use. But I guess we can assume that the port is gone for good.
  15. Nope, it wasn't canceled before. Didn't do a long search but at least up until January they said that they still work on the port: Maybe you can mixed it up with some other games where devs hinted or announced Vita-version that never got released. *cough* Pier Solar *cough*.