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  1. Nice to see that there's a chance that the event will have another iteration. After being absent for the last two and as I'm having the highest completion rate ever on my account at the moment (it was a whooping 74.30% before I started DBFZ and Bomberman ) it's time to do some deep dive again and finally start some of those games. I'm not so sure if I would go for a 5 games route or for 10 games or if there's any option for a middle ground. At least I already have several games I would play for sure.
  2. FYI: There's a thread in the feedback-section where you can post such requests: Posted your request there:
  3. Toro! Let's Party! EN: JP:トロともりもり as requested here:
  4. I assume it will be similar to various other games and will get a physical Switch-version after the game is brought over to the console. AFAIK the dev announced that he will bring it to Switch later this year so I assume there will be a physical Switch-version in Q4 2018/Q1 2019. About the list: I'm glad that they finally announced a release vor Va11 Hall-A. Although it wasn't overwhelming it was still a good VN to read. The only new announcements that really interest me are The House in Fata Morgana and Phantom Breaker. From the Switch-games I'm interested in Dust only, as I already have preordered copies of CSH for PS4 & Vita and I don't really care for the rest.
  5. According to the news on Gematsu the game will have the following languages for subtitles:
  6. The only milestones that aren't affected are the ones for first trophy and first plat (assuming someone has a complete game without any timestamps, but this is only a guess). All other milestones (and the "level up"-history) are adjusted. IIRC this was a change to PSNP that happened somewhere in early 2017.
  7. If you sync the PS Vita at least once before disconnecting it from the net you should be good to go and trophies will have the proper timestamps. There are only two things that might cause some trouble, resulting in missing timestamps: 1. Sony releases a new firmware in between Some firmware-updates caused the "Missing Timestamp"-problem for trophies that weren't synced before updating the firmware. Seems to be a rare case that this happens, though. 2. The battery is discharged for a longer time (more than a few weeks) and you earn a trophy before syncing the Vita to the servers I don't know if there's a coin battery or if the internal clock runs on the normal battery but if the Vita is discharged for a too long period, it might lose it's state and you have to sync it again, otherwise all trophies up till the first sync will have no timestamps (--> personal experience ) Otherwise, there shouldn't be any risks.
  8. Magikarp-like qualities? Maybe use some Mini-Groots?
  9. I played the DLC myself yesterday and I have to second DrakeHellsing's statement. The first enemy (Rock Beast) can be done in story mode, but the second one can be only done in free play (that Gorilla). During free play I also had the problem that some other character hit the Rock Beast but I got lucky and it wasn't the last hit to kill it so I got my trophy during the free play. And after entering the lower section you have no control over Molly during the story. You have to free the Dinosaur first and after that you can free Alex (?) (the one with those big metal gloves).
  10. Can't give an answer to the questions buit the only possibility we have is to ask the devs via Twitter, Facebook or e-mail:
  11. It seems like the EU Vita-version of Cosmic Star Heroine has a seperate trophy list from the NA Vita-version and Sony/the devs haven't uploaded it to the servers yet So there are at least three lists: PS4 (Worldwide) PS Vita (NA) PS Vita (EU) (not uploaded yet)
  12. Thanks. Totally missed that. But the site tells me I can't sign up anymore. @Edunstar84 Just saw it and yep, it's too late. Now you have at least a slightly better chance.
  13. May I ask which giveaway you mean?
  14. What does it say when you both look up the game in the Vita's store (either by searching for "Cosmic" or checking the recent releases-section?) Is there a purchase button for a free version?
  15. Good news: Just tested it and now it works. You may have to start the download via the Vita's store-app though. The other stores still show it as a PS3-game.