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  1. Welcome aboard. Got you added with both games. Hope you will find a nice selection of games to play!
  2. From the OP: So anything on a Nintendo-system is out of question as they have no global tracking system for something similar to achievements/trophies. Some Nintendo-games have ingame achievements (e.g. Pokรฉmon Black 2 / White 2 IIRC) but even those wouldn't be eligible, I guess. @XX_FTW can correct me if I'm mistaken.
  3. Congrats. Macau is a track I dislike in general so I can fully understand that you felt it to be one of the hardest parts. Personally I have still a lot of problems with the imbalanced AI when it comes to Supermoto-events (winning one one of those tracks with a 30 second lead and having struggles to make it onto the podium in the next one ๐Ÿ˜’). The biggest PITA for me were the drag races before they patched them to adjust the difficulty. There wasn't even a visual hint on when to shift gears... Don't know if you will buy the Season Pass in the near future but if you be warned that there are a few other time trials which are also quite demanding and where you have to find the one proper bike or you will only get a measily silver.
  4. Got you updated. And sorry to hear that you lost access to some games. IMO the biggest problem of PP is the fact that you have to see every text that any of the CPUs might say when you specific activities. IMO it's not really easy to keep track of them as there's no ingame way to see which you already got and you solely have to rely on the overall progress tracker which is just a percentage. But speaking about missing progress trackers: Keep in mind that Superdimensions also has some collectibles which can't be tracked properly. Don't remember if it were the baseballs or the medals, though. And about Papers, Please. I played it for a bit a few years ago and it didn't really catch my interest for the same reasons you mentioned.
  5. A limited retail release of Donut County is currently available for pre-order via iam8bit. The game is limited to 5,000 copies and shipping will begin in the second quarter of 2019. Price is $30 plus shipping.
  6. Norn9: Var Commons Psychedelica and the Black Butterfly Psychedelica and the Ashen Hawk After getting all those VNs recently I should actually start them. Still haven't started Bad Apple Wars and London Detective Mysteria yet. ๐Ÿ˜…
  7. If that's true then I wonder why they decided to do a port of the game. Seems like a stupid business diecision to be honest. Why would someone port a game if they can't guarantee to refinance the costs. And I don't think that either a port of AC5 or AC6 (for the X1) would ensure a higher pre-order rate.
  8. I'm sure it will be similar to those other games which were also pre-order exclusive but surprise surprise the publishers decided to sell them after a given time: Final Fantasy XV --> A KIng's Taile South Park: Fractured But Whole --> Stick of Truth Not to forget a game like CoD: Infinite Warfare where you were able to purchase a standalone Modern Warfare a few months later.
  9. You lost your save data twice? Okay, then I can understand why you didn't continue playing the game for a long time. Therefor it's nice to hear that you feel motivated right now. I only played it for about an hour when I bought it shortly after release and didn't feel like I would enjoy Freedom Wars as those Monster Hunter-esque games are not really my cup of tea. And hearing that there's still a dedicated online community is good to know. At least you are being honest. And yep, Mary Skelter surely has some interesting mechanics although I literally felt overwhelmed when all those tutorial screens started to show up. I tend to be a scaredy-cat so everything related to random enemies that might show up and start to chase you is a bit out of my comfort zone. I don't mind being chased by an enemy when I purposely enter their field of view but when I'm just doing normal battles and shortly after I'm getting chased by some (temporary) unbeatable foe I feel a bit uncomfortable. >_< You really want to convince someone to play Hyperdimension PP? Are you nuts? PP is probably the worst spin-off I played as I didn't even feel motivated to continue after one playthrough. Even Hyperdevotion felt more enjoyable to me. Having to hear the same four or five songs over and over again is way more mind-numbing than doing the lily grind in Devotion. But as you use your PS4 for Spotify it might help. So ummm.. go for it! Playing PP sounds like the greatest plan ever!
  10. So many updates. Seems like all are on a roll lately. And maybe I should take this a signal that I should put more focus on my Vita right now, too. ๐Ÿ˜… Just looked at a gameplay video and it looks underwhelming. Searching 120 words in total doesn't feel like much. It's more or less like 6 word searches, even if it's harder to find the one word it's still a bit underwhelming. Will this game probably give a pass. That's surely an ambitious list but I'm sure you will be able to manage most of them in time. Hope you enjoy your time with all of them. Seeing games like Guacamelee, Superdimension, or Severed I'm sure you will. IMO Superdimension was one of the better "spin-offs". As long as the same doesn't happen with Day of the Tentacle. Congrats for Miku X. And yeah I can see which two games you are refering to. One of them is actually in my "maybe"-folder, too. (--> Freedom Wars). But first I want to focus a bit on those that I already put on list. Congrats. I just hope that the last demon doesn't have some kind of difficulty spike. And I'm sure you will be able to finish CSH in time. It's somewhere in the range of 10 to 15 hours so there's still plenty of time to tackle it.
  11. I had a closer look at your list and I understand your concern. Especially considering the fact that there's no trophy to really indicate whether you finished the story or not (the RGB-trophy could also be earned in a rematch) makes it a rather tough choice. Checking the game off when earning the plat would be the best choice I guess as that shows that you did everything possible in the game due to the nature of He's on FIRE!
  12. According to the FAQ any unfinished game where you still have to do the story/story-equivalent is fine.
  13. I don't know why but I wholeheartedly agree with your opinion.
  14. @Ratchet2425 I agree with the collectibles in Lara Croft Go. Those (and the longer loading times) are mainly the reason why I prefered Hitman Go.
  15. Got you updated. Congrats on getting Sine Mora finished. IIRC I still haven't played the second part of the game. I thought it was okay but it didn't really catch my interest and the crane minigame is a PITA. And honestly I don't understand why adventures "need to" have an achievement for finishing them in a given timeframe. Nice to see that you were able to push through it, nonetheless! It was a joke.