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  1. Season III, Weekly Update #7 Again made some progress with my list by finishing 2 games. Now I have one problem, though: I planned to plat three further games during this season which would be totally possible time-wise. The problem is that I'm at 147 plats right now and I wanted to make the upcoming Ys my milestone-plat #150, but that won't come out before September 15th. So it's likely that I will only prepare the games to pop one easy trophy right after getting the plat for Ys, which will most likely won't occur during this season. Progress on the list will likely slow down a bit for now as I want to focus on the really awesome Cosmic Star Heroine for now. LEGO City Undercover (PS4) Finished the game with a total playtime of about 40 hours. Most of the overworld collectibles were easy to get, even if the game doesn't feature the hint arrows like the other LEGO-games (instead you can use a scanner aka Wii U Gamepad to find them). Now the problem is that there were some hints which were a bit off. E.g. there were at least two markers which didn't point at anything. There was also a glitched collectible which I had to unlock via one code. I guess the problem was that I did the required task of finding the partial collectibles and right after the game saved the last one and made the character collectible appear it crashed. Overall the game was prone to crash. I had about 15 crashes in the 20 hours where I had to find the collectibles in the hub world. Still, this was probably my favorite LEGO-game of all those which I played. Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap (PS4) As the patch which will force you to make a whole playthrough for the hard-mode is imminent I decided to tackle this game. All that was left was fighting the final boss and getting the charm stones. Those require you to find some really well hidden doors and make it to end of some platforming sections. Most of them weren't that difficult (except the Mouse Man-one ). What annoyed me more is the fact that the game doesn't seem to give any hints about those hidden doors. I know this was also the case for the original on the Master System but it's still a bad game design. The final boss wasn't that difficult as I had the ultimate gear. It was more annoying to make your way towards his chamber. After finishing the story I also decided to cheese the hard mode playthrough by using one specific password and reading about a door that directly warps you right before the final boss' door, resulting me in getting the 100%. Season III Assassin's Creed III (PS3, goal: Finish story) Gravity Rush 2 (PS4, goal: 100%) Lego City Undercover (PS4, goal: Platinum) Megadimension Neptunia VII (PS4, goal: Platinum) Nurse Love Addiction (PS Vita, goal: Platinum) Puyo Puyo Tetris (PS4, goal: Platinum) Rime (PS4, goal: Platinum) Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap (PS4, goal: Finish story) Zero Escape: The Nonary Games (PS Vita, goal: Platinum) Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma (PS Vita, goal: Platinum)
  2. A small update. I finished the Vita-version of Doki-Doki Universe during last week. I originally played this during KYC 2 (November 2016) and had to switch to the PS4-version as the Vita-version crashed several times in the first hour or so. Decided to give this version another try just to get rid off it it and luckily it only crashed about two times during the whole playthrough. Besides that I also decided to retry Bears Can't Drift!? which is yet another disappointment and probably the most unoptimized PS4-game I ever played as even the menu makes the PS4 turn into a jet turbine. x__x I might go for the plat but that requires a local co-op session for one specific trophy. My girlfriend agreed to help with juggling the controllers so each one can take two but I'm still curious if that will work out with the AI on easy-mode. Not to forget that one controller is actually a Vita, so rubberbanding is a bit harder. I also might replay Abz├╗ soon. Copy-paste for the OP (decided to put each game on a separate line) Game(s) working on right now - Bears Can't Drift!? (First trophy: 4th September 2016, goal: Finish all solo-content, ideally get the Plat) Games played through during event March: - Golden Axe (First trophy: 26th May 2013, goal: 100%), - Driveclub Bikes (First trophy: 8th December 2015, Goal: Plat) April: - Burnout Paradise (First trophy: 28th March 2013, Goal: 100%) - Modnation Racers Roadtrip (First trophy: 11th May 2013, Goal: Plat) - flOw (First trophy: 16th December 2013, Goal: 100%) - Ratchet & Clank: Q-Force (First trophy: 16th April 2016, Goal: Plat) May: - Bomberman Ultra (First trophy: 27th April 2013, Goal 100%) June: - Dreamals (First trophy: 1st February 2016, Goal: 100%) August: - Doki-Doki Universe (First trophy: 10th November, 2016, Goal: 100%) Total games finished: 9
  3. The version with english subs is available for pre-order:
  4. Yes, I do as both are apps. The one is a painting app, the other one a video streaming app. Why is it okay to have achievements for the one, but not for the other one? Only because the one is more interactive? Still I wouldn't count New Paint Park a game. And it's not like the achievements in NPP are for anything difficult or something that requires skill.
  5. The opening animation:
  6. It might be stupid to add such achievements but keep in mind that they have no Gamerscore associated so binge-watching any series or rating every shit doesn't help to pad your Gamerscore at all. And not to forget: Sony also has at least one free app with trophies:
  7. Citizens of Earth (PS Vita) Finished up chapter 2 and started to recruit some more citizens (including the yoga teacher). Seems like even more areas opened up which is a bit confusing by now. x__x LEGO City Undercover (PS4) Did some further clean-up and now I'm done with 13 of 15 story levels. After that I can focus on the overworld which will be quite a hassle. I'm sitting at ~200 of 450 gold bricks. At least there's a variety of different actions to be done.
  8. Check the prior page of this thread: In Europe you were also able to sign-up for the beta. But seeing those features I wouldn't care at all. It's even less interesting than the prior betas.
  9. Every GTA with a 3D-enviroment: GTA 1 & 2 were so much funbut I can't stand the 3D-games as they just bore the heck out of me. The same applies to other Open World-games by Rockstar. Transistor After enjoying Bastion, Transistor was a huge letdown for me. The combat wasn't fun for me and I decided to stop the game somewhere in my clean-up run. Zero Escape. Zero Time Dilemma Main problem for me was the whole design decision to replace something simple as textboxes by cinematic sequences with awkward character models and movement. I couldn't take this game serious at all due to this decision.
  10. Nah, she's not really going for them. It's more like they go for the main character and I choose those options which I'm personally comfortable with. Not everyone wants to go all out right from the start.
  11. Thanks for the info. So it will still take several hours for me, I guess. My first playthrough for VNs is always blind so it's likely I will see that ending first, especially when I consider my choices so far. Those could be considered as unromantic.
  12. The rarity is based on the game owners and like Sergen mentioned all three lists load up automatically, so everyone who starts one game is added as owner of the other two. To give a better impression, it's more useful to use the number of players on the leaderboard as those earned at least one trophy. Crash 1: 44,049 on leaderboard, plat owners: 6,726 Crash 2: 27,150 on leaderboard, plat owners: 4,940 Crash 3: 22,272 on leaderboard, plat owners: 5,558 Dividing the plat owners by the actual players give this rarity: Crash 1: ~15.27% --> Rare Crash 2: ~18.20% --> Rare Crash 3: ~24.96% --> Uncommon Based on those numbers Crash 1 seems to be rarest. But you also have to keep in mind that people are likely to play the games in order, so there's a whole bunch of people who play Crash 1 first before they move on to the other ones.
  13. Seeing the description of the vinyl I assume it only features the theme song? Surely the content for the CE seems lovely but it's highly unlikely that I will get any of these or the game itself. First game started off great but became a drag later on, both gameplay- and story-wise.
  14. I'm still in those first few hours and I'm curious to know when the story gets a bit more interesting. I'm now at the end of year 1/start of year 2 and it's okay so far but I wouldn't mind if there would be some more story-developement.
  15. The only thing I found about the DLC was that they still have no release date to announce: Was a bit surprised when the update was queued in on my PS4. Now I just hope that there will be a BackerKit-mail in the next few days.