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  1. You can put me on the list of inactive participants. Thanks for hosting the event.
  2. I hate to say this as it's the second time already but I will bow out from this iteration of KYC. The last few days made me realize that playing any game with some constraints (for a limited time, with specific requirements, etc.) ruins the for me right now. Even if we can freely switch the planned and played games during the event the thought that I "have to" play something and that I want to stick to my plan still stays in my mind and that can't be turned off so easily. Nonetheless it was fun to read all reviews so far and I will gladly read all upcoming ones.
  3. Could you please move me to the list of inactive participants? The last few days made me realize that playing any game with some constraints (for a limited time, with specific requirements, etc.) ruins the for me right now and I want to shift my focus a bit more on other things for the upcoming months. Thanks in advance.
  4. Sorry to say this but can you please remove me from the list of participants? The last few days made me realize that playing games by plan robs the whole fun for me right now and I also feel like I want to focus a bit more on other platforms for the upcoming months. Hope everyone will still have a fun time during the event.
  5. Thanks for the custom trophies.
  6. Sorry I brought the memories back. 😂 And honestly I don't get why the game is praised either. Maybe the story is a bit more interesting when you know Ciel nosurge but as a standalone game it was pretty dull. Or maybe most just focused on that hot spring-related gameplay?
  7. Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star I like Visual Novels and JRPGs and from what I read before I thought it was a JRPG with a bunch of story-sequences but the ratio between gameplay-segments and story-segments was more in favor of the latter. Spend about 50 hours with the game and it feels like only 10 to 15 were spend with actual gameplay and the rest was spend with reading dialogs. It wouldn't be that bad if the story was at least engaging but there was nothing that really piqued my interest and most of the dialogs just felt like filler content.
  8. Game 2, Review: Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly (PS Vita) Previous Posts: Preview Me right now: Well, like the image suggests I'm way too distracted by other games but I guess that totally fits the spirit of the event as I won't be able to raise my completion. Right? But to be honestI feel some kind of regret after reading a bit of this game's story yesterday as it "finally" reached the point where it gets interesting. But what is Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly about? Like mentioned in my preview PofBB is an otome with a mystery setting. I won't go much into detail about the story as it only starts to unfold for myself but it can be simplified in the following way: The main character Ai Minato (whom you can freely name) wakes up in a foreign mansion without any memories of her past. Shortly after she gets in contact with some random people wearing animal masks, four guys aka potential love interests (whom also suffer from amnesia), and monsters that are after their blood. Similar to the Zero Escape- or Danganronpa-series Ai and her companions get tasked to fulfill a specific duty by some kind of master mind, which is to recreate a kaleidoscope. They don't get told why they have to do that but they get to know that they will be able to regain their memories and leave that mansion which is all locked up. To recreate the kaleidoscope they have to fight the monsters with guns that happen to appear by the power of magic imagination. Why's that? Well, that's a mystery to find out. The gameplay is similar to most other VNs. The main story is divided into several chapters and from time to time you are able to make different choices which determine the route you will be locked into. Similar to the Zero Escape-games Psychedelica also features a flowchart which gives you the possibility to see the branches of the story and you are also able to jump back and forth between those chapters. Besides the main story there are also some short episodes which are lined up on the side. They feature some aspects that aren't mentioned in the main story and they mostly are about the everyday life in the mansion. Those episodes can be unlocked once you fulfill specific criteria like ending a chapter, or choosing a specific choice and by using some ingame currency. This ingame currency can be earned by hunting the monsters in a minigame. To hunt them you have to shoot black butterflies in some kind of shooting gallery. To get points you first have to lock on a butterfly and shoot it by pressing a specific button (either on screen or facial buttons) afterwards. You can get higher scores by locking on multiple butterflies and shoot them at once. After playing the minigame for a given amount of times you seem to level up and unlock stages where you have to shoot even more butterflies, resulting in a higher amount of points and currency. Besides a few sections in the story you also have the possibilty to play the minigame from the main menu and there are trophies related to get specific ranks which seem to be quite easy. Story-wise I'm enjoying the game so far and I'm curious what will happen next although I expect the game to fulfill at least some tropes like the fact that many, if not all of the characters know each other. What I really like about the game is the style. The whole game tends to use muted colors and has a quite dark atmosphere in a mansion which features some kind of victorian style, which looks quite nice. The same applies for the characters. Although the game seems to play in today's era all the main characters are wearing some outfits that resemble a feudal japanese style. Some examples can be seen below: In the bottom picture you can also see the side character Usagi. Normally I'm not really into squiggly outfits and such but I have to say that designs like hers really look nice! Although I barely spend any time with the game I have to say that I'm really looking forward to continue it. As the chapters and short episodes are rather short (one chapter about 45 minutes to 1 hour so far, short episodes 5 to 10 minutes) I will probably chip away at the story over the course of the event as I'm curious how everything will turn out. Rating-wise I'm not sure what to give as I tend to place it somewhere between a and a but I lean towards a -rating. Stats: Rating: Total playing time: ~4.5hoursTrophies earned: 7 / 34Completion rate: 12% Rank: EDid the game lower my completion? Yes My ratings: AWESOME!!! That was time well spent Solid game, might come back to it When there's good, there's bad. This here is, ehm..., acceptable? Gimme an option to delete trophy lists wiith completion > 0%, please!
  9. Personally I don't expect a "console-quality" game on a handheld but that it's at least on similar level quality-wise is surely good to hear. At least the games have the bonus that they aren't like some Vita-based spinoffs and use some stupid gimmicks of the device as the PSP had none. *cough* Uncharted: Golden Abyss *cough*
  10. No interim post about Psychedelica as it doesn't make much sense to post about a VN. And I got way too distracted by other games, again. Will post a review by tomorrow evening when the second timeslot is officially over. For now, let's post a preview for game #3. Game 3, Preview: God of War: Chains of Olympus (PS3) I only played the first two God of Wars back in 2016 but didn't play any other of the games until now (excluding the few minutes I played Ascension just to get the one online-related trophy). God of War was okay but I didn't really like it. II on the other hand was quite enjoyable and I had a lot of fun. Still remember some sections like the Steeds of Time (that view was awesome ). Well, but what do I expect expect of God of War: Chains of Olympus? Hopefully a more enjoyable Hack'n'Slay than the first installment but it will probably be less fun than God of War II. As it's a port of a PSP-game I expect the visuals to be not as "good" as the PS2-games (GoW I looks rather ugly on PS3, whereas II looked quite good IMO). Don't know what to expect of the story and I honestly don't care about it. I just hope that the gameplay is decent and that it might raise my interest in the series again so I finally get some motivation to finish the remaining games III, Ghost of Sparta and Ascension.
  11. As the number of suggested themes is below the maximum amount of possible options for a poll (which is 20 IIRC) I would say it's best to add all suggested themes to the poll. Doing so would also eliminate anyone from complaining why their suggested theme wasn't added to the poll.
  12. Some small progress to report. I finished the "story" of Forza Horizon 3 by completing the final showcase, after which the credits rolled. There's still some more things to do, but the base task of finishing the story/story-equivalent is achieved so that's all that counts for now. To be honest I didn't like FH3 that much when I started it but after some time I started to enjoy it a bit more. By now I spend about 32 hours in the game and there's surely more to come as I plan to finish the base game and all DLC which will take me at least another 60 hours in total, I guess. Forza Horizon 4 is still has the better environment IMO but exploring that scaled down version of the southeast coast of Australia (and driving on Blizzard Mountain) is fun nonetheless. By now I was also able to get the remaining two achievements for Forza Motorsport 6: Apex (my B1-game) so I got my first 100% completion on an "Xbox"-game, too. Getting that final platinum medal in the weekly spotlight challenge with the touring cars, racing on the highest difficulty was surely rewarding. As I'm currently part of the KYC-event there will be a slowdown for upcoming games but I'm sure a few of them will work out perfectly for my bingo card later on. Finished Games: B1 - Forza Motorsport 6: Apex B2 - Flower B3 - Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom I1 - London Detective Mysteria I2 - Forza Horizon 3 N5 - Hatoful Boyfriend G1 - Comix Zone G3 - Part-Time UFO O5 - Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star Completed Fields: 9 / 25 Completed Rows/Bingos: 0 / 9
  13. Wouldn't be a theme I would use personally but I have to say that the wallpaper for this year's theme looks much better than the one from 2018 as it's way more cheerful and actualyl feels like it's a wallpaper to celebrate the day. Whereas the one from 2018 looks way too serious.
  14. Game 1, Review: Gal*Gun Double Peace (PS Vita) Previous Posts: Preview, Day 1 to 3 My initial goal of finishing my second run didn't work as I got distracted by Super Life of Pixel (and Forza Horizon 3) Still got a bit of play time and I wouldn't say that the game grew on me but during my second run I really started to enjoy the simple rail shooting-mechanics of the game and got way better scores than in my first run. I'm just at the beginning of chapter 5 (there#s a total of 7 on the Shinobu-route) and I'm already B-rank score-wise. Won't be able to get the Gal God-trophy in that run but at least I was able to get a streak of performing 30 ecstasy shots in a row (even if about one third was achieved via DDM). Even if the gameplay of Gal*Gun has some rough edges I have to say that it's about on the same level of enjoyment as Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus, or Punch Line when it's compared to fanservice-heavy games. The only thing that really spoils the fun are the atrocious loading times on the Vita. And I should start to keep track of all the student data I have to gather starting from my next playthrough. Otherwise I will probably have to do a few more cleanup runs in the score attack-mode. My final rating for the game is a solid . Overall a solid game for me and I hope it won't suffer the same fate as most of the other KYC-games I enjoyed and being ignored for the rest of their life But given the fact that it's a suitable game to be played in shorter time frames (well, anything longer than 2 minutes so I will a point past the title screen ) it's at least likely that I will continue to play it. Stats: Rating: Total playing time: ~6hoursTrophies earned: 12 / 39Completion rate: 18% Rank: CDid the game lower my completion? Yes My ratings: AWESOME!!! That was time well spent Solid game, might come back to it When there's good, there's bad. This here is, ehm..., acceptable? Gimme an option to delete trophy lists wiith completion > 0%, please! Next game as already mentioned (link to preview) will be Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly.
  15. Thanks for the explanation. And I didn't intend to use multiple stacks of one of my still unfinished games for multiple categories but getting the info that this isn't allowed but therefor using one other stack of an already finished game for one category helps a lot!