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  1. Goat Simulator. Quick and easy plat, besides that stupid "The Flapmaster" trophy, the plat was a cake,
  2. @Soneto I would like that Bloodborne plat please
  3. @MIKEY-L-666 I want that worms battlegrounds plat, haven't even started going for mine
  4. Im currently moving back and worth on trophies. My current objective is that Warhawk platinum!
  5. @leandroxpto I dont remember their names. What i did was play different game modes and checked each players profile. Once i saw that they had japanese as their language i added multiple people. Not all of them will accept, you just have to get lucky.
  6. Had 35 wins, no trophy. Joined some Japanese players , game was very laggy for me. Once we won, i got the trophy!
  7. @Soneto Killzone ,I've platted the 2nd and 3rd but haven't played the first.
  8. Ahh. This brings back memories of a website I was part of that had a feature like this. I wouldn't mind if this website started doing that, it was pretty cool.
  9. I choose Kingdom Hearts 3!
  10. At first I was like "Yea, Fallout 3 was fun ,but why is everyone sooo hyped for this game?" Then I watch the trailer.....OMG, DOGGY! I WANT THIS GAME!
  11. Stopped watching like 20min in. Not my cup of tea, but i'll give it a go again some other time.
  12. I also dislike the red cases. I always try to buy "Complete editions" of my games and tend to avoid greatest hits.
  13. I support this move, 8th gen really needs some more games. In the mean time, i'll just be working on my backlog.
  14. Got four plats from my last post Master Assassin Unlock all trophies Sweet Dreams! Won ALL trophies in the game! SICK! Platinum Katamari Collected all trophies Borderland Defender You have defeated all bosses and are a powerful force to be reckoned with
  15. Stop with the whole virtual world thing. Give us something smaller like what xbox and nintendo have.
  16. Los Santos Legend Congratulations! You're Vinewood's biggest star!
  17. One of my most recent evil acts was in GTAV Online. I was in a land race and for some weird reason I decided to use a truck. Everyone else used motorcycles and dirt bikes, I was quickly left behind. I studied the race track for a bit, then waited for everyone else to come to me. When I saw everyone making the final lap I quickly placed myself in the middle of the road and made the player in first place crash into me. He started flying into the sky and died once he landed, finishing in 2nd place. He started laughing, which made me was a great time.
  18. Welcome to the site~ Feel free to add me, i'm currently playing GTA5.
  19. Ah nice, my mistake then. MP should be more active once it comes out on ps plus, samething happened with Binary Domain.
  20. Hotline Miami 9.21% VERY RARE Trophy Addict Unlock All Trophies
  21. I believe the MP was shutdown.
  22. Can't find the motivation to sit down and finish of Atelier Rorona! >.<

  23. Jet Set Radio
  24. Ao Haru Ride ep2
  25. Not going to support him, watching his video will just get him $/views.