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  1. I use this Guide: Its a good one for new Game starters, since it goes trough the story. I have schockwave Hero level 1 and i can imagine getting higher would make this impossible. Well i just started with these stunts and see what happend next.
  2. Im sitting on this now too. If you playing as a Hero (Good Side) your schockwave gets the abillity to float enemy's and their Grenade's. Should be easier with this. This should also come in handy for a air melee strike but i have not got it yet, because the enemys floating to wide from me.
  3. Try the following Games and all other that already got mentioned: Murasaki Baby Odin Spehere leifthrasir Super destronaut land wars Xblaze Code Embryo Virtues last reward there are many Games thats share a trophy List from a PS4 Version and has a VITA Version. Because of the exclsuvies there are not many Games besides a lot of Japan Import Games.
  4. I guess i can join. I clean up from time to time Games from my started backlog. Curently: Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon (PS3) After that InFamous (PS3)
  5. I think this will never come. Think of all the risk like deleting a wrong Game you work hard on it and whats more worse your Trophy Milestone would be a total mess up. Well Sony could avoid it if they making the delete trophys a new species like *delete trophy* and the count would be still right, but thats more or less the same than hidden trophies, so i think this will not come anytime soon.
  6. By the Date of 12.03.2023 i have the following Consoles/Handhelds: Playstation 2 Playstation 3 Super Slim Playstation 4 Pro Playstation Portable Playstation Vita Playstation TV Playstation 5 Super Nintendo Entertainment System Gameboy Gameboy Color Gameboy Advance Nintendo DS Nintendo 3DS XL Nintendo Switch i had more Consoles like Xbox, Gamecube or funny things like a Wonderswan or Dreamcast (wich i need to boot with a stick to work always ) but all other Consoles was just rent from friends.
  7. Seems like a Strong Cyborg Girl with hidden Weapons. Would be a fitting opponment
  8. Well first i have nothing against adding new Storys /Chapters or Figures in a Game after the Game is released and clearly time have passed that shows the Content was not made Before. But all other DLC to just get money from you i hate and will most likely not buy it. To sumarize it: There are Two Types of DLC: DLC with added new Story, Gameplay and / or Figures clearly a long time AFTER the Relase that its OK. It shows it was in devlopment DLC with just cosmetic Items, jewelry, In-Game Money like Coins, Gems, Stars etc. RIGHT Announced BEFORE the Release or just to the Release gets a NO
  9. im no Social Media Fan but can you not jsut go "berserk" on their official accounts? If they just have 6 Questions from the same error they will never investigate it further. I need a few days to look for that on my PS3 but a simple mail to the support i can write if this happens for me to. (and it will most likely)
  10. this dosen't sound good. I hope you all have contacted Sony Support or get at least in contact to Sony. Because they highly don't care of the PS3 System if nobody says something is wrong. I will get on PS3 in a few Days and see whats happen.
  11. That reminds me when i had played Metroid Prime Hunters for NDS. The Game had features a Stylus Shooter Gameplay wich was working very well. I need to remember hard but i was playing another Shooter on PS3 back than and was thinking why i don't hit a damn thing because my thumb was still aiming with the stylus oh i also think there will be no Switch 2 this Year. Its to Soon and Switch sells to well. Nintendo have already say this. But yes the next gen Console is real and i think ext Year would be a good idea. A Switch Pro might be possible like on the New 3DS back than but this is up for Big N to decide.
  12. Oh i had a quit a few of PS3's: Original Playstation 3 60GB Version Launch Modell 599€ with a PS Mug, a PS Bag, Motorstorm and Casino Royale BD Playstation 3 Slim 120GB Launch Modell since the orginal had YLOD Playstation 3 Super Slim 20GB Version since the Slim Model the Laser Disc got broke and could not read any BD's anymore And its worth mention that the PS3 System is the only System i need to swap out that many times. Kinda still sad of this bad performance on a overall good System.
  13. Another Two new Rounds added. Well im in a Pinch... some Games like Nitroplus Heroine have no cute Girls Trophy Picture but should be worth mention it. There will be also added some Games i haven't play yet, but already purchased and just waiting to be played.
  14. Oh i oversee Lulua. Still got Nightmares about the Towns Part fitting millimeter my bushes and trees The First Games are very simmilar to Arland Trillogy but the Combat System was not that much of a role yet. Still you had anything in there from the beginning. I only had a quick look on Iris 2 judgeing as another JRPG back than. Yeah i need do breaks from teh series every now and than, or else i play nothing else than these.