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  1. I like to sign up as well I only missing Symphonia and Grace Platinum for now. Have played Abyss on 3DS and Vesperia on Xbox. I might as well give them all another short someday. Here is the current list of completed Tales of Games: Tales of Xillia Tales of Xillia 2 Tales of Hearts R Tales of Zestiria Tales of Berseria Verry Soon there will be Tales of Arise added.
  2. Cleared a few already: - No Jump Button: Root Double - That "took Forever to Beat": Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon - Starts with Your PSN ID Letter: My Name is mayo 3 - Adventure: Legends of Arcadia - Female Protagonist: telling lies
  3. I use this Guide: Its a good one for new Game starters, since it goes trough the story. I have schockwave Hero level 1 and i can imagine getting higher would make this impossible. Well i just started with these stunts and see what happend next.
  4. Im sitting on this now too. If you playing as a Hero (Good Side) your schockwave gets the abillity to float enemy's and their Grenade's. Should be easier with this. This should also come in handy for a air melee strike but i have not got it yet, because the enemys floating to wide from me.
  5. Try the following Games and all other that already got mentioned: Murasaki Baby Odin Spehere leifthrasir Super destronaut land wars Xblaze Code Embryo Virtues last reward there are many Games thats share a trophy List from a PS4 Version and has a VITA Version. Because of the exclsuvies there are not many Games besides a lot of Japan Import Games.
  6. I guess i can join. I clean up from time to time Games from my started backlog. Curently: Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon (PS3) After that InFamous (PS3)
  7. I think this will never come. Think of all the risk like deleting a wrong Game you work hard on it and whats more worse your Trophy Milestone would be a total mess up. Well Sony could avoid it if they making the delete trophys a new species like *delete trophy* and the count would be still right, but thats more or less the same than hidden trophies, so i think this will not come anytime soon.
  8. By the Date of 12.03.2023 i have the following Consoles/Handhelds: Playstation 2 Playstation 3 Super Slim Playstation 4 Pro Playstation Portable Playstation Vita Playstation TV Playstation 5 Super Nintendo Entertainment System Gameboy Gameboy Color Gameboy Advance Nintendo DS Nintendo 3DS XL Nintendo Switch i had more Consoles like Xbox, Gamecube or funny things like a Wonderswan or Dreamcast (wich i need to boot with a stick to work always ) but all other Consoles was just rent from friends.
  9. Seems like a Strong Cyborg Girl with hidden Weapons. Would be a fitting opponment
  10. Well first i have nothing against adding new Storys /Chapters or Figures in a Game after the Game is released and clearly time have passed that shows the Content was not made Before. But all other DLC to just get money from you i hate and will most likely not buy it. To sumarize it: There are Two Types of DLC: DLC with added new Story, Gameplay and / or Figures clearly a long time AFTER the Relase that its OK. It shows it was in devlopment DLC with just cosmetic Items, jewelry, In-Game Money like Coins, Gems, Stars etc. RIGHT Announced BEFORE the Release or just to the Release gets a NO
  11. im no Social Media Fan but can you not jsut go "berserk" on their official accounts? If they just have 6 Questions from the same error they will never investigate it further. I need a few days to look for that on my PS3 but a simple mail to the support i can write if this happens for me to. (and it will most likely)
  12. this dosen't sound good. I hope you all have contacted Sony Support or get at least in contact to Sony. Because they highly don't care of the PS3 System if nobody says something is wrong. I will get on PS3 in a few Days and see whats happen.
  13. That reminds me when i had played Metroid Prime Hunters for NDS. The Game had features a Stylus Shooter Gameplay wich was working very well. I need to remember hard but i was playing another Shooter on PS3 back than and was thinking why i don't hit a damn thing because my thumb was still aiming with the stylus oh i also think there will be no Switch 2 this Year. Its to Soon and Switch sells to well. Nintendo have already say this. But yes the next gen Console is real and i think ext Year would be a good idea. A Switch Pro might be possible like on the New 3DS back than but this is up for Big N to decide.
  14. Oh i had a quit a few of PS3's: Original Playstation 3 60GB Version Launch Modell 599€ with a PS Mug, a PS Bag, Motorstorm and Casino Royale BD Playstation 3 Slim 120GB Launch Modell since the orginal had YLOD Playstation 3 Super Slim 20GB Version since the Slim Model the Laser Disc got broke and could not read any BD's anymore And its worth mention that the PS3 System is the only System i need to swap out that many times. Kinda still sad of this bad performance on a overall good System.
  15. Another Two new Rounds added. Well im in a Pinch... some Games like Nitroplus Heroine have no cute Girls Trophy Picture but should be worth mention it. There will be also added some Games i haven't play yet, but already purchased and just waiting to be played.
  16. Im wondering what might be a intressting Checklist and thought i present you my favorite Games or rather their Trophies to earn. Since i love Pantys and Fighting the ideal Game would be a Fighting Panty Game.... but something don't exist. (google search) OK something like that exist but anyway here is a List of Games with Trophies that comes in Mind you might want to Check and complete. Each Round consist of a Best of 3 Games. Win 2 of 3 to complete that Round. Since Newcomer highly welcomme, you can complete any Round you want. Round 1: Challenger One: Tekken 6 with Alisa Upgraded Assistant: Upgrade Alisa to the highest possible level. Challenger Two: SoulCalibur II HD Online with Sophitia Resplendence: Defeated 50 Female Characters Challenger Three: Bleach Soul Resurreccion with Orihime Don't Be Scared: Beat all episodes on HARD. Round 2: Challenger One: Aquapazza: Aquaplus Dream Match with Manaka Ta-Dah!: Manaka: Used This is My Hideaway to teleport to the other side of the screen. Challenger Two: Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax with Shana Shana's Dream Duel Clear: Shana's Dream Duel cleared."Let's dream together again sometime!" Challenger Three: Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion XL with Bubbles A great Big Hug: Activate Bubbles’ synergy assist Round 3: Challenger One: JoJos Bizarre Adventue All Star Battle with Jolyne Now I understand...: Cleared Episode 1 in Story Mode Part 6. Challenger Two: Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune with Marie Marie's Collection: Collect 20 swimsuits for Marie Rose. Challenger Three: Fighting EX Layer with Sanane Combo Expert: Sanane: Deal over 85 damage with a Sanane combo. Round 4: Challenger One: Melty Blood: Type Lumina with Noel You Make Me So Proud!: Clear 10 tutorial challenges. Challener Two: Million Arthur: Arcana Blood with Thief Arthur [Over Here!]:[Move using Thief Arthur's Wire Shot (excluding VERSUS, NETWORK Modes) Challenger Three: Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl with Toph Getting to Know the Family:Play at least once with all standard brawlers in a local battle Round 5: Challenger One: Nier: Automata with 2B What Are You Doing?: 2B's secret discovered 10 times. Challenger Two: One Piece: Burning Blood with Nami Help me...: Call out your first support character Challenger Three: Touhou Genso Rondo with Reimu Reimu Flitting About: Beat 10 enemies in a row with Reimu Hakurei in Boss Rush. Round 6: Challenger One: Umihara Kawase BaZooKa! with Umihara Stomp:In Challenge Mode, deal damage with a Double Jump. Challenger Two: Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] with Nanase It's Just A Matter of Time Now:Landed a Veil Off attack on a Vorpal-state opponent. Challenger Three: Granblue Fantasy: Versus with Metera Just How You Like It, Right?: Step on an opponent 10 times in a match Round 7: Challenger One: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - The Hinokami Chronicles with Nezuko The Swamp Demon:Complete Chapter 2: The Swamp Demon. Challenger Two: DNF Duel with Enchantress Looking for Friends:Complete 10 Matches as Enchantress Challenger Three: Onechanbara Z2: Chaos with Aya Repent!:Make use of all goddess statues in story mode. Round 8: Challenger One: Senran Kagura Estival Versus with Hibari Ladylike:Completed all of Hibari's missions in Shinobi Girl's Heart. Challenger Two: Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown with Eileen Hya hya hya!Play either 50 Tournament Matches or 50 League Matches in Room Match. Challenger Three: Blazblue Cross Tag Battle with Ruby Episode: RWBY:[Episode] Cleared Episode: RWBY. I apologize for the lazy formating. I would like do a Excel Tab if i could. i will add more Rounds and if you have any recommentations of Games im maybe missing or want part to the Challenge just comment it. There will be also some "Fighting Games" you won't expected since i just was fighting with the Game
  17. Oh i oversee Lulua. Still got Nightmares about the Towns Part fitting millimeter my bushes and trees The First Games are very simmilar to Arland Trillogy but the Combat System was not that much of a role yet. Still you had anything in there from the beginning. I only had a quick look on Iris 2 judgeing as another JRPG back than. Yeah i need do breaks from teh series every now and than, or else i play nothing else than these.
  18. Added two new Rounds with more Girls to Challenges Since the Dead or Alive Trophy tilts not look good in any means im going for Xtreme Beach Volleyball. You still fight there in its own Way anyway (i enjoy this Sub Series since its first apearance on Xbox) More Rounds Soon...
  19. Since the Thread is still open i ask if i can join? I have complete Catherine PS3 EU Version last Year for my Milestone Platinum #1000. Can't think of any better fitting Image
  20. My starters are Firis, Shallie and Hagel I need a hard push to complete Atelier Rorona, since it was since release on my incomplete List.While Nelke-chan was the complicated game of the series, Rorona was just to time limit. One wrong move and your playtrough would be screwed for good. Anything else are more or less easy to handle and i like the flow of them not to hard or to soft. I plan on playing all Games Yes. I had read the Manga Version of Atelier Ellie & Marie, i look forward to that Remake too. OH i see you forgot my : Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland Game. i already have complete it. I think im only missing for now Ryza 1-3 and Sophie 2.
  21. It will also be intressting to see if the VR Mode is easier to hit the buttons or the Non VR Mode. If they do the Job right it should be easier in VR Mode, but that need to be tested. Otherweise this is a huge grind for only 15 Songs. Reminds me of THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS VIEWING REVOLUTION this also had just a few songs but you only could view the songs in there.
  22. SNK Heroines and the original Arcana Heart 3 i already played. I do miss the LOVE MAX Version trough ^^ i could not complete Arcana Heart 3, the Combo time frames are realy tight in this one, but the Girls are all playing worth it.
  23. I highly think thats the Game + the Team since on Eclipse you only could fight with Team RWBY and it costs something like 19,99.- You could just look further in the Game information screen. It should stand there what includes this bundle.
  24. Well it was announced 2017 and 2018 cannceled due the Sony censor thing and 2019 back on rework trough COVID and the other Games from that studio in between seems fine to published. But they switch the series to switch, so i would also highly suprise if it gets a PS5 release. i was once in contact about this with Marvellous JP it is on work but they can't say any news about it.