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  1. I have not done these yet and still need to, but wanted to say thanks for providing the detailed guide.
  2. I have not read or heard about this anywhere else, but it seems the grind to level 50 is very easy. Since there are a lot of randoms playing you can basically just rubberband r2 and be afk for a few days and you will get to level 50 averaging about 1k fans per match. It is definitely not a fast method, but is effortless as long as randoms are still playing. I also have x turbo'd just in case I disconnect or if I hit a powerup, I might get some extra fans or progress on challenges, though this is minimal.
  3. Just an fyi the game mentions at the end that more chapters will be added later. So anticipate some dlc at some point. Overall a fun game and quite short so more chapters might be nice depending on if it costs extra etc.
  4. Only way is through sieges for the most part. Some of the challenges can also award oils.
  5. I dont think its comparable. Nothing is as sad as those who buy shovelware to add +1 to a number nobody cares about. 75 euros is fair enough for me for the convenience of having the six great games on one disc.
  6. Shippping is free on the eu site, interesting. Anyhow, preordered the standard edition.
  7. Interesting that the vita version was slightly different. The last boss fight had two saws on each side instead of one. Provided slightly extra difficulty.
  8. You can only open or close a port so it is just open. I mean I used both lists as in just making sure all unique numbers were opened.
  9. Yes pretty much those I believe and whatever was listed in the manual
  10. For what it's worth I did the game with my boosting friend from Canada. I'm using mobile internet for home internet and in a double NAT situation but opening ports on the mesh wifi system was enough to get it to work.
  11. Sign me up too please. Ness1216 40 platinums 4 UR platinums 36.47% average Thanks for creating this, this is an actual leaderboard to be interested in. Even if it evolves over time it's a step in the right direction.
  12. Hilarious. The ultimate troll game that isn't even cheap.
  13. It was a very easy trophy to attain if you have someone that is good calling out directions. Make a list of the bonuses you are going for and have a person calling out from a checklist. I got it first try very easily doing it this way.
  14. Can confirm at least for PAL rambo it's the black label and a little pricey. One game I have and I believe is quite rare since there isn't a lot of info about is Derby Time Online.
  15. Yes, that's it'l pretty much.