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  1. Big oof. Haven’t picked up since 2k20. Is beating districts a chore? Also that Deja Vu trophy gonna be the worst
  2. Thanks for this! Are the collectables missable or is there chapter select?
  3. Will you be doing Matterhorn Stadium (Final) as well?
  4. Just got the trophy and counted each win. Can confirm that you don't need to de-possess at the end of the match.
  5. Yup. Effortless Evil also didn’t pop for us until I did it in a public match right after. Hopefully they fix this
  6. Is it possible to do in private matches?
  7. Anyone else having trouble getting this one to activate? I have the marker on the map but I don't get the call from the fixer and Bruce just sits down in the large room. For reference I'm street cred 50 and have done everything else.
  8. Just tried doing all 3 UV kills in one go without pausing. Can confirm this works! takes about 2 hours from the first kill to the last. I was able to do this perfectly with head only options
  9. its inside a dark cave when walking with Nick/Eric/Jason before being split up around Slayer/Truce
  10. I wonder if it counts from Strange Aeons--1-Eric UV against Rachel, 2--Rachel UV against parasite, 3--Nick UV against monster. Probably not but worth an experiment EDIT: Yeah that didn't work lol. Is it worth the hassle or should we wait for a patch? We should all be able to just jump into The Vault and snag that trophy 🤦‍♂️ Not sure how good they were about patches in Medan and Little Hope
  11. I just did it correctly twice on PS5 and no trophy. Seems glitched for some people
  12. I think Eric has to be dead OR not know about the UV to be able to do cocoon
  13. I just completed this and used a nail gun (purple) with a buff that added damage the more heads you grouped together. I also had the same trinkets as PowerPyx attached. Hope this helps!
  14. Finally fixed!!
  15. This happened to me--re sycing save wasn't working so I replayed chapter 15 because there was a lot of resources there so I farmed the sling, then restarted and farmed the other. As for crafting you can just craft and then reload checkpoint. It adds up even if you restart.