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  1. Platinum #100 - NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... 🙂

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      Congrats on the milestone!

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  2. Edit: Thank you boshafty for the invite, I got the trophy. I have left the crew so that it frees up a spot for other people if needed.
  3. I'm only on race 6 of my first championship and I have earnt over 500k already with about 3 hours ingame time on stats, I don't think the grind is as bad if you're playing it legit. The game really isn't that difficult if you take some time to learn each track. I'm currently racing against hard AI on medium length races and winning by over 10-20 seconds, considering bumping the AI up to realistic for more credits but that might be too unforgiving. The biggest tip I can give you is turn on qualifying sessions and follow the AIs lines to actually learn each track and the flow for the jumps, I feel like many people are treating this like a car racing game when its completely different. If you are struggling to get enough height for some big jumps, go wide on the berm of the corner before the jump to get a little extra speed. You need to learn the correct flow for each set of jumps, as when you get it wrong it is MUCH slower. Cornering is completely different to cars. You often need to straightline into corners and do a quick 180 turn and accelerate again the other way (watch what the AI do in tight hairpins to see what I mean). Turning on manual weight transfer is actually much faster than leaving it on weight transfer assist, as you can use it to lean back before big jumps to get extra speed as well as clear some jumps a little easier by moving your weight forward in the air before landing. As I said above I'm currently 6 races into the first championship and beating Hard level AI pretty handily with a fully upgraded 250 bike, this game is actually a lot of fun once you get it right and I'm pretty disappointed with all the people dismissing it as a terrible game within an hour because they can't be good at it instantly.
  4. I know im a year late but this topic is a good example of why PSN needs something like steamDB, PSNProfiles isn't representative of the whole PSN landscape as it only has profiles that are on this site/linked that aren't banned. The recent players list also only goes off of trophies earnt, so it isn't even properly representative of actual player counts, especially for a game like MHW where you can play for a week without earning any trophies. For reference MHW peaked at 300k unique players on release and still has 40,000-60,000 players every day on steam alone. MHW is currently the 8th most played game on steam a year after release, pretty good for a fad game I guess. https://steamdb.info/graph/
  5. Plat #75 / Trophy 5000 - Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal

  6. Was unable to do this from the PSN store in my browser as you guys said so I went to try it on my PS4 before committing to play this game (want to make sure I can 100% it before I start). The good news is I was able to purchase it from my PS4 by going to the add on section under drive club on the PS4 home screen and pressing "download" on the DLC which was marked as free, maybe try doing the same? Just tested it in game on one of my alt accounts and I can access Ignition and Photo finish from tour mode so it definitely worked for me at least (Haven't started the game on my main account yet). Edit: I should add that you don't actually have to download anything, by clicking download on the item it adds the license to your account and grants you access to the DLC in game (such is life with mandatory DLC updates nowadays)
  7. https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/7523-god-of-war/22-all-will-fall The trophy description should read "Kill 1,000 Enemies" (It has been updated on PSN)
  8. or just buy it on steam where you can get the uncensor patch for free

    Plat #50: Touhou Kabuto V: Burst Battle 


  10. Not quite, The matchmaking bet trophy can be solo popped. You can queue matchmaking in split screen and bet against your second controller and the trophy will pop when you win. (I did it last night.) The only trophy you need another console or person for is the Accolades trophy. (Just posting this because there seems to be a lot of confusion in this thread)
  11. Because it's a new game and elite dangerous came out almost 4 years ago? lol
  12. Steam reviews are currently sitting at 79% positive and metacritic/opencritic scores are hovering around the 75-80/100 region at the time of posting (Still best to wait a few days for scores to normalize). So it's a decent enough game, looks like it will be enjoyable for people that are fans of the management genre or stuff like the old zoo tycoon games etc. I was fairly hyped for this as I really enjoyed Planet Coaster (Their previous game, wasn't on consoles) but I try not to pre-order games anymore so I haven't bought it myself yet. If I do buy it though, I will be getting it on PC for the mouse/kb input, not PS4. I have no idea how this type of game plays with a controller and I prefer mouse/kb anyway
  13. hell yea, thats great news, now I have no idea if I should play 6 now or hold off until like 2020...
  14. Trophy 3,500 and Plat 45 - Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash :)

  15. I wasn't even aware you could comment on guides lol, shows how long I have been away from this site (Thanks for letting me know) It saves up to 1-2 hours of actively grinding missions, however, the trade off is you won't get any mission rewards like you would grinding this out during normal play. So it more depends on if you want to be lazy and do this method or not. I think the most beneficial way to use this method is leave this trophy till absolutely last as the main positive is you don't have to go through any menus/load screens and you can grind out all 100 soaked mode (or however many you need) at once which is a lot faster overall. I'm currently grinding it out while watching videos at my PC so it's a lot less involved that I would be playing the game normally (I've been grinding for 5+ hours already today so it's a nice change of pace to get my eyes off of the TV for awhile)