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  1. I already did that while ago, opened panels, and I was really surprised cause fans were pretty clean even after ~7 months of playing. I've played a bunch of ps5 games so far and this is first game that makes really loud buzzing. In my opinion buzzing seems similar to Deathloop case.
  2. Thank you guys!
  3. Hey there, is anyone experiencing this weird loud noises from console when playing kena? I noticed that noises disappear when you hit pause. I also believe the noises there only if you play at 60fps mode tho
  4. Does anyone else didn't like how dualsense features were handled in this game? I mean, I really enjoying it in other games but this one. Every time I switch weapons, open map/inventory or even looking at npc my adaptive triggers made this kinda click noise, and it feels ridiculous... I also think that it's making shooting more uncomfortable and harder for me. It is cool that I can turn it off, but anyway it is sad.
  5. Hi guys, feel free to add me for challenges PSN: avalyanart
  6. I have same issue, I tried this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pqWIG1coaY and it's actually helped but just for a while... I don't have drift issue's tho. Interesting thing that I tested my dualsense in pc steam version of the game, and it worked perfectly. But I also feel that in pc version controller is a bit less sensitive.