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  1. Does anyone else didn't like how dualsense features were handled in this game? I mean, I really enjoying it in other games but this one. Every time I switch weapons, open map/inventory or even looking at npc my adaptive triggers made this kinda click noise, and it feels ridiculous... I also think that it's making shooting more uncomfortable and harder for me. It is cool that I can turn it off, but anyway it is sad.
  2. Hi guys, feel free to add me for challenges PSN: avalyanart
  3. I have same issue, I tried this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pqWIG1coaY and it's actually helped but just for a while... I don't have drift issue's tho. Interesting thing that I tested my dualsense in pc steam version of the game, and it worked perfectly. But I also feel that in pc version controller is a bit less sensitive.