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  1. Assuming that I'm not going for the platinum then I don't have enough time to play games that I'm not enjoying.
  2. I would say that it's probably above average there were somethings I liked about it such as the combat and how the cars felt. One of my main problems with the game was that I didn't feel isolated or had some great need to savage for water and gas because there were camps all over the place and I don't think I honestly ever came close to running out of gas.
  3. 172: Dust: An Elysian Tail A fairly fun and easy platinum. I will admit that the first hour of this game completely failed to grab me which is why I ended up putting it down for 2 weeks but after coming back to it I foumd myself throughly enjoying the game and though the story was mostly predictable there were still a few surpises that kept me going to the end.
  4. Seems like it would be a good time to release it. The only big games getting released in November as far as I'm aware is Fallout 76 and Hitman 2.
  5. Was thinking about this game recently. But isn't the team that makes Dead Island also the team that makes Dying Light seems kind of redundant if so.
  6. Possibly but I doubt it given that there were a lot of low opinions of the game when it came out.
  7. 171: Minecraft(PS4) Not a difficult plat and I could have probably have gotten it quicker and more efficiently if I did as the guide said but I had more fun building in my world and getting the trophies as the came. I should probably go and try to earn this plat on the vita now to complete the set.
  8. I don't know what TC is on about the show hasn't been officially cancelled or anything and that video was just some random youtuber talking about why it might end.
  9. Not really that harf to imagine I mean RDR2 is a western which that fact only will probably turnoff some players and considering that the mp won't have planes and tanks or any of the other crazy vechiles that GTA online has will also probably lessen its appeal. RDR2 is still going to sell really well just not GTAV levels of well.
  10. I have no doubt that Bloodborne 2 is being worked on and I would say that considering Sony and Isonamic are once again having a close relationship with the R&C remake and the upcoming Spider-Man then its possible that we could see Sunset Overdrive 2 on the ps4.
  11. 168: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor GOTY Overall I thought that this was a good game. However one of my major issues with the game is the fact that the nemesis system feels like such a wasted opportunity the game was just too easy even before you got some of the more powerful abilities and the only time I found myself dying was when I let it happen when going for specific trophies. Still a fun game but personally I feel that the game would have needed to be several times harder to make full use of the nemesis system. If that system ended up in Soulsborne like game it could be amazing. 169:Apotheon It was an okay game the combat felt really clunky but it was so easy that it didn't really matter. 170: Battlefield 1 I really enjoyed the multiplayer for this game and could have probably have gotten the platinum sooner if I didn't spend as much time playing the mp but luckly I still have dlc trophies to earn which gives me an excuse to keep playing. Also the game looks absolutely beautiful.
  12. The Call of Duty stuff is always so expensive even when on sale that most of it isn't worth buying. Thank god there should be a flash sale this weekend.
  13. Looking forward to a new one will be interested to hear more details hopefully soon.
  14. Gotta say that I'm loving the samurai/ninja esque games at e3 this year.
  15. Looks really interesting almost getting a Captain Harlock vibe from it.