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  1. Some tips that I've come across while looking for strategies online: • You can drink/eat two whole coconuts in a row before getting sick, but if you wait 10 in-game minutes (using your watch) after that, you can eat/drink another whole coconut. Rinse and repeat 1 every 10 min. • Yucca leaves can be added to the fire (in place of sticks) and the Water Still (in place of palm fronds) • If you don't skin fish/animals, they won't spoil • If you're having trouble finding items on the ground (like say fibrous leaves fell off the Yucca tree but you can't find them and you aren't sure if anymore are still on the ground), pin a crafting recipe that uses the item you're looking for and you'll see how many are nearby in the pinned recipe • When your Refined Axe is low on durability, craft a Plank Station and then break it back down; you'll get a 100% durability Refined Axe back • If you find a chest on a boat or something, don't open it until you get back to your shelter and save. The items are randomized when you open the chest, so if you don't like what you got, reload and try again • When throwing a spear, the landing spot is where the end of your finger is, not the dot at the center of the screen • When fighting sharks/bosses in the ocean, hug a wall/boat/buoy/etc or the ground. The shark's hit box won't allow it to attack you if you are within an inch of another larger object
  2. The Modes section of the game page says Single player, Multiplayer, Co-operative and yet everywhere I look on Google, they say consoles have no multiplayer what-so-ever. So can someone confirm whether or not there is multiplayer or the Modes section has incorrect information? With the game becoming free for PS+ members, having incorrect info like that could confuse a lot of people.