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  1. Hallo everybody, I spent days looking for a good walkthrough for this game, there are some but they are all not clear. So i did it eventually the hard way. It took me about 8 runs or more to achieve finally the platinum... Now I have a decent knowledge about the trophies in the game. If someone have questions.. I might be able to answer..
  2. It seems like 50 hours jet and i hope that i can do hard run.. Thanks anyway
  3. Thanks for answering.. It said when i come back in chapter 14 aerith will not be available... So i can't play her challenges then.. So maybe i need to replay chapter 9 again after i finish the story?
  4. Can someone help me out.. Through my first chapter 9 playthrough after beating the house, i have got only 3 challenges open for me to play and only one with aerith... And every guide and video in internet say that i need to finish all aerith challenges before i continue because i will loose her as a party member... Am i missing something.. Thanks
  5. I agreed to all of what you said. Coolalright. I will add that this is a fun game and not that hard but it has some challenges. I played the first 4 chapters on nightmare without dying with my level 15 drobot,but it's hard. One needs to play carefully. I am planning for the platinum today and I have a ton of skylanders. Hopefully I'll be able to finish the nightmare run.
  6. It's strange that you can't make it. I wish that I didn't give away my burnout so that I can give to you so that you can try it 🙁. I promise that if i get it back or if i find another one, i will let you know..
  7. Well it is painful, i think it took me about 6 months ( but only free challenge item for one season, i hadn't rocket pass) and i traded every blue print possible (i still don't know if it counts). But i think that you're close. A little more. Best of luck
  8. Well sadly, the only way now to get 💯 after the game went free is to have 5 $, so i decided to buy the rocket pass and with it i manage to trade and have all trophies. ( i trade my burnout with someone and he didn't gave it back, but it was ok . I wanted to help more people now i cant..). Items you can get by the rocket pass or the rocket pass challenges (they are free (score 10 goals,,, etc) with one of these, i had my burnout boost item. Hope that helps.
  9. I can help Presidaa
  10. I want you to try this.. With your burnout equipped, start an exhibition match 1 vs bot, under setting make the match for 10 minutes and unlimited boost on. Play on map,, rocket labs double goals,, you need to stay on the button und never leave your finger auch when the bot scores.. Viel Erfolg..
  11. Hallo, When I will come home after work , I will look for it, but I can say for sure, one can have it. My trophy popped up on 21.10.2021
  12. Hallo, can anyone help me with an easy certified item? I'm only missing it. I can only offer ( burnout) in return. Psn :anasthesaint
  13. Hallo, yesterday while I was playing, i had a random burnout drop box for making the normal challenges and so with it, i went for (don't look back) trophy and so it popped up. Now I only need a certified item..