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  1. I don't play online games much at all, and when I have I've actually had pretty fun interactions. But the worst offender of butthurted-ness I've ever witnessed is my boyfriends brother. Holy hell that guy has issues. No one will be competing at all and he'll find a way to insult people over skill level. For example, he gets routinely pissed when he plays Genshin with the boyfriend because stats are a big dick competition I guess. Boyfriend does more damage in the game than him. Therefore, he creates a way to make himself feel better by saying that boyfriend is so awful at the game that he has to be carried by strong characters... and having good characters just means you have no skill I guess? Same dude keeps a stat sheet of his Among Us wins/losses so he can prove hes the best in their friend group at it. The man tracks his wins in a dang meme party game and gets pissed if someone doesn't take it seriously when playing. Their friend group has a list of games hes "banned" from playing with them because he gets so angry and toxic. He is literally not allowed to play Mario Party with them lmao
  2. I'm a bit confused about the level system. Can we only level up from purchasing games? Also there only seems to be 4 levels right? Do they plan to add more or... I don't know, I'm a bit confused about what the point is with the leveling. Getting points back on digital purchases is great though.
  3. Horizon Zero Dawn
  4. I've been really bad at sticking with games (or playing at all for that matter) lately. But I'm going to work on Megaquarium and hope I can finish that and maybe a pink game before the deadline. At least, Im thinking the fish is orange and not yellow?
  5. Wishing you luck, my state was barely missed by Ian here. Hope your services and utilities have a speedy recovery 👏
  6. Hey, at least Rain Code is going to be a thing now. I hope that game comes to the playstation and doesnt just sit on the switch though.
  7. Seconding the forgetting after a tutorial thing. Spent hours in Fallout 3 back on the Xbox 360 days and never remembered V.A.T.S. was a thing. I think back then I was so stressed over action games that I was erratically trying to shoot everything in the beginning and the tutorial for V.A.T.S. was too complicated for me to take seriously in the moment. Then once I was out in the world of Fallout 3, it never crossed my mind again.
  8. I played through Code Vein with my boyfriend and we left off on the very last dungeon and just haven't found time to finish it. I probably need to get back on that game too 😅
  9. I probably won't be a huge earner, but I'll try my best! I'm no stranger to starting a bunch of games and finishing them years later, so maybe I'll have to start a bunch of new stuff on that weekend ;))
  10. How does Doraemon stack up with other SoS/Harvest Moon games? I'm interested because of the genre but I've never been interested in Doraemon as a show or character
  11. I don't play many of the plus games just because my personal backlog is so long, so I'm sure theres some masterpieces I've missed. But from what I have played, What Remains of Edith Finch and Concrete Genie are good games.
  12. A last suggestion maybe, but I know some people have mentioned discords. I know one youtuber named PlatinumBro hosts trophy hunting challenges on his discord, so that might be a fun way for you to compete that isn't completely screwed up 😅 hope you find a way to keep having fun with the hobby 🙂
  13. New update :)) I haven't finished anything on list (though I did put a TON of hours into Rune Factory 4 there for a bit) so all of these are off-list! Slime Rancher, story and platinum! This game is so cute and fun, though that one trophy for ringing the basketball hoop 50 times absolutely destroyed my ranch a couple of times. I'm kind of confused how the completion rate is so low for this game, as its really fun and not super difficult (as evidenced by the fact that I could plat it 😅). I'm excited for when the sequel releases! Death Come True, story and platinum! This one might be too short for the story points, I'm not sure, but it is solely story based since its an FMV! I love these kind of games, its so fun and trippy to play a video game with real people acting as the characters. The story was super intriguing too. No spoilers but theres a good deal of mystery in it! And of course, Danganronpa Ultimate Summer Camp S! Story and Platinum! This is a surprisingly well written spinoff with all the characters from the Danganronpa franchise, which I loved. I actually was #6 to get this plat, which is probably the highest I'll ever rank in a plat list 😂
  14. Not me reading and giving likes on replies that are from 2014 before noticing the date 😅 I like scrolling through the recent platinums and seeing what people are playing. Occasionally I like looking through the recent trophies thread too. Sometimes I see niche games I've never noticed before, or I just enjoy seeing what the trophy tile art looks like for different games. Its kinda strange to me that people get offended over "easy likes", isn't this whole hobby based on collecting fictional points? Either way, I think the threads are nice.
  15. Danganronpa S Ultimate Summer Camp ~~~ DANGANRONPA Forever