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  1. A small update, all off list: Unpacking: finished the story and got the platinum πŸ‘ŒπŸ» I almost bought this game on the switch before I realized it was coming to PS, so I'm glad I waited. It's very short and an easy plat, but I really enjoyed my time with it for what it was. I do feel like $20 might be a bit expensive for how quickly it's finished though πŸ€” I think it took me 3 or 4 hours? Wytchwood: finished the story and got the platinum! Another short game and easy plat (~10 hours) but WOW I got addicted to it. Super fun adventure/puzzle game where the main mechanic is gathering ingredients, crafting items, and learning which items fulfill the quest requirements or exploit an enemy weakness. The artstyle is so beautiful, and the writing is often witty and funny. Main story revolves around stealing souls of evil characters. 😎 Really loved it.
  2. I played Man of Medan and Little Hope, went in to House of Ashes expecting it to be the worst of the three (idk, the war setting seemed like it was going to be dry and boring to me since history makes me snooze). But I was very wrong. Ended up loving House of Ashes leagues more than the other two. I thought the mix between action and horror was done perfectly, and they actually improved (imo) their storytelling by quite a bit.
  3. Wytchwood ~~~ Platinum Potion ~~~ This game is such a great indie experience. I picked this up in a sale a while back, finally got around to trying it last Friday night. Ended up absolutely addicted and played it the entirety of Saturday (and a bit of the next morning) and finished it up. Its only around ~10 hours and the platinum is guaranteed so long as you beat the game. Running around, foraging for ingredients, exploiting enemy weaknesses, and crafting the solutions to the stories problems was a blast for me. I almost got a bit tired of having to run back through areas to collect ingredients every time I picked up a new mission, except for the fact that the game is so beautiful I ended up just vibing and enjoying the whole thing. The writing is also pretty funny as well. Totally recommend this if you want a short indie, an easy platinum, and if you enjoy the idea of an adventure\crafting game.
  4. I also recently went back to my Vita, and I've honestly been having a lot of fun. I don't think the PS5 has done anything to me there. ... what is HAS done, however, is made me notice frame drops in Nintendo games I love. I used to never notice frame drops, like I was completely obtuse to tell the difference between fps levels. Now it actively bothers me when I play something like Rune Factory 5 or Story of Seasons, which aren't even that strenuous of games (performance wise) to be begin with. I do get used to it after a while of playing, but boy does it bother me a lot more now.
  5. Lets go! Excited for this. Time to get that 100% back 😁 I kinda missed playing this game daily tbh
  6. Tbf, I was thinking of the gaming community in general. Everyone I've had direct communication with in this hobby hates FIFA. Figured it was something people only bought and played if they were huge fans of it and not much else. If I'm wrong and the majority love FIFA, then my bad I suppose. Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― Whoops, adding you to my response as well. Genuinely didnt think people was so interested in FIFA tbh
  7. I just hope this turns out to be something meaningful... would be great, but companies have a habit of doing the bare minimum in most cases. I'll be very happy if they do end up preserving games and porting more stuff.
  8. I'm actually pretty interested in two of the games... I've been looking at Tribes of Midgard for a while now and Curse of the Dead Gods sounds like something I'd love to try. But let's be real, FIFA is straight up an insult. Why do they still hand out sports games knowing that the majority of the community wants nothing to do with them? All in all though, it's a better month for me than the last few have been.
  9. Nothing getting done for me this month. It's finals month πŸ˜” Too stressful to spend much time gaming unfortunately. But summer starts in like two weeks for me, so it'll be time to come back stronger then! πŸ˜‰
  10. I think it might also be worth pointing out that a lot of the people who breezed through a game like Obra Dinn for the trophies probably aren't all that interested in the game or genre anyway. If I had opened Obra Dinn with the idea of just grabbing trophies- then got hit by that solemn atmosphere and beautiful music- I would have dropped the idea that it was "just for trophies" immediately. But thats because I love the sort of thing Obra Dinn goes for. Its natural to get absorbed into something if you have fun with it. Not everyone will like it or care about it though, and thats alright. They can try it out and speed run it for trophies if they want. If they aren't interested in the game, then they wouldve never bought or played it without the trophies anyway. (Thats a generalization ofc, but I feel like its true more often then not). So at least the developer gets the money and that player gets the trophies. Win/win honestly.
  11. Tried this game out recently based on someones suggestion, and I've been enjoying this game a lot! However, despite loving time management games, I seem to be pretty bad at this one. I'm in the second world and I've already had the guild pull me out of debt the max number of times. Even when I try to make specific weapons with specific attributes for certain heroes, they only want to pay like ~200 for them. Everyone seems to have an easy time with this game, so I feel like I'm screwing up something fundamental. Anyone have any advice for the best way to manage activities? Or just to be better at the game in general?
  12. The sense of progression. Playing an RPG: leveling up and mastering skill trees until you can do anything. Farming Sims: starting out with no money and slowly building up an empire, upgrading houses, growing a desolate area into something thriving with life. Survival games: going from dying consistently to building up an unbreakable base with everything you need. Things like that. One of the biggest reasons Im not into platformers is that theres (usually) not really a sense of overall progression. Just clear the level and move on. Clear that level then move on. Those kinds of games rarely hold my attention.
  13. I'd second Grim Fandango, its the first one that came to mind. That game has charm that never dies. Also agree with Donut County, Undertale, and Untitled Goose Game. This is only for someone into chill JRPGs, but I find that Atelier Sophie 2 actually has quite a few funny moments. The way music deliberately cuts in or out in some scenes made me laugh a good bit.
  14. I mean, yeah. My emotional reaction was that you were being unnecessarily rude and I was irritated enough to snip back at you for that. But even I can realize that's a bit pointless on a forum site. My bad for wasting people's time here.