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  1. If anyone is interested in FMV games (a super interesting genre imo) Telling Lies is a really good one. Really interesting and had me guessing the whole time. Not hard to plat either.
  2. I'd also like to ask if anyone knows the first instance where a missable location gets locked? I've only just finished Hinako's heartscape and just realized I had access to crafting some of the items that can get you through some of the areas. 😖 Wondering if its too late to to use them now
  3. Alright, I stopped being lazy and got on the Astro's Playroom cleanup! Astro's Playroom All 46 Trophies 17th November 2021 • Completed in 11 months, 2 weeks There was really no reason for me to put it off this long, because the game is super fun and charming. And the only trophies I had left were silly/gimmicky ones... oh well, finally getting it done was fun 😄
  4. I'm not too worried about this since it could be decades before ES6 releases 🙃 By that time we don't know what will have happened, maybe things will change or exclusivity will be timed. Even if not, Ill probably just pay for gamepass and play the game on PC. I feel bad or people who dont have an Xbox or a PC, but for the most part gamepass is pretty accessible.
  5. Here to add the obligatory It Just Works
  6. You can certainly tell from looking at my account, but I dont hold myself to any rules. The moment that trophy hunting becomes a stressful job to me, the moment I'll have to drop it. I just trophy hunt games that I really love, or have a decent or short plat (that I'm already interested in, I dont buy games just for easy plats). I mostly love the idea of collecting them, and being here in a community of people who also love gaming. I dont feel the need to be a completionist with it though. I go for plats for games that I want to spend the extra time in. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. One-Day Adventure Recover Shiho's Memories ❤️ Im loving this game so much ❤️
  8. I've been loving the PS5 and the dualsense. Granted, its just a bit of an upgrade from the PS4, its definitely not something you HAVE to have if you're already loving your PS4. For me personally I hated the feel of the PS4 controllers, so the best part of the PS5 for me has been the dualsense. My biggest complaints I guess are the lack of themes and community features, but thats been said plenty of times.
  9. For switch I've got: Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Double Pack Rune Factory 5 Earthmate Edition For Playstation I've got: Kena Bridge of Spirits (Physical) Atelier Sophie 2 Limited Edition Just recently got my preorder in for Blue Reflection Second Light Limited Edition and I am definitely in love with that 😍
  10. Of course, don't worry about a forum board when serious life stuff is weighing on you )): Im hoping your dog can recover, I know how scary of an experience it is to go through pet emergencies. I'll be thinking of you and your dog ❤️
  11. Gust games are just unfortunately expensive to collect physically, especially if you don't pick them up within the first year or two of their launch. Learned the hard way with collecting the Atelier games. Honestly unless you're just dead set on physical only, I'd pick it up digitally just to enjoy the game. If youre interested in the franchise go ahead and buy Second Light before it ends up the same price as the original.
  12. Thanks for the answers, I actually had no idea that the harvest goddess could get you an elevator. I was dreading have to do that many floors in one go lol. Definitely feeling better about it now 🙂
  13. Is The Vanishing of Ethan Carter any good? I recall seeing playthroughs of it floating around youtube back in the day but I can't remember how well it was received
  14. So I know how to do the method where you save on every floor and reload to get your stamina back- but jesus it takes forever. Does anyone know the best way to get this deep in the mines? Best foods or items to bring, any advice, etc?
  15. Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town Master Chicken Keeper Own at least four chickens