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  1. The trophy tracker works on PS4 titles, and oh my god am I happy about that. Now I can finally see a trophy percentage complete on games where you have to collect or do actions a certain number of times. Tried it out with Cozy Grove last night. I actually never had an issue with the horizontal list, but seeing the new vertical one I'm actually kind of happy they changed it. It looks pretty dang nice πŸ˜€
  2. It sounds like you're doing really good, if it helps any, I used Linca and Juris because once you get the superbosses down to a critical state, their evasion boosts like crazy. Juris has a passive ability that helps his accuracy so he was the most important character at the end of the fights. Hell Soup is so good, because it applies light of life which will auto revive Ayesha at death- and it also auto activates meaning she gets reapplied with light of life immediately. As long as you have those stocked Ayesha can't die. Then ofc, it becomes a game of trying to kill the bosses before you run out. Only last advice I have is that spamming stomp charge with Linca is actually a little better than valkyrie dive in my experience. The game really tests your abilities but it's also super rewarding. I'm glad you're enjoying it! πŸ˜€
  3. Im only around 2 hours into it but I can already tell that the voice actors must've had a lot of fun recording the lines. The writing mixed with the VAs performances has me laughing more than I expected
  4. The alchemy system took so long for me to understand. But you definitely want hell soup (auto activate 50% and light of life on it) and gods miracle drugs. You also want to abuse the heck out of forbidden capsules for every superboss except one (one of them negates buffs, I think its the big dragon one). I also struggled with the equipment setup because one of the guides I was using was outdated, and after I spent my time building everything to its specifications I realized it wasn't enough 😰 I can't remember exactly which guide worked for me unfortunately. Maybe I can try to find it later? The setup that DIDN'T work I remember was just the same 4 traits slapped onto all the weapons and accessories. Too good to be true lol.
  5. Sorry if I'm behind on some news or something, but is there a reason this DLC is being delisted?
  6. Moving Right Along Cleared and reported 6th term assignment ~
  7. I've been more focused on platinum-ing a specific franchise right now, so I can be removed from the active status. I haven't been motivated enough to play what I want + finish backlog games. I'll still peak in and see how everyone else is doing though :))
  8. All Trophies Earned ~ ~Atelier Ayesha DX~ ~ This is definitely my new favorite Atelier game. It took me WAY longer than necessary to platinum this but I'm happy to have stuck with it through the end. I love it.
  9. All Trophies Earned ~ ~Atelier Ayesha DX~
  10. I've been afraid of that franchise since people talk about how long they are, even for a JRPG. πŸ˜…
  11. This is my first time seeing the game, but it looks beautiful. Is it an indie RPG kind of thing?
  12. Sounds like the Japanese copy is good, but if you're ever in the need of an English copy of a hard to find ps3 game, I'd suggest checking if you have any flea markets in your local area. I bought a copy of Lollipop for $15 at a booth in mine, and other than needing a case replacement, it worked great.
  13. Everyone trophy hunts for different reasons or puts different levels of stakes into the hobby. If this person is having a good time with five minute plats, let em. No need to call their efforts worthless. Maybe they're just having more fun with the collecting aspect then they are the competitive/leaderboard side of it. Obviously I don't know them and couldn't say for sure, but let's all just be respectful of each other. At the end of the day it's just a niche hobby we all have fun with.
  14. Trying my best to platinum this one, but I'm running into difficulty in the obvious place: the damn superbosses. I've beaten the easier two, but dragon master and the winged master are both giving me trouble. I seem to be missing the damage needed to take them down before Ayesha's hell soup runs out. All I can really think of is to add dragon specific onto weapons for the dragon master fight and spirit specific for the winged master. Does anyone know where to find the items that carry those traits, and/or the best way to get them transferred onto a whetstone?
  15. All of the My Hero openings nail it imo, but I also love Kaguya-sama Love is War's openings. Different vibes but they're all good songs πŸ‘Œ OH. And Beastars first opening. Super fun.