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  1. #50 - Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Master of the Multiverse Was holding off on getting the plat for other games so this would be my 50th. Easy platinum but very fun and a great game. Been a fan of the franchise since PS2, it was great to finally have another full length game that went back to the main story they started on the PS3. #51 - Control PS5 Director of the FBC Got the PS4 version of this first and I was really surprised by how much I loved it. Wanted more by the time I'd finished. Couldn't transfer the save file to the PS5 version so I had to play through it again, but they added an assist mode that made it much faster. #52 - Operation: Tango Operation: Tango - Mission Complete! Got this with PS Plus thinking I'd never play it, but a friend finally got PS Plus as well and wanted to play. It was a very fun little game, not something I'd ever usually go for since it requires 2 players and voice chat but figuring out the puzzles and what to do was fun. There 2 different roles to play as, Agent and Hacker, each one experiences the game very differently, you need to complete the game in both roles for the plat. The second playthrough is even more fun when you switch roles, seeing what the other player was seeing during our first playthrough.
  2. Been playing the game for a bit and I think 10 hours is the minimum you'd get the plat in. It will take most 15-20 I think. There's also a lot more content outside the plat, and besides that, the game is just gorgeous, well made, and well written. Absolutely worth full price imo, I think they'll likely add a separate trophy list for NG+ as well. I don't see how you could price games any lower that have this much work put into them, hell they're already selling the actual consoles at a loss. Games also aren't made to provide people with plats (with a few exceptions lol), so expecting a game's price to reflect the difficulty or ease of obtaining the plat doesn't make sense to me. But like others have said, if the journey to the plat is what you get out of games, buy physical and sell. And if you can afford it, buy full price (or buy new when it's chaper instead of second hand) to support the devs and then sell to get some of that money back.
  3. Ghost of Tsushima Promising Start Complete a Legends Mode story Self-Actualised Reach rank 20 in any role Went to 100% GoT and forgot it had multiplayer, decided to try it out before continuing with the main story, it's quite a grind but I'm enjoying it so far. It's one of the best multiplayer modes in a game that I've seen. Haven't gotten to the difficult trophy yet though.
  4. Control PS4 Got the platinum for this a while back but returned to it to finish the DLC trophies. Brilliantly imaginative and fun game if anyone is thinking of trying it out.
  5. Ratchet & Clank: QForce The Collector Fairly new to trophy hunting, recently got myself a second hand PS3 to finish off my PS3 games which I've held on to over the years. Glad I did, great fun going back to older games 😊
  6. I tried a few times from different retailers but it kept selling out before I could checkout or the website would keep crashing. I eventually got an order through but it was cancelled because they oversold, this was before they brought in the queue system for ordering them. I kept trying and kept failing and one day got a call from the place who cancelled my order, they got more stock in but instead of putting them all up for sale on their site again, they were ringing the people they cancelled on one by one and offering them a PS5. I thought it was very cool of them to do it that way. Funny part is they weren't even a game shop, they're mainly a grocery shop, and they were handling the sales better than the actual game shops lol.
  7. That RYNO trophy is gonna be a nice one. Not surprised it's easy since it's R&C but I wish they added more trophies in there.
  8. Damn, I had no idea people get so triggered at hidden trophies lol. Personally I have no hidden trophies right now but like others I'm tempted to hide some that weren't mine, I didn't like, or I have no real attachment or fond memories of. The list is for me, don't really care what others think of it. Although it would be nice if it showed what games were hidden instead of/as well as how many trophies were hidden, just so people could still discuss those games with you if they wanted to while you also get to keep your list tidy. But reading this thread people obviously use the site for different reasons and that would defeat the purpose of hiding them for some people. There are some fast plats that I'd hide too like Slyde or Jack n Jill, they helped pass some time and I thought a 20 second plat was funny, but that was it, others like Inferno 2 and Drowning I'd keep because I genuinely enjoyed them. I don't care about completion %, I just like seeing all the stats, discussions, and keeping track of where I'm at with some games.
  9. AFAIK the Vigilance trophy is still unobtainable because those missions were removed from the game. Not sure if it will pop If you already did those missions before they were removed and were waiting for Temporal Ambassador to be fixed.
  10. Interesting question, just 5 games in total for me. Star Trek Online - 24 Red Faction: Guerrilla Remarstered - 10 Knack - 12 Fall Guys - 3 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - 1 Transformers really snuck in there, don't even remember playing that. All except for the transformers one were obtained in the last year.