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  1. I'm thinking PlayStation was trying to lean into massive branding with its showcase this time around. The purpose of the showcase wasn't to show "the second half of the console" but rather to affiliate as many games as possible to the PlayStation brand, thereby making people unconsciously view Sony as the core of gaming (something called top-of-mind awareness?). And theoretically this could work, as Microsoft is working on marketing itself as Gamepass, while Nintendo is it's own entity focused on family entertainment, leaving room for expansion. However, I feel this did not play to the strengths of what PlayStation has for a long time been marketing itself as: highly polished single player games from first party. We only received 1 single player first party game from the whole presentation, and it is quite clear that final showing did wonders with saving the overall opinion of the showcase. Personally I loved the showing of Metal Gear Solid, Dragon's Dogma 2, Hell Divers 2, The Plucky Squire, Sword of the Sea, and Final Fantasy 16, but the reason for my excitement for the presentation was mostly because of first party showings.
  2. Hello, I would like to join as well! I have 8 games so far, way more than I expected haha, with 4 UR. # A B Child of Light D Eufloria (UR) F G H Iconoclasts (UR) J K L Machinarium N Overcooked Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide When It's Dark Outside Q R Spelunky (UR) Towerfall Ascension (UR) U V W X Y Z BONUS: non-English
  3. I bought the ps5 because of Demon Souls, the game was phenomenal (and yes I was going to get the console anyways, but Demon Souls was my most anticipated). Demon Souls was followed up with Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart and Returnal, (also amazing games), then HFW and GOW Ragnarök. Downplaying the significance of three of the four games listed -- just because they are sequels of established titles -- does not give the games justice for what they are, they are not remakes, they are brand new games with dedicated audiences. No matter the amount of new IP released, there will always be someone complaining about the amount of remakes and alternatively, someone complaining about there being no Bloodborne Remake or Bloodborne 2 (cough* me). The thing is, new IP is a risk, a big risk, while established titles can be reiterated on and improved for newer generations to enjoy alongside those who had played the original. Furthermore, it is really difficult to constantly come up with new ideas, and even if one is imagined, those complaining about new IPs are not complaining about new IPs in general, but an IP that interests them, and this is a massive hurdle. If it does not interest them, then it is not a new IP, and we need more. I also want to point out that recently Media Molecule provided news that they are discontinuing additional content for Dreams. It was a new IP, but it lacked the excitement and spotlight that Little Big Planet got, and a LBP 4 would have seen far greater sales figures than Dreams despite the poor reception of LBP 3. TLDR, It is impossible to satiate the thirst for original ideas, and original ideas are expensive and risky, but there is already a trove of interesting AAA titles and indie games to explore. I recommend Inscryption or Elden Ring, but that's just my opinion Cheers
  4. It's a toss up between Elden Ring, Darkest Dungeon, and Spelunky 2. If you ever play Darkest Dungeon, I highly recommend running Flagellant with Plague Doctor, honestly my favorite duo of the entire game. I often run the two within the Warrens alongside Leper and Arbalest/Hound Master. Elden Ring is a given. Spelunky 2 is my second favorite game of all time, and going for the platinum only increased my enjoyment of it.
  5. CrossCode (3,303 owners) https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/10938-crosscode I loved the story and the combat, but be aware the dungeons in the game have several puzzles to get through for each one Wargroove (2,116 owners) https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/9412-wargroove A lot like Advance Wars but more fantasy themed, not too difficult besides 3-4 levels that have an odd difficulty spike to them I loved doing all the puzzle challenges (a side component of the game), but if you don't, there are videos going over each one's solution
  6. It took me about 60 hours to finish the game and all dlcs, and the experience was honestly not worth it. Near the half-way point, the knock back elements and instadeath pits became so infuriating, I had to take multiple month-long breaks between each dlc. I also especially despised the green propellor enemies. I would not say the game was difficult or time consuming -- I'm comparing 60 hours to the many 100 hours + games out there -- but it was very tedious, and having to do each dlc multiple times to unlock each feat made the 60 hours feel like 100. I recommend just selecting one of the versions to play through and maybe just dabbling in the rest. If you're someone who likes seeing 100 percent on your games (like me), there is the Specter Knight version which was also released as a standalone version (for some reason). These green demons will live on in my nightmares.
  7. Metal Gear Solid 1 The Legend of Dragoon Sly 2: Band of Thieves SSX 2: Tricky Final Fantasy Tactics
  8. Getting top 500 in Overwatch! ... I quit competitive after that
  9. The items I crafted at each station are: - workbench : wooden chair - hellforge : hellstone bar (I previously crafted copper and iron bars, but once I crafted the hellstone bar the trophy popped) - iron anvil : copper broadsword - placed bottle : flipper potion - sink : coralstone block and bottled water - sawmill : hat rack - loom : silk - table and chair : copper watch - workbench and chair : goggles - cooking pot : bunny stew and grilled squirrel - tinkerer's workshop : mana regeneration band - imbuing station : flask of ichor - dye vat: teal dye - heavy work bench : 'o' Statue and boulder - demon alter : suspicious-looking eye - mythril anvil : hallowed mask - adamantite forge: palladium bar - bookcase: golden shower - crystal ball - endless musket pouch (I also put the crystal ball next to water and made : waterfall block) - autohammer : shroomite bar - ancient manipulator : solar eruption - keg : ale - teapot : teacup - blend-o-matic : asphalt block - meat grinder : lesion block - bone welder : bone door - glass kiln : glass chair - honey dispenser : honey workbench - ice machine : frozen table - living loom : living wood door - sky mill : skyware door - solidifier : slime block and slime candelabra - decay chamber : lesion door - flesh cloning vat : flesh door - steampunk boiler : steampunk dresser - lihzahrd furnace : lizahrd door - campfire : cook a marshmallow and made marshmallow on a stick - extractinator : used slush - alchemy table (not sure if this was necessary) - flipper potion In the certain areas where I listed two options, I was experimenting because I knew I had gone through the list but the trophy had still not popped yet. The trophy finally did pop when I smelted hellstone bars.