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  1. Platinum #60 - Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn!
  2. Intellivision! Then Atari 2600!
  3. 0, I don't start games I can't Plat!
  4. HORRIBLE!!! They took an amazing RPG franchise and turned it into a button masher! It's total balls! FFXIII was good, FFXIII-2 was ok, and LR: FFXIII totally sucks for battle systems!!! The whole time based game play is also crap and REALLY annoying! Can't wait for the X/X-2 HD Remake next month! FF the way it should be!!!
  5. That is weird. I just finished day 5, all main quests done 28 side quests and 33 canvas of prayers and I've already got it. I had it b4 I finished all the main quests. Not sure if it carries over or not though.
  6. Jan-Dec (year round): I am the building manager for a high-rise apartment building. 50-60hrs a week. Which is nice on days I have very little to deal with I just pop into my suite and game till I get a call. April 1 - Oct 31 (seasonal): Head course irrigator at a rural golf course. I do all the watering, seeding, caretaking and course changes like digging new sand traps or re-sodding the greens, keeping pumps and equip (including golf carts) in working order. 40-50hrs a week. So from April 1 - Oct 31 every year I end up putting in 90-110hrs a week! Needless to say, my gaming goes down to next to nothing during the summer, pretty much only on weekends.
  7. WOOOOOOO!!!!'
  8. I have lvl 72 of almost every legendary weapon and mod including an Inflammable The Bee with 686k Amp damage! If u want something just send me a f/r request with BL2 lvl 72 loot in the subject and I'll jump into your game and drop a bunch of stuff!
  9. Exactly what I was thinking, Bruce Campbell is SO Sully! Also, Joe Flanigan from Stargate Atlantis should play Nathan Drake! Anyone who's watched the show knows that they're basically the same character and he does a GREAT job at it too!
  10. Star Ocean: The Last Hope International Worlds biggest Welch fan! Killed EQ but the game froze during the death screen. Ejected game and reinserted while game was still frozen. It loaded back up and gave me 9 EQ feathers (even though I had only beaten her the 1 time it froze). I took my free feathers and made all the top tier weapons and accessory with them.
  11. Looks like some more fun in the Borderlands! Too bad it'll be the last ones!
  12. Playing BL1 through start to finish with someone is a great time. Gameplay is a little better in BL1 but the weapons and storyline are a little better in BL2. BL3 on PS4 is a MUST!!!!!!!! I hope!
  13. Ya, got plat back in November 2012. Great game! Luv'd both BL1 & BL2.
  14. I did this solo with 2 controllers. Just set your second guy up before the 4th gate pointed towards the finish (it's almost a straight shot). Do 1 1/2 laps with 1 controller 1 (main character) and as soon as u go through the 3rd gate pick up the second controller and boost through the 4th gate all the way to the finish. I've done this several times and u usually end up with 15-20 seconds left on the clock on their 3.
  15. Easily Borderlands 1 & 2! 2 more so though.