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  1. What did you think about the list?
  2. That will be a good one, even if you saw the show back in the old Disney Channel days. 😌
  3. That game was awful. This game should never win GOTY, for excellent reasons.
  4. This trophy gave me a lot more trouble than I thought. They are most of the players who are ridiculously overpowered and it dies a lot faster. Anyone need more tips and tricks to make the game easier?
  5. How about Dust: An Elysiun Tail or Ready Set Heroes. Both are fun games and both are easy and takes about like sub 20 hours to get the platinum.
  6. The PS5 version of the game had it's own list.
  7. Hello. I am here for the Stocked trophy and I will have the platinum trophy! Can anyone who had enabled trading to add me on PSN. Thanks and I will be appreciate it.
  8. The Valentines Day version of Sushi Break had the list for this and Head to Head. This would have 4x stacks of this game. Also, the trophy list looks simple enough.
  9. On Tubi TV, I've been watching one of my favorite shows back when I was a kid. Timothy Goes to School. A classic PBS Kids show that used to aired on PBS in 2000-2004. It also used to aired on Qubo. I seen all 26 episodes of it. Also on Pluto TV, I saw one of the classic episodes of South Park
  10. Nevermind. I got the trophy and the platinum. I thought this trophy was little bit tougher than I thought.
  11. Rock-a-Doodle The Secrets of NIMH
  12. I'm having a lot of issues getting that trophy because of two of the stupid golden robot guys.
  13. Which one is the best game that had anthropomorphic animals outside of the Sly games and RSH? Finding the one with a solid gameplay and had an easy platinum. Thanks!
  14. Looks like a very simple kart racing game. Sadly, this game doesn't have a platinum. And this game didn't critically well, unfortunately. I hope they will be a better anthro game with a solid gameplay (The Sly games are one of them) I have to say, it's an OK game overall.