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  1. 5 pm pst in my zone so it should be 8 pm est
  2. thanks for info i think ill go for it 1 more question from my understanding its about 1-3 events a week then they change but im not sure so it will take months to do, correct me if wrong anything else i need to consider that may prevent me from completing 20 events other than dlc?
  3. how many events are left i see it on sale rn
  4. @mizzcreed would you know of any master list like a spreadsheet that has every ps3 game and has information on plat attainabilty
  5. in reference to line 81 'ImageSearch, OutputVarX3, OutputVarY3, 700, 400, 800, 550, *20 %A_ ScriptDir%\menu2. png' how does the script know where to find menu2.png? is there something extra i need to do to make the script use that image? i don't understand the code so my bad also i assume the image search is looking between the point 700,400 from the top left corner and 800, 550 from the bottom right corner, then that makes an area or rectangle to search for the image i think? idk, but 800, 550 is so way off it falls outside the ps remote play window so i could be wrong i tried the fixes given but it doesn't work, still stuck in a loop on race replay op may not be able to answer cuz he speaks a different language but someone else who got it working could answer thanks other than that it is working well and I'm setting lap times under 1:15
  6. had issue where it wouldn't go around the first car and would always rear end the car in front 100 percent of the time then spin out out about 80 percent of the time, happened on v0.601 and 0.7 didn't see anyone mention this being an issue except me but if anyone else is having trouble, you can change 10000 to 5000 on line 118 (i think instead of not turning for 10 seconds it will not turn for 5 seconds instead) and it should turn right after auto drive ends and go around everything else is solid on my side except some minor things 1) on the last page where you get the option to view the replay or view next race it always select replay first but then goes back and selects go to next race on its own, not a big deal at all, only wastes like and extra 2-3 seconds. I thought it was strange that it does this, i guess it takes a couple extra seconds to recognize the pixel color. For both v0.601 and 0.7 maybe there is a line of code that checks the colors every x milliseconds? then that could be changed 2) clean race bonus is not always consistent, i think i get it at least 60 percent of the time, unfortunately i guess there's no way to fix probably cuz some cars stay on the outside lane next to the wall and will be in your path resulting in a collision. Even if you do collide it seems you can still sometimes get the bonus, i haven't kept track exactly. i literally have no idea how the programing or code works lol , otherwise maybe i could troubleshoot myself anyways thanks again @Septomor
  7. thanks that fixed it, i guess the colors show up a little differently on my side
  8. unfortunately doesn't work, still keeps hitting x on replay as if it were still driving not sure what's wrong Im guessing it cant recognize the green arrow or purple color? even though the x and y coordinates match perfectly when i open windows spy any other ideas?
  9. the issue is that it makes it to the page that has two option 'view replay' or 'Go to next race' then it presses view replay (the first option that the cursor hovers over) then exit replay, and it gets stuck like that repeating in a loop (keeps pressing x), it never makes it past this page i think the program still thinks its driving so it keeps hitting x thats why it seems to go throught the menus so quick up until that point i don't have dual monitors or anything that changes dims or alters my screen the values 218,359 and 343,363 match in windows spy, i also tried changing them slightly to fit in the color better but that didnt work either strange that 0.3 works fine most of time (seems to get stuck but only after 1+ hour of working) but not v0.5 thanks for making the bot its very much appreciated
  10. values seem to be in the exact spot but doesn't work, i changed the numbers small amounts while still fitting in the color too and that didn't work either currently im just using v0.3 as that's the latest one that works, not sure what is causing the issue
  11. having this problem but im not touching the screen or covering it any ideas?
  12. Game was relisted today it seems, was orginally delisted mid july 2020 source: here's the store link
  13. @Sojaldo Rough estimates, ones with asterisks are not listed on Hagerty's website but are solid guesses. Ones that are listed have a link below, only 3 lol. Also Curious what race the BMW CSL won, i cant find it Audi R18 TDI (Le Mans 2011) *? (only 6 exist) no sales numbers at all, i would guess 1-2mil based on cost of Brand Central LeMans Winners In last 10 Years BMW 3.0 CSL Race Car 1972 *Unsure which variant, road version valued at 200k Ferrari 330 P4 ’67 *15 Million Ford GT40 Mk 1 ’66 5 Million Ford Mark IV Race Car ’67 4.6 Million Confirmed already appeared in game Jaguar D-Type 1954 4 million Jaguar XJR-9 ’88 *2 Million Mazda 787B ’91 *2-3 Million McLaren F1 GTR – BMW (Kokusai Kaihatsu UK Racing) ’95 *15-20 Million Mercedes-Benz 300 SL (W194) CN.194 ’52 *10-15 Million Mercedes-AMG Sauber C9 ’89 * cant find anything, costed 5,350,000 in GT6 Porsche 917K ’70 *15 Million Porsche 962 C ’88 * 750,000 to 2Million Unfortunately its hard to get an exact value for most of these cars because so few have sold There are two of them according to the list, one is Audi R18 TDI (Audi Sport Team Joest) ’11 which is listed in brand central the other is Audi R18 TDI (Le Mans 2011) which is not and shold be obtainable in Legendary Dealer, i believe the only difference is the livery not sure though, but only the one in the legendary dealer will count.
  14. is the upgrade free from ps4 physical to ps5? this tweet says its free if you buy it digitally, but if you but it physically you are given a "upgrade path" does that mean its free or paid? cant find a clear answer thanks
  15. thanks for clarifying i knew things would have to be done in one shot since there was no save im also certain that you can earn xp offline as well i didnt know there was a high chance of crashing offline so that sucks, doing it legit seems like a better option now currently at level 41 so not even halfway, ill calculate how much time it will take after i complete 322 races, ive already got the wins done i might just do it legit and go about buying every single car since i already have a good chunk of them or i might never complete it lol i hope gt7 has a more challenging list especially the campaign portion but less grindy