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  1. yup
  2. Ez?

    looks not bad, i see nothing diffuculty related, looks like a fun plat hopefully, anyone have any useful info?
  3. Is there a list of games that have pc > ps5/4/3 cross-save and auto pop trophies Asking because I found out destiny 2 does this
  4. If I earn all the achievements on pc (steam) will they auto pop when I cross-save to ps5? how about the DLC trophies? Thanks
  5. Can i still earn the online trophies from a physical copy? Is an online pass necessary? I remember you needed them for some of the dirt games but i was able to play online without them i think. If i play through PS now would i be able to access it online? Thanks!
  6. lol
  7. Nice work, I don't know if anyone asked yet but would you consider adding ps3 titles? I like that you included difficulty and time its really helpful
  8. If I play the original ps4 version on my ps5 can I transfer it to the remastered version and still get auto poped trophies or no? Thanks!