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  1. looking at previous titles i thought that too, however this game is ONLINE ONLY, progress doesnt save if youre not connected (probably to prevent cheaters) so either they patch it for offline and shut the game down a year or so after gt7 OR they actually keep it up and just maybe a pc port since sony's been doing that lately and since this isnt a numberd game i think it could make sense
  2. yea but theres always the ppl trying to get highest on the leaderboard btw can i ask what are a couple of your favorite challenging games with ultra rares? i need to get in on this business lol psn profiles shows lots of people bought these games
  3. dam thats insane i didnt think it was their choice its so strange that many games dont have platniums, wouldnt it be a good idea to always include plats, im sure they know about trophy hunters lol
  4. How is this game compared to previous titles? est time and difficulty?
  5. my guy is making hella bank prolly too for very little work considering it has a plat i still dont know how games are determined whether or not they should have a plat
  6. yes but there not marked separately neither has a region assigned to it, is it something assigned after launch?
  7. why are there two lists that are the same? my favorite trophy from the list is samir
  8. can you do all the dlc trophies with someone who has the dlc and you dont?
  9. id like to know as well also digitally the game will likely never go for 5 dollars as the previous madden games never went that low, however in a year or so it would be on ea play which costs 5 dollars a month theres alot of buggy trophies from what i know
  10. same btw atm the ps5 version is unobtainable but u can play the ps4 version i think on ps5 he said 2-3 hours?!?!?!? someone can confrim i guess it depends on the person i havent played madden in a long time
  11. are trophies unlockable? and how doable is it?
  12. possible to platnium during trial?
  13. aight thanks for clarifications ill have to pass on the plat then 1000xp every 3 minutes would take 33 hours to get level 50, so 2.2 hours a day, not as bad as i thought but kind of a pain does it take alot of skill to grind it out? otherwise ill just play on pc later
  14. theres always hope, there were rumours of 3 remasterd rockstar games coming soon, ppl think its the gta triology but i hope for gta 4 max payne 3 and midnight club la
  15. hi im a little confused with the way the mp works, lvl 50 in the guide is tagged multiplayer only but is suggested to be grinded solo in arcade mode, can you still play arcade mode and get level 50 after server shutdown? other than that nothing else seem too grindy from the 11 online trophies also is it possbile to play online off a blank account? thanks