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  1. id like to know as well also digitally the game will likely never go for 5 dollars as the previous madden games never went that low, however in a year or so it would be on ea play which costs 5 dollars a month theres alot of buggy trophies from what i know
  2. same btw atm the ps5 version is unobtainable but u can play the ps4 version i think on ps5 he said 2-3 hours?!?!?!? someone can confrim i guess it depends on the person i havent played madden in a long time
  3. are trophies unlockable? and how doable is it?
  4. possible to platnium during trial?
  5. hi im a little confused with the way the mp works, lvl 50 in the guide is tagged multiplayer only but is suggested to be grinded solo in arcade mode, can you still play arcade mode and get level 50 after server shutdown? other than that nothing else seem too grindy from the 11 online trophies also is it possbile to play online off a blank account? thanks
  6. aight thanks for clarifications ill have to pass on the plat then 1000xp every 3 minutes would take 33 hours to get level 50, so 2.2 hours a day, not as bad as i thought but kind of a pain does it take alot of skill to grind it out? otherwise ill just play on pc later
  7. theres always hope, there were rumours of 3 remasterd rockstar games coming soon, ppl think its the gta triology but i hope for gta 4 max payne 3 and midnight club la
  8. a few people have been getting the unobtatinable trophies, is this possbile?
  9. i want a midnight club la remaster so bad
  10. midnight club la i was only about 10 when the servers went down i dont think i couldve got it then tho oh well i can earn the achivements on xbox maybe since the servers are on there and better resolution on sereis x
  11. as per the titile
  12. someone got the trophy last month legit?
  13. Ez?

    looks not bad, i see nothing diffuculty related, looks like a fun plat hopefully, anyone have any useful info?
  14. nice kind of like area x, did they say when theyll release this?
  15. Why can i find a complete version of this game on the ps store also if i started right now with community trophy, would there be enough events left to obtain the trophy?
  16. is there still 20 left at the moment?
  17. Is there a list of games that have pc > ps5/4/3 cross-save and auto pop trophies Asking because I found out destiny 2 does this
  18. can i transfer my progress from hitman 1(EGS) to Hitman 3 (PS5) using the progression carryover feature? if so does it affect trophies?
  19. Can i still earn the online trophies from a physical copy? Is an online pass necessary? I remember you needed them for some of the dirt games but i was able to play online without them i think. If i play through PS now would i be able to access it online? Thanks!
  20. nice find ill have to go back and try prestige, i also had the issue where the timer disappeared
  21. Can i play the ps4 version on ps5 to get trophies from both the ps4 and ps5 list? thanks
  22. ok thanks i heard about this one, to be safe ill backup on both
  23. basically i found an account from years ago when i was like 10 i think i bought some games like sonic rivals and ridge racer i believe on vita, but i cant seem to find the games on my transaction list from the ps web store if they dont show there then is it 100% certain that i never bought them on that account? is there a way to check when my account was created also? i have a bunch of emails from 2016 but nothing else, maybe this is some other account, i didnt think i created another but yea
  24. saw someone got an online trophy, is it possible someone somehow opened another server or smt like they did with ps home?
  25. alright thx, ill try to backup my save via ps3/cma and log on with my other account vita account, hopefully its there i wanted to check because the store is shutting down but now its not