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  1. Im thinking about starting this game, Is their any known glitched trophies or have they all been patched?
  2. Make sure to only save at the very beginning of a new season to avoid the 90k glitch.
  3. Can anyone confirm if it counts when i kill a person who is the only member of the squad?
  4. Done this 3 times, even followed a walkthrough for one of them and it still doesnt pop. Its the last one i need before i can delete this horrid game. Anyone else have this issue and know a fix?
  5. Basically the same as FIFA 22 other than the new UT moments trophies. The FIFA platinums are extremely easy now there is no division based trophies so anyone who picks up the game can get the platinum
  6. For anyone who makes the same mistake as me, you have to creat a lobby. Playing CPU private doesnt count
  7. Thanks for the reply, I think im going to go for the platinum
  8. From what ive gathered from this thread, All trophies can be done against bots in private games and everything is very easy to obtain. Am i wrong in thinking this? I want to do the platinum but with the 4% rarity i just cant believe its a 2/10 20hr plat. Is anything buggy or unobtainable?
  9. This game has been installed ready to play for a few weeks now but i keep hearing stories about crazy bugged trophies which have no fix other than to sit and hope they randomly pop. Which trophies are 100% Bugged? and should i just avoid the game if im playing it for the platinum?
  10. Sometimes the simplest of tasks are the hardest.
  11. I played this game on my other account around a year ago and found many trophies were not popping. I read online that this was very common for ps5 players so i stopped playing the game. Can anyone confirm if this is still an issue or if it got fixed?
  12. Congratulations on the plat. Im very early into the game but so far, all has been good for me. Fingers crossed for a smooth plat with no bugged trophies
  13. Does anyone know if doing it this way autopops any trophies or glitches any trophies?
  14. No trophy is achievable in customs. Dont worry about the quad feed or collaterals, They really arent that difficult! You will get them naturally just by playing the game
  15. It happens, Take a break. If you are trying to do it as fast as possible, choose a trophy that allows you to to abit slower and is less strain on the thumbs! Good luck and enjoy
  16. Ive platniumed this on 2 different accounts now and am im the top 20 on the leaderboards I recommend using left on the D pad and circle as your controls. This is will make the timed challenges extremely easy. Enjoy the platnium
  17. I need to know too but for the opposite. Ive done the plat on ps5 and want to know if they autopop on ps4 or if it bugs any of the trophies for ps4
  18. I just got this trophy, It popped for me after redeeming my 22nd daily. I see ALOT of people saying there is no way to track how many youve done, THIS IS WRONG. If you go into your challenges and go to Headquaters challenges in game modes, there is a challenge for daily challenges. This will tell you how many you have completed
  19. How difficult is the stairway to heaven and survival of the fittest trophies? Im currently trying to increase my ultra rares trophies but have no friends who game so im wondering if i actually need 5 people to do these trophies or if i could do them solo? Im pretty decent at FPS games but all the guides keep telling me that i require 5 people
  20. So after my 100 games completed trophy didnt pop i realised that my stats in game are different to my stats on the stat tracker website are different. Im not sure if it was a coincidence but my trophy popped when my games completed was at 100 on the stat website even though it was at 108 in game. Im wondering if any of the people who have the 1047 wins trophy can confirm if this was the case for there trophy pop aswell because im currently 20 wins ahead on the stat website. (Im aware that i need to close game and reload to pop trophies, I did this with this situation which is why im confused)
  21. Has anyone played this recently and are the lobbies populated? I dont want to go for the platinum if im gonna be searching for lobbys for hours! Also how frustrating is the from above trophy? Is there an in game counter for this challenge?
  22. one a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the most boring grindy game possible, id give it a generous 12
  23. Ive done this criteria for this trophy 4times now, There is a 0% chance that i used anything other than the 1911 and yet the trophy still wont pop for me. Anyone got any ideas or had this problem too? Its a very straightforward trophy so i know there is nothing im doing wrong, the trophy just wont pop. **EDIT** I found a very old forum post which stated that you CANT use any equipment, it turns out that the flash i had been throwing to get passed the MG was the thing that was bugging the trophy. If you had the same problem as me then dont use any flashes and it should pop 5 seconds after defusing. There are also claims that if you click triangle at any point in the chapter that this bugs it too. I cant confirm or deny that. GOODLUCK with the trophy <3!!
  24. I restarted from checkpoint around 60 times and it still popped for me so thats not a problem. What i would suggest is everytime you get spotted Restart from checkpoint, until you reach the hectic stage in which you will be spotted no matter what so you have to just be technical in the way you kill enemies. Smoking worked well for me but the key is patience. Follow the powerpyx playthrough on youtube if you dont know when the hectic part starts. If you melee anyone restart from checkpoint immediately. Good luck, you will get it eventually
  25. Just played the game on my ALT account to see what its like and ive never been more bored in my life. I ran for around 5 minutes and didnt see a single person. Hell let loose is the wrong title for this game. Please for your sanity, avoid this game. If you are thinking of playing this game and enjoy anything other than walking, its not for you. If you are a fan of walking simulators and zero action, you will probably like it