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  1. I wish there was a difficulty that is between easy & medium. Easy for me is way too easy. Medium I find to be a bit too challenging.
  2. I was playing a game of Bad Dudes with my brother earlier this afternoon & while the "Retro Buddies" trophy popped for me, it didn't pop at all for him. Just a little while ago, I played through another Retro Clissix title, Heavy Barrel. I pumped in several credits & got the "Coin Wizard" trophy (for spending 150 quarters), but didn't get the "Coin Operator" (for spending 20 quarters). I also got the top score when I beat the game & that didn't pop either. Its a good thing I didn't take interest in Heavy Barrel when it was in the arcades. Time Soldiers was a far better title.
  3. This game isn't bad, but I noticed that when you try to total someone else's vehicle to get the "Killer" trophy, the game crashes & produces an error message. Its happened to me three times in a row. I'm wondering if I keep reporting the bug & constantly flood them with error reports if they will actually fix it. What would make this game better is if there were pedestrians to mow down while driving too. ...Also, is it just me, or does the voice actor for Patrick sound like the same voice actor that voices the character Fry Lock in the Aqua Teen Hunger Force series?
  4. I wish a trophy guide was put together for this game.
  5. I like the game itself. I think in some ways, it can rival Fire Pro Wrestling World. My issue isn't with the game, but the wrestler creation. You have to have a Steam account to access the "Wrestle Lab". While the creations are cross platform, why couldn't they have a page dedicated to the PS4? When I access the wrestle lab on my laptop, it completely shuts off within a few minutes. It's probably my laptop, but either way, I find the creation suite majorly disappointing. I hope they can put a wrestle lab on the PS4 or make it completely independent of Steam.
  6. I hope they bring that collection to the US. I also wouldn't mind seeing a compilation that features the PS2 titles Lament of Innocence & Curse of Darkness.
  7. I found out the hard way that if you are able to get inside of the College of Winterhold by using the platter / plate, clip through the barrier exploit & you accept missions from within the college before completing the mission to gain entry into the college, you won't be able to earn that trophy. If you check my trophy stats, I've earned the other trophies from within the college, but haven't unlocked the Gatekeeper trophy yet. I might have to start a new game to get that one to pop.
  8. If you can get your Alteration skill to a high enough level & can buy or obtain the Mass Paralysis spell & you have a high enough magicka point along with a faster magicka restore rate, you can get a bunch of guards (I prefer Markarth) bunched together in a small area & constantly use that spell. It will cause your Alteration skill to get to 100 easily. Make it Legendary, start back at 15 & it will shoot back up again. Repeating that method will cause your levels to up drastically in such a short time.
  9. Since I made this post, they finally got the trophy list released. It turns out I had all but one trophy earned when it released. Its an easy game to get 100%
  10. Hi, I started playing this game a few days ago & was able to get some trophies to pop, but it hasn't been displayed. Are the developers just being slow about releasing them? When I access my trophies, the loading bar pops up where the system is trying to sync with PSN, but the only games & trophies that are appearing are the others I have earned. I haven't even seen any posted on this site yet either.
  11. Hi, I bought a copy of 戦国BASARA 真田幸村伝 for the PS4. While I expected the trophy listing to be in Japanese, is there an English translation for the trophy list on this game so I can have an idea of what I need to do to unlock them? Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Thankj戦国BASARA 真田幸村伝
  12. I just bought the game about a week ago & after playing it a good bit, I can't say that I've had any issues. I haven't tried multi-player yet because I'm still learning how everything works in this game. I'll honestly say that I've had fun playing it. While I like to trophy hunt, I also like to enjoy what I play too. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes exploring wide open places.
  13. I'm not sure if anyone else has asked, but are there any trophies associated with this game? I've played the Genesis, SNES, & Remastered versions of Rock N Roll Racing & surprisingly no trophies have popped & nothing shows in my profile that I've played the game.
  14. I finally managed to complete this game. I'm glad I did. I erased it from my library.