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  1. Will confirm that the method the guide mentions for Hannah does NOT work. You need to reject and insist on the incense or whatever it is. I also believe that you must hang out with Kirstie to get to this scene - all I know is that hanging out with Tobi (and getting along) will not lead to this necessary scene. Hanging out with Hannah might unless you leave early in which case Lucien shows up instead?
  2. You say that like I'm trying to insult people for playing cheap novelty games for platinums. I'm not. I just think it's kind of dumb for there to be games out there made almost solely to make a quick buck off of trophy hunters. One game was actually removed (or had to be relisted or something) for being marketed as a "lol get a plat in 5 minutes" type of game. Is any of this a big deal in the grand scheme of things? Of course not, but I guess I'll keep enjoying my "full-assed hardcore games" and not give my opinion on this god-awful Forum again.
  3. Since trophies are a requirement for games, I would like to at least see Sony step up a bit and prevent these half-assed "novelty" games, or whatever you want to call them, from having platinums. Other than that, I don't think they should dictate developers on what types of trophies to include. It is unusual for there to not be a trophy for completing the game, but if that's what the developer decides, then so be it.
  4. Well, I sure miss PS3 game installs where most games were a few GB or less provided you were installing from the disc. Game install sizes are becoming a nuisance and I imagine it'll only get worse. Sure, hard drives are getting cheaper, but with all this advancement in technology it'd be nice if it wasn't a struggle to keep more than a dozen games at a time on the stock hard drive. Anyway, does the PS4 have the thing where you actually need double the space a game takes up in order to download/install it? I vaguely recall that being a thing with the PS3 and that was the only thing that annoyed me about the PS3 when it came to system storage management.
  5. Props for doing something different, I suppose. I don't imagine it will feel much different than previous Watch Dogs games, but I'm willing to give it a go.
  6. Had the same "problem" and thought it was a glitch for a minute. Can't really blame us for forgetting controls when it takes like 4 months for an episode to release
  7. Looks easy and straightforward provided nothing is missable. As someone pointed out, there does seem to be a tendency (especially with newer releases) for PS4 exclusives to have trophy lists that are quite easy and forgiving. Not complaining, personally, just an interesting observation that sounds mostly accurate. Hope this game does well. I'll be getting it regardless of reviews, but I still have a feeling it won't be on the higher end as far as other PS4 exclusives go.
  8. Given the success of the first game, I wouldn't be surprised if the sequel was a late 2019 or early 2020 release. It'd make sense to push it out in the current gen since there's so many PS4 owners. But I imagine it will be re-released as some sort of "enhanced" version with the next console, whenever that'll be.
  9. I'm on board with more strict, clear guidelines as to what kind of game can have a platinum. But I don't think Sony will ever put forth the effort to regulate that. Other than that, I've always liked trophies as they are. I've always thought they were better than just a pure points system.
  10. Edit: put everything I typed into spoilers even though I would assume that spoilers would be expected in this topic and it wouldn't be necessary to use spoiler tags. Buuut just in case I suppose.
  11. I was only vaguely familiar of this event in this comics, so I had no idea how "big" of a moment it really was. And to be, the reveal was really unexpected and pretty shocking. Felt pretty bad to see Enid and Tara up there, but at the same time there are other major characters I would have rather not seen up there. I don't know if Henry should have been surprising to me, but it was. I just thought they were working up his character too much to kill them, but it turns out they were working up his character to kill him. And this will also make that Alpha's daughter (I'm bad with names) especially vengeful, so that should be interesting. I've always like watching this show even if it's lost a lot of viewers. I was starting to lose interest after what they did to Glen: both faking his death and then killing him off with a really dick move of a series finale and an even more dick move of killing another character first to "trick" us into thinking he was safe again. Anyway, this season has definitely been one of the better ones compared to the last few seasons or so. The time jump changed things up and so far the show seems to be managing okay even without Rick.
  12. Cool, I'm glad that they've distanced themselves from E3 and will be doing this instead.
  13. The bonus episode is about an hour long depending on how much you take your time with it. It wasn't super crucial to the story or anything but I thought it was playing.
  14. I didn't play a lot of PvP, but I don't remember anyone actually getting enough votes to be kicked. I'd usually see at least 1 person trying to kick someone most rounds. I received a few myself. But since it takes a majority rule to kick someone out, I never saw the system as being problematic. But I can see how it would be annoying to get kicked just for winning and I'm sure people do actually get enough votes sometimes to get kicked for that. I did witness an almost successful kick while doing races on someone that was winning most of the time.
  15. Ha! I think it's actually kinda funny. But I can see how it'd be annoying if it never went away.