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  1. It's pretty easy, if you have time, to reach level 20 through normal play, the explorer trophy without boosting is near impossible though,
  2. Let's continue with the Far Cry franchise, Far Cry 4
  3. Policenauts. I never played the game on ps1, considering it's not possible to play it on ps3 or ps4 today i would love to see a remaster for it. Adding Snatcher and making it a collection wouldn't hurt too.
  4. Any idea if the game still bundled with ac7 deluxe edition? Would be amazing if someone who bought the game on the ongoing sale clarifies it. Update: So i just bought the deluxe edition and the unsung war is still included! Heads up to anyone intrested
  5. Journey to the end of the night by Louis Ferdinand Celine, loving the Bardamu so far
  6. You need to take a break or play some games just for fun(Looking at your games, you could play Uncharted Lost Legacy maybe?), believe me the trophy addiction will come back eventually
  7. 49 ultra rare trophies, while only 5 of them is platinium; Muramasa Rebirth, Rayman Legends, Sonic all stars, fifa 14 and Lone Survivor
  8. eternal sonata; with a trophy list this time Nier; i still dont understand after the buzz automata gained why didnt they remastered this? silent hill hd collection; add the first and the fourth game to the collection and this time please do a better work at remastering